Happy Birthday Sarah!!

One of the things I love most about blogging is getting to know fellow blogers through their blogs. Several months ago, I came across Muddy Red Shoes, and was immediately entranced by the blog’s author, Sarah Wimperis. I signed up for her daily email, A Little Bit of Brittany, which includes one of Sarah’s paintings or sketches, and it quickly became something that I looked forward to receiving each day.

Starting today, Sarah is embarking on a new series of paintings. She plans to create 100 oil and watercolour paintings in the coming year in five subject areas : Landscapes, People at work, Cafes and Bars, Buildings and Seascapes …a fitting way to start off another year, I think.

If I could, I would pick a big bouquet of Delphiniums for Sarah. Since I can’t send them across the ocean, I’m including a picture of some from my garden. I hope you have a wonderful year, Sarah. Happy birthday!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sarah!!

  1. Thanks for sending me to Sarah. She’s a great artist!You are, too, Kate. Your photo is so soft with those shades of blue and green.

  2. A bouquet of delphs? How gorgeous would that be! *running off to check out Sara’s blog*

  3. ooh THANK YOU KATE, these flowers are lovely, and you are very kind. xx

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the delphiniumsI’ll jump over and check out Sarah as well.

  5. beautiful bouquet! i love delphiniums. the house i just moved out of, and am selling, has a bright blue metal roof, and herds of blue delphiniums all round it. this post has made me feel a bit wistful about leaving it. thankfully, there are volunteer delphiniums popping up in some of the flower pots moved from there… they’ll make the new place feel more like home.

  6. I followed your link to Muddy Red Shoes … very nice site. Beautiful delphiniums.

  7. How beautiful and thanks for pointing out her blog. Your delphiniums are beautiful .. they don’t really like to be in my garden, but they are among my absolute favorites. Thanks for visiting Stella’s blog. She loves to have new readers. 🙂 Have a nice day! Andrea

  8. I’m going to check out muddy red shoes – thanks for the link! Your delphinium are beautiful!

  9. Beautiful blues. I’ll have to check out muddy red shoes too.Have a lovely weekend, sweet Kate!

  10. Hi Kate! I also want to thank you for telling us about Sarah and Muddy Red Shoes — what a cool site! I will enjoy seeing her daily paintings and sketches. Your delphiniums are wonderful — super color!:)

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