A Martagon in my garden

Last year I came across a Martagon lily at a local garden centre and did a little dance of joy.

I have wanted a Martagon for years. Once home, I planted it near the main walk in the back garden. This spring, I was secretly thrilled with the appearance of new green shoots.

Every day brings a few new blooms and I was pleased to find that they have reawakened my joy in photographing my garden again. Last year, I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to take my camera out and contented myself with taking photographs with my phone.

For the past few days, I have taken out my camera and experimented with my macro lenses. Mostly I get distracted with seeing all the minute things, like tiny bugs and exquisitely-rendered spiderwebs that escape our regular sight.

So, thank you Martagon, for the inspiration. Long may you bloom.