A different kind of white I like

Today while walking the dog, I thought about how much I like white flowers in summer and how little I like the white of the snow these days.  If it hadn’t been so cold, I would have stopped to take more photos of my dog gallivanting in the snow. I am certain that he far prefers the white of snow to the white of flowers. Winter is my dog’s season ~ he’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm. If he could, he’d happily spend his day running along the river bank in a nearby park.

I look at my wicker chairs that didn’t quite make it into the garage before the snow arrived and I try to imagine when next I will be sitting in them.

Tonight as I was looking through photographs from last summer, I came across this image of Nicotiana sylvestris. As I sat looking at it, I vividly remembered how wonderfully this plant scented the summer’s early evening air. That’s why every year I grow large numbers of this plant throughout both my front and back gardens.

I love an array of scents in the garden. They linger in my mind long after the flowers have finished blooming.Do you have a favourite flower scent that holds good memories for you?