A tulip for the taking ~

There's something wonderful about having tulips on the dining room table. I love looking at them ~ before I cart them away to be photographed.

For the past few days, the temperature has been slightly above freezing and the scent of spring was in the air. Sadly, a winter storm has moved in. Back to the cold we go again.   Tulip1

38 thoughts on “A tulip for the taking ~

  1. Don’t those tulips just make your day. They are beautiful. Hang in there girl. Spring will arrive, sometime.

  2. That is a gorgeous shot of the pink tulips! The line of white etched around the edge makes them very elegant.
    I spoke with my Dad in N.Dak. yesterday, and he said it was the first day above freezing for a long time..he is getting a bit of cabin fever.

  3. I am so so glad to see you back. I have missed my “flower girl” terribly. I love tulips, and look how beautiful!!!
    p.s. just so you know, the painting I did was a beaver tail cactus. It is a native cactus here in Joshua Tree. Prickly pear do grow here, but they are not native. (and I don’t have one, since the jackrabbits ate mine!!!)

  4. Stunning tulip. Such elegant flowers. Hope the cold weather passes soon. I can’t believe how long it’s lasted.

  5. My husband brought me home a bunch of yellow tulips yesterday! They’re so beautiful on the kitchen table, I can almost imagine the snow is gone…

  6. Kate, you’re back twice in one week! And with such lovely splashes of color. Thanks for brightening up my day. We have lots of snow here too.

  7. I’m not letting this spring like weather fool me into thinking spring is here. I just know there will be another dose of winter soon.
    Tulips are lovely, I think I’ll get some this weekend too.

  8. Soooo pretty. Tulips are just a happy, straightforward, colorful flower that really doesn’t need much in the way of adornment. They contain all their own beauty wonderfully. So good to see posts from you, Kate! Ihope you are well! πŸ™‚

  9. WOW! this is gorgeous. i love the deep pink colour too – my favourite. thanks for this kate, its a beautiful picture to start my morning.

  10. beautiful photograph!
    we are having snow again here…just when i had hoped for an early spring. hoping this weekend of snow will be our last of the season. all our spring bulbs have shot greenery up above the earth, and we are ready for some sunshine!

  11. What a wonderful color! Since I don’t plant Tulips, I usually resort to buying a pot each spring at the nursery just to have some on my breakfast table.

  12. Kate,
    That is a particularly nice color. Nothing says “Spring” better than tulips and daffodils to me.
    It is always a treat for me to drop by your blog to see what you are growing.
    Jon at Mississippi Garden

  13. Lovely tulips, Kate. I have a vase of tulips on my dining room table right now – silk ones from Michael’s crafts! They’ll have to do until May!

  14. I adore tulips and am happy to treat many of them as annuals in my garden, as well as force them for a one-time-only use. It is so worth it and of course they can be composted.
    Yours is lovely–though I’d be hard-pressed to name a tulip cultivar that I don’t like.

  15. beautiful. welcome back to the blogosphere. hope your latest blast of winter doesn’t last too long.

  16. Hi Kate. These are amazing photos!! Do you have a new camera?
    I often wish someone would invite me to “tiptoe through the tulips”.

  17. Tulips are my favourite bulb to have indoors. I love their candle-abra way, moving up and down gracefully each day and night. Your photo is wonderful πŸ™‚

  18. Hello Kate! Nothing like the tulips indoors to lift the spirits! I am sorry to hear that you still have to deal with winter storms..argh!!
    I wimped out and am snowbirding in Arizona where the sun shines bright and the snow and cold a distant memory! Sending rays of sunshine..NG

  19. That is a nice tulip picture. I am tempted to look into having some indoor bulbs next winter…definitely keeps things cheery!

  20. hi kate! so nice to hear from you – what beautiful flowers as always. I love tulips too they remind me of my honeymoon in Holland. the move went good, i really need to get back to blogging. i have been making some delish espresso drinks i want to share!! mmmmmmm…

  21. Hi Kate, you have certainly done that beautiful tulip justice with your fine photo. Tulips anywhere are a treat, such an elegant form and that color is a favorite of mine.

  22. Tulips ARE great for lifting the spirits, especially when they are such a beautiful pink as yours. There is something about them that makes any foul spring weather more bearable.

  23. Gorgeous picture, a hint of Spring. We’re just a week out of snow here and it’s a welcome sight. Makes me want to go out tomorrow, first thing, and buy some tulips too :O)

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