Scabiosas meet the garage wall

Even though my favourite Pinks (Dianthus superbus) are almost finished blooming, I am not feeling the usual pang of sadness that I often do when I see the last of their blooms. That’s because the Scabiosa caucasica ‘Fama’ is now in flower. This is another of my beloved plants … it survives in our climate beautifully as long as the soil drains well. It is looking particularly lovely nestled amid the pale pink Baby’s Breath.

For the past few days, I have wondered why the blooms on this particular Scabiosa were bent over and almost touching the earth. It suddenly dawned on me that the Sea Holly immediately behind was trying to get too close to its delicate blooms and the Scabiosa was having none of that. So I have staked the Sea Holly back to where it is supposed to be and the Scabiosa is slowly returning upright. Whenever I see the Sea Holly, I’m reminded of Miss Ellen Willmott, my gardening heroine …

It’s said that she used always to carry its seeds in her pockets and whenever she paid a visit to fellow gardeners sowed this great silver thistle up and down their borders before they could stop her.

While I love the lavender blooms of this Scabiosa, I am also beginning to appreciate more the white variety that I seem to have more of this year than I did from years gone by.

I have not been doing as much in the garden as I would like because I seem to be consumed with my garage project. After untold hours of sanding and painting, the garage wall is ready for painting and stenciling.

Before I had a new fence built at the back of the garage, this area was a driveway. Since I never used the driveway, I figured, as any good gardener would, that I could put this area to much better use.

Now I’ve transformed it into a sitting area with vines growing alongside a trellis (another one of mine that is built with bamboo canes). My trellising has stopped now that I’ve run out of rope and bamboo canes and wooden strips.

This is the wall that used to have the delightful white plastic siding adorning it. The first time I found myself staring at the siding, I knew it had to go. Bruce, the handyman and I had a great time ripping it off the wall. He was a bit skeptical considering the wood underneath was not in the greatest of shape.

Undeterred, I bought several containers of filler and spent many enjoyable hours filling and sanding, filling and sanding and filling and sanding. Finally … the wall is now painted. Considering what I started with, I am pleased with the final result. Once I have started stenciling and drawing, the imperfections in an otherwise smooth wall will go undetected.

So let the fun begin! It seems like a perfect thing to be doing as we encounter another stretch of blistering hot temperatures.

Have a good weekend! Bonne fin de semaine, tout le monde !

31 thoughts on “Scabiosas meet the garage wall

  1. I’m very impressed with what you’ve done with that wall – getting it smooth is difficult to do! My dianthus were very disappointing this year (only Bewitched bloomed; the others took a pass). Have a great weekend, Kate!

  2. The scabiosa are lovely, I’m on heavy clay so can’t grow them but remember them from our garden when I was a little girl. They grow wild in the Peak District,the drainage is much better up there. I love the colour you have painted the garage wall, it’s a really happy shade of blue. I’m really interested to see what you do with it now.

  3. Your patience and diligence have given you a huge canvas, Kate. I love your idea to make a private sitting area out of the unused driveway. The color is wonderful!Such a long, slow process, with its need for attention to detail, is the kind of project that could be prohibitively expensive if you had to pay someone else to do it – now as a satisfied employer you can thank your skilled laborer-self for a job well done! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. I’m glad to see a Scabiosa growing in a Saskatchwan climate. I started some from seed last year, but have yet to see any blooms. Nice wall! Happy stenciling!

  5. Kate, I am working on a quilt now with exactly that shade of blue as the contrast color against the white background. I have had scabiosa before, but mine were much darker. I love that shade.

  6. Love the scabiosa, Kate! That’s a delightful colour. I have white and a blue one but not that shade. I’m with the others, cheering you on in your canvas-creating..this will be fun to watch.

  7. Your scabiosa are beautiful! And the baby’s breath enhances…Kate, you are so dedicated to your projects, while I give kisses and promises to get it done :o)I really admire your energy. If I want a garden as lovely as yours, I’d better get my butt moving.

  8. The scabiosa are such a lovely color and so delicate. I remember hearing the Miss Willmott story and how Sea Holly is sometimes called “Miss Willmott’s Ghost” . The garage is a very pretty shade and I can’t wait to see the progression of your masterpiece.You do have the “patience of Job”.Alyssa

  9. What a lovely transformation. Love the scabiosa too, such a baby blue colour.

  10. scabiosas with their beautiful blue color match the garage wall perfectly. I feel that you have a slight bias for the color blue or shades of it, going by the color of bluebells, liverlillies, scabiosas, the garage wall, the stenciled pot in pastel blue…They are all so beautiful.I have listed you as a ‘blogger bringing about a positive change’ in a meme game going on in the webworld. If you are curious for details please visit my blog.

  11. Hi Nikki – thank you … I put my heart into filling and sanding this wall. I am sorry about your dianthus. I wonder what the problem is with them. That is one of the few great things about gardening here – it’s dry and the Dianthus usually do fine. Rowan – Clay soil abounds here too, so I can really only grow them in areas where I’ve added tons of stuff to the soil for drainage. I took a lot of time to prepare the soil, because I really, really, really wanted scabiosa. I love the colour of the wall too- it is the same as the fence and trim colour on the house. Annie – I was thinking of you today because I am feeling some indecision about getting going with this. I stenciled some alliums and then decided to stop and rethink this. I have this idea of doing a spring, summer, fall scene … so that I can divide the garage into three sections. Oh decisions … it is exciting to have this wide open space to do whatever I want to on it. Gardenista – The good thing about Scabiosa is that they are so hardy, but the bad thing is that they need good drainage. Too much humidity is not their friend either. I hope you get some blooms. It is early for these to be in bloom. Sandy – I will love your quilt I’m sure. This is one of my favourite colours. This colour of Scabiosa is my favourite. Jodi – I will post regular updates about the garage wall. Somehow I suspect you’ll find me out painting in October/November … that happened to me once on a porch I was stenciling. The cold weather didn’t bother me a bit. Mary – It would be hard to get moving in your climate. Don’t be fooled – I give kisses and promises to many things … and then just do the things that I really like. Alyssa – Scabiosa really are delicate as the flower stems tower over the leaves. I love that. Some might see it as being a waste of time, but for me it’s fun. I can spend hours painting and stenciling… the time passes quickly and I am happy.WildlifeGardener – This is really a beautiful shade of blue. I never tire of it … which is good when I’ll be looking at the garage wall for years!! Green Thumb – you are a sweetie! Thank you for nominating me. I will check out your blog to find out more about it. I do have a definite bias toward these shades of blue, reaching into lavender ones too. I have always loved them and like that there are so many other colours I can use for contrast, my latest being orange and green.

  12. This is my first visit. What a beautiful journal and garden you have. Yes, beautiful.

  13. You are a very patient woman. When I paint I can barely get myself to clean the darn surface. I never tape any thing off and I don’t sand. Needless to say what you paint looks a lot better than what I paint.The scabiosa is very pretty.

  14. Hi Kate! My husband is a flower garden nut and if you look back in my blog you will love it. Pam is very special to me and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her.Your flowers are stunning!The coffee is always on. 🙂

  15. I can’t wait to see the next pictures of the “Great Wall”. You did a great job.

  16. What a wonderful shade of blue. We had some pink and white scabiosas several years ago but haven’t planted them since. I’ll have to look for the blue ones. I also loved the two different blue Delphiniums in your previous post.A tabula rasa!

  17. Oh how I envy you being able to get out into the garden. We have had so much rain that the plants are romping away and all need tying back. Just found you via “Muddy Red Shoes”.Well done for the garage too!

  18. Scabiosas are lovely flowers, aren’t they? I have them too but in a very different colour from yours. Love that blue and it goes so well with your new garage wall. That’s a job well done Kate, much better than all that plastic! Ugh!

  19. Hi Kate and Happy Sunday! The wall looks so nice and smooth — awesome job sanding and filling it in. I’m really looking forward to seeing the stencils and drawings! Oh, the Scabiosa caucasica Fama is so pretty! Really nice. And I bet it totally appreciates your staking back the Sea Holly — isn’t that amazing how the Scabiosa didn’t want it breathing down its neck! 🙂

  20. What a pretty flower! Too bad the name isn’t as pretty! ha! My garden is gone for the summer til it begins to get cooler which will be October! This morning I pulled out the sunflowers and cut back the daisies! I miss them!

  21. Hey Kate,That’s a nice flower. My Sea Holly is also getting too close to other plants and I’m going to have to stake it.

  22. I don’t belive I have ever seen the scabiosa, or if I have it didn’t make nearly the impression on me that yours has. It is so delicate and sweet with that baby’s breath, just beautiful.

  23. Perseverance rules the day! Nice job and I can’t wait to see what you put on it. I think I need to plant some scabiosas, once again.

  24. Lovely color on your scabiosa. I have Fama, too, but it is a much darker blue. I love the largeness of the blooms. Great job on your wall…can’t wait to see the finished creation.

  25. “Miss Willmott’s ghost” is a fabulous plant – I love it’s amazing shape and colour ….. and a great colour for your wall – I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.Celia

  26. I love scabious and noticed on a walk last week on the Downs how many wild scabious there are dotted on the hills – absolutely beautiful!Kim x

  27. Love the shade of blue on your wall – can’t wait to see your stenciling etc! I haven’t tried scabiosa for years – not sure why even now – but seeing yours, think I’ll add them to the list for next year!

  28. Wow! That looks GREAT, Kate!I’ve got scabiosa gigantea, the yellow one and I need the blue one like you have. My mom has that one.rowan, we have heavy clay here, too, and we have no problem growing it, so you might want to try!

  29. A magnificent canvas! I can’t wait to see the results!!!The flower is just beautiful.

  30. Seriously, Kate, can you come over and make my back yard look that pretty? i am always so envious of your gorgeous pics! right now i am plotting the demise of the Gout Weed in my back yard flower beds. i think they’d be better used for Strawberries. – the beds, that is, not the gout weed

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