Introducing the Goldfish

In her comment on my beeswax post of yesterday, Yolanda asked how the goldfish were doing. I am happy to report that all the fish are alive and well in their indoor aquarium, although I suspect that they would much rather be in their outdoor pond. Thankfully they are now inside, since the pond froze again last night and stayed frozen throughout today.

I took some pictures of the five fish tonight. I had no idea that photographing them would be quite so challenging. They move so rapidly that most of the photographs came out rather blurry. But after all my efforts, I figured I should at least post a few of the better shots.

To provide the fish with some entertainment, there are bits and pieces of pond plants along with shells and polished rocks in their aquarium . I figure, too, that the fish should have memories of the garden, so there is a glass of dried roses for them to look at. I have also put my collection of Russian dolls alongside so they have a bit of colour and variety when they look out into the world.

I have discovered that the fish seem to enjoy fiddle music as much as they do eating. They have voracious appetites, but I don’t overfeed them. It is hard to gauge their size in these photographs. They range in length from ten to eighteen centimetres (4 to 7 inches).

It is amazing how attached we have become to them and how much enjoyment they give us throughout the year, both indoors and outside.

I think, like me, they are looking forward to spring and being out in their pond!

18 thoughts on “Introducing the Goldfish

  1. Your fish are beautiful and colorful! Funny that they like fiddle music. I wonder how you know they enjoy the fiddle music? LOL. I enjoyed looking at them. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Kate,I like your photos of goldfish and wrote a haiku about them for you:beautiful goldfishin a tank – bringing good luckand prosperity

  3. I just love goldfish. I can just see the fish dancing a watery jig when you play.I think people that have never kept fish don’t realise that fish have personalities too.I had fish in my water feature several years ago. Unfortunately the racoons found them. So I can’t have them anymore unless of course I would bring some inside.

  4. I think it’s nice that you take such good care of your goldfish in their winter condo. Considering how they zip around, your photos caught them very well.

  5. You must have a very large aquarium. It looks to be at least a 100 gal. tank. At one time we kept a few comets in a large tank indoors but we found that any goldfish quickly fouled the water with their waste, even with a couple of filtration systems operating. Luckily the pond is deep enough to not freeze solid so the goldfish, comets, shubunkins and koi all remain outdoors in the winter. We do keep some fancy guppies indoors though to have some color and movement which is especially welcome during the dreary months. Good luck with the fish.

  6. great pix. your fishes look healthy and happymy twisted imagination has me humming “les poissants” from disney’s little mermaid… i lovv leetle feeshes, don’ you? (not sure if i got the french spelling correct)and them’s big goldfishes! wow! spring? i’ve heard of that… i’m sure i’ve even been there, but it’s just too far away to remember clearly… sigh

  7. They are quite pretty, Kate. I can see how difficult it would be to shoot through glass and capture their activity. Our days have cooled, too, but not nearly like yours!

  8. How ‘koi’ of them to shoot through the water so quickly, swishing their little tails, waving good bye with their fins.

  9. Love the goldfish, Kate!…and loved your email today. I’ll be in touch tomorrow. Big hugs to Mr. Lytton…my main man! xoxo

  10. You are looking forward to Spring? Me, too!!!!!Your photos are great, Kate. I’ve never needed to bring my fish indoors but I would do it if I had to. Yes, we do bond with them and they really know you as their caregivers.

  11. what colourful photos and so glad you shared them. My dear mother who died this year had goldfish for years. When she died there was only one goldfish left and he was so huge, longer than my entire hand/fingers. We found someone to take the fish and I know my Mom would have been pleased because she was attached to him. He was just a tiny little feeder fish less than the size of a thumb that she had in her outdoor pond too. But in recent years, he’s lived entirely indoors. Whew, long story … but see what lovely memories you brought about?!Warm thoughts from Alberta,Diane

  12. Kate – I can’t understand nobody has asked this question yet – what are their names? πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Kate! Very cool photos of your fish — they are beautiful and look really happy. I totally love how you put a vase of dried flowers and also Russian dolls by the fish tank so the goldfish can see them — that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. It warms my heart too! Those are really lucky fish!:)

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