First spring garden project – Day 1

Late last summer, I liberated four rickety wooden chairs from the trash bin in our back alley. Today, I put them down in the basement where I can begin working on their transformation. I will give you regular updates about my progress.

Each of the chairs is in need of minor repair, wood filling, sanding and a new coat of paint. I love fixing and painting chairs.

I haven’t quite decided what to do with these chairs. Should I go with a single colour and a simple stencil design or should I use several bright colours on each chair? Another possibility is to paint and then sponge them with contrasting colours. I’m sure I will figure it out once I have begun work.

I also am planning to make cushions for the chairs. At the moment, I am thinking of using some batik fabrics that I acquired long ago. It will be a perfect opportunity to do something interesting with them.

I can picture the chairs in either the back or the front garden. When the weather warms and the chairs are finished, I can try them in both places and get a sense of where they are the most comfortable.

When I feel disquiet in my life as I do these days, having a spring chair project is like a delightful balm for my spirits. And here’s a quote from Françoise Sagan that I came across in an old 1980s journal late this evening and have been pondering it ever since :

The sun is here in the palm of my hand and without thinking, I hold out my palm toward it, but do not close my hand over it. One should no more try to keep a hold on the sun and life than one should on time and love.

2 thoughts on “First spring garden project – Day 1

  1. I’m so jealous of your chairs! If they were mine, I would paint each one a bright, primary color. If you’re going to make cushions, then I would also make one of each of the chair colors, but I would mix the cushions so that each one was on a different colored chair (red/yellow, green/blue, blue/red, yellow/green).I’m enjoying your blog! 🙂

  2. Although the scenery around both of our places is similar, your weather is warmer! Your blog is great fun to read – I especially enjoyed your post about the first snowdrop discovery

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