How the amaryllis came to be found

My big brown dog, Lytton, seems to have an affinity for the living room curtains, which consist of multi-coloured pieces of organdy sewn together into long, narrow panels.

Last week, I arrived home to find Lytton wearing a curtain panel. If only the camera had been close at hand to catch his expression. It was a hilarious combination of worry, panic and sheepishness..

As soon as I removed the curtain panel, Lytton disappeared into my bedroom (where he retreats when he thinks he has done something wrong). I couldn’t help but smile and give him a treat and a hug.

Since then, I had not taken the time to repair the curtain. (What restraint, huh?) I had simply rearranged them so the missing piece was not too obvious and had put them out of my mind – that is, until this afternoon.

I was sitting at the dining room table engrossed in a book, when Lytton began barking. In his haste to see a passing dog, Lytton parted the curtains and I was treated to a delighful sight through the now-gaping opening.

And a good thing that was too, considering that I had put the recently-bloomed amaryllis in the window for some extra sunshine and had promptly forgotten about it. I took this picture which shows the amaryllis about to open on another display of blooms.

I have never had an amaryllis produce more than two flower stalks in one season, so this is quite a novelty. I am curious to see if this amaryllis blooms again next year or simply dies from exhaustion.

In any event, while we are enjoying the blooms, may the snow begin to melt and the spring bulbs burst into bloom while the ground starts thawing and the trees break into bud. Not too much to ask, is it?

Oh and Happy 82nd birthday, Dad! May you have another wonderful year just like this past one has been …

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