Spring memories & Pasqueflowers


Sometimes a garden's greatest solace lies in the place it holds in our memory. At other times, the value of a garden resides not in our thoughts about the garden, but in the darker, more mysterious thoughts that it permits amid the reassurance offered by its presence in our lives. The garden one returns to, year after year, builds memories, not only of itself, but of the thoughts and events one brings to and takes from the garden.

(Quoted from J.B. Tankard & M.R. Van Valkenburgh, Gertrude Jekyll: A Vision of Garden and Wood Herbaceous Border, at 26.)

Photograph of Pulsatilla vulgaris ~ Pasqueflower ~ from my back garden, 19 May 2009.

48 thoughts on “Spring memories & Pasqueflowers

  1. Oh, the quote is sooo true! Not only gardens, but for me the memories of the town where I was born, where I visited my grandparents, and walked the lovely sidewalks and smelled the scents of moist plants. I seek that now, odd as it seems.
    Your photograph is stunning. Almost so real as to jump out of the screen.

  2. Beautiful quote and beautiful flower! Mine bloomed for the first time this year and I was delighted to see it’s pretty and early maroon colored flower.
    Hope Spring is well on it’s way there on the prairie?

  3. That flower is stunning. I agree that the presence of a garden offers reassurance. It is as comforting as an old friend. My garden certainly enriches my life!

  4. What a beautiful quote!
    Do you recall the seeds you sent me, maybe a year or more ago? The blue columbine are choked with flowerheads and I am eagerly awaiting their opening day. The delphinium seems to be a favorite snack of the locals, so it’s been a struggle to keep that one intact. Every time I look at them, you cross my mind.

  5. Beautiful photo and great quote. My garden holds all of these things. Memories, moments and lots of work. tee hee.

  6. A perfect quote, indeed! Memories also get more important the older one gets…not only gardens. Pulsatillas always “invite” me to touch them πŸ™‚ !
    Have a good time!

  7. You always pair such wonderful words with such glorious pictures from your garden, Kate! I’ve missed them. Hope you are well – it’s so good to see you! πŸ™‚

  8. Kate, your quotation is just perfect, as my early memories of gardening stem from my childhood and how I always aspired to emulate my Aunt MEA! πŸ™‚ I hope I’m never without a pasque flower. They are so lovely.

  9. Great quote. I stopped by by chance today–it had been so long since you last posted I thought maybe you gave it up. Glad to see you!

  10. Hi Kate,
    I’m glad to see that you are still taking beautiful photos of flowers and loving your garden.
    I am back to blogging (after a one and a half year break!), at least for now, we’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚

  11. Your photos ARE lovely, and the quotes thoughtful, Kate – but what happens when thinking about the Pasqueflowers of a past garden (three passalong varieties, one white-flowered, the species and an intense reddish-violet) only bring memories of a lovely fellow gardener who no longer remembers her garden or the people who once loved it?
    Pulsatillas offer no solace yet – but plenty of darker thoughts.

  12. Hi Kate,
    thanks for your visiting. The ability to shoot close ups of flowers (and dog faces) is exactly why I want a new camera!
    I checked out your photos on Flickr and they are beautiful.

  13. Hi Kate,
    I don’t read blogs as often as I used to, but I have missed it. I have missed you. Seeing the photo of the pasque flower reminds me of how much I used to love seeing them peek thru the snow growing up in South Dakota. Aahhh… a sweet reminder.

  14. Such a beautifully profound quote about gardens. And your flower is breathtaking. We’ve been doing some planting. It’s not quite the same here in the high desert, but I’m feeling a burst of happiness at the new blossoms on our new butterfly bush.

  15. I planted pasque flowers two years ago. The bunnies love them but I am still managing to get them bigger and blooming!

  16. That is a great quote, about gardens we return to, year after year.
    I am not familiar with the pasque flower; your photo shows a lovely lavender and yellow combination.

  17. I’ve had the privilege of starting many a garden but the sadness of leaving them too soon. So I have lots of memories of plants I’ll never see again. That’s what this post reminds me of. I miss the plants I left behind and wonder how they are growing for their new owner.

  18. Very nice quote from the great gertrude!Lovle yphoto too of a favourite flower.Hope you’re survivign the ‘heatwave’.

  19. Just visiting! On another note, everything you read on GoodReads is always peaking my interest, I’m glad you’re on it.

  20. yes yes yes i have been away from you.
    your pictures are awesome as always!
    what kind of camera you carry around for this?

  21. I enjoyed reading the quote. I have not been to your site for a while or anybodies for that matter.But I’m back. I noticed all the beautiful ultra close-up photos. They are fantastic. They are like some painting by Georgia O’Keeffe but of course you’re a wonderful painter yourself. You have so much talent.

  22. Hi Kate – I thought I’d pop over and say hello – I know it’s been a while – what a beautiful plant and a perfect quote to accompany it… hope all’s well with you – it’s been a busy year here in France and we’re still enjoying summer which is holding on – a nice change as we’d already had to put the heating on by now this time last year! Take care Miranda x

  23. Hi there, been wondering where you’ve been hiding?
    Hope all is well and you made it into the New Year all right.
    Greetings from Germany, Andrea

  24. It was nice to see your comment on my blog:) This quote is so true, in winter I often look back at my garden photographs and remember days sitting in the sun and smelling all the lovely scents and hearing the buzz of bees as they work the flowers. It will all be here again before we know it.

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