Garden shoe challenge

Just thought I should contribute to the garden shoe challenge that Carol started. I definitely fall more into Carol’s camp than with Yolanda – who I think has the spiffiest garden shoe/boot collection going!

These two pairs of shoes are for wet/muddy weather. The Birkenstocks (without the holes) are ancient – well, at least 12 years’ old. They will probably outlast me!

When it is dry, I usually can be found in either the brown clogs or the green sandals pictured below. I have yet to understand how the brown clogs can withstand all of the digging I’ve done with them. The green sandals are mostly worn when I’m sauntering about or sitting out reading.

8 thoughts on “Garden shoe challenge

  1. hi kate, oh how i envy your beautiful garden and green thumb! i cant wait to some day have a vegetable and flower garden, :)cool clogs you have, love the old blac ones. i have a pair of sanitas i wear every week that look good as new. they’r the best!

  2. I love the green ones! I have a yellow pair of garden clogs, but I am often just in flip flops…

  3. Kate, you have quite a collection yourself. 😉 The green sandals look very nice for when it’s warm and nice outside! Hopefully that will be soon eh?

  4. I hear the Birkenstocks last forever. I love my clogs and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thanks for participating in the challenge!Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  5. I can testify that Birkenstocks do not last forever. Unfortunately, after about ten years, even these wonderful shoes finally give up the ghost. I should know, I have been wearing them almost exclusively for 28 years. Gads, I can’t believe it has been that long. However, I must tell you that my “garden shoes” are pretty much “No shoes” all summer long. I have lovely brown feet, and I find them very easy to clean when dirty, and no shrinking or getting stiff after washing and drying.You absolutely MUST come over to my place and visit, I am just full of braggadocio about my daffodils today, which are stunning right now.

  6. Kate, I MUST have those green sandals! I’ve been looking for some for several months now, just that color.:-)

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