Moments of clarity – International Women’s Day

There’s something about getting lost in a book while sipping on a café in a bookstore that does the heart good.

Today I sat reading The Red Queen, by Margaret Drabble, and suddenly my way forward became painfully clear.

I knew in that moment that it was time to take back my power and so I have. It seemed somehow fitting that it was International Women’s Day.

Sometimes it is difficult to face certain truths. They are too hard either to acknowledge or to accept until one is ready. Our hearts are fragile things and we do everything in our power to protect them.

At some point though, we build up the courage to say what we think regardless of the outcome. I did so today and I feel a sense of profound relief.

What will sustain me is my knowledge of how strong and resilient I am. I feel as if I am standing tall and not in the least bit wanting to disappear. It is a liberating feeling …

The amaryllis is in full bloom in the front window. The snow has started melting. My son and I spent some wonderful moments laughing uproariously tonight. And I spent time reflecting on all the people, especially women, who nurture and sustain me.

Here is another bit of wisdom from Françoise Sagan from my old journal :

Being imaginative is more important than never making a fool of yourself. Imagination is the greatest virtue of all because it affects everything – the heart, the head and the mind.

If you don’t have imagination, you are lost. But it’s a virture that’s becoming increasingly rare, especially in its higher form : spontaneity. mad, happy spontaneity.

8 thoughts on “Moments of clarity – International Women’s Day

  1. My lovely friend…i’m so very proud of you and your strength. You always have it. Sometimes we just want so much to give it temporarily to someone bigger and stronger who we believe will use it wisely. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. You, Catherine are one of the stongest, wisest, most loving friends i’ve know…and smart too!Anyone who can make things grow, florish and love they way that you do is a constant source of amazement and inspiration to me.HUGS!!Laura

  2. Aunt Catherine…I e-mailed you earlier and then I checked out your most recent blog post…and now I’m worried so would you please let me know if everything is ok? Love you lots, Sarah.

  3. Sarah, I am sending an email. You are a sweetie! Thank you Laura, You have been a big support for me… your friendship means much.

  4. Sounds like this quote may fit”One can never speak enough of the virtues, the dangers, the power of shared laughter.”Francoise Sagan

  5. It took me a few minutes to catch up on your stories but I’m glad I did! You have inspired me to get a garden going at my “new” house. I miss having that space to enjoy and I’m looking forward to borrowing your expertise. The women in my very male dominated work place were presented with Tim Horton’s coupons in honour of International Women’s Day. It made me feel very important and reflect on how lucky I am to be able to share and enjoy a conversation and cup of coffee with my female friends…. thanks for the coffees!

  6. Ah laughter … how true that quote is! Thanks for sharing it, Larry. Kerry, may be have many more coffee times together I’ll happily give you some gardening ideas too! I actually felt as if spring was here today.

  7. I need some of these moments! How inspiring! I just put in a request at my local library for The Red Queen!

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