In full bloom

What a year it has been for Amaryllis. I haven't done anything differently this year, but maybe I just picked out better bulbs than I have in the past. Each of them had multiple stalks and lots of blooms.Ammauve2

At the moment, the Amaryllis 'Sydney' (pictured above) is in full bloom. I'm trying to get some good photographs of it. This will be the final stalk of the Amaryllis for the season.

While I am sad to see the Amaryllis season drawing to a close, it also means that spring will be arriving soon. (Okay, I'm being optimistic here ~ we haven't had a day above -Oc for weeks. The signs are there though ~ the sun is higher and the days are growing longer. I am holding off starting my seedlings for another few weeks.

Amaryllis12Back to the amaryllis ~ my  favourite  amaryllis this winter was the 'Lemon Star' (above). With three stalks loaded with blooms, it was a glorious vision. I loved photographing it ~ since the colours looked great with so many different backgrounds. I loved this green background and titled this photo, Lemon Lime Popsicle Time

I haven't blogged for awhile and am trying to figure out which picture size works best with a blog post. Should they be smaller? Your opinions welcome! And now I'll get back to visiting my favourite blogs ~ it's been way too long.

27 thoughts on “In full bloom

  1. I love that lemon Amaryllis. I used to have many at our previous house, but those in the garden were eaten by deer or rabbits here and the one I have in a pot never bloomed. So, I am delighted to see yours. They are so perky and cheerful. And I think this photo size is just fine.

  2. I’m so glad you’re back to blogging! Gorgeous photos of your amaryllis. Mine are in the middle of bloom with lots more to come. I started lots of them way late. A post is forthcoming.
    Photo size works for me on my laptop as well!

  3. Good to hear from you Kate. Your amaryllis is gorgeous. I like this size what ever it is. The days are getting longer and that sun is sure appreciated every minute.

  4. Congrats on these lovely amaryllis. My boring red ones are still coming up, but I have had the best year ever for hyacinths and narcissus indoors. Sadly, indoors is the only place I’ll see blooms for weeks to come. Thank goodness we have them!

  5. Hi Kate! I was so happy to see your post today! Your photos are just beautiful, as are your amaryllis blossoms. My amaryllis are just beginning to grow… you can read my saga, but I just got tired of their resting all Winter, brought them upstairs and watered them… and it worked! (Should have done that a long time ago!!) ha.

  6. Hi Kate, what gorgeous shots of your amaryllis! The photo size is perfect. So good to see your post today.

  7. It is always so good to have you around in the blogging world, there must have been things which took precedence over blogging for some time.
    The photograph size is absolutely right for me, the detailing is perfect and big is always beautiful. We are always a tad too lazy to click on a pic to enlarge it so if it is already there in a big enough size, it makes things easier.

  8. hi kate, how nice to hear from you again 🙂 your pics of the amaryllis are very, very beautiful. i have never seen an orange one before. i am waiting for mine to bloom.
    i clicked on your photos and the size is fine. it even loaded quickly, so whatever you are doing seems to be right.
    usually i ask those who ask me this question to go to photoshop (if they use it), reduce the image size and go to the ‘save for web’ option to further reduce the file size which enables the picture to load faster.
    i hope you are well too and i do hope you will update us blog readers with more wonderful photographs soon!

  9. Hi kate. A lot of days without notice. I was cold. the pics size is perfect (that’s my opinion)
    Spring is coming! And my buthday also. I was born with the spring. Estrella (star) and born with spring. Too prisy for me.
    See you my friend

  10. Nice images. If their demise means winter is ending I’ll be the first to cheer.
    I’m all for bigger is better. The 500 pixel width is good. I have to admit it’s the pics that usually grab my attention and reduced sizes take too much out of an image. I even ‘hacked’ my 3 column template down to two so I could post larger images. (I’m my biggest fan)
    I always open larger linked photos if they catch my attention. If they’re large enough I’ll even use them as desktop backgrounds. (I change it almost daily)

  11. Hi Kate, welcome back to the blogdom, we missed your so. 🙂 I love the pic size as is. Your photos are remarkable and the flowers stunning. Even in the cold north there is no denying the warming of the sun being higher in the sky and the longer days. We still wait here also.

  12. YAY. You’re back. I love the shots and like them the size they are – makes it easy to distinguish the detail. You have had a tough winter, haven’t you? Hopefully, spring will burst through very soon!

  13. Welcome back to blogdom Kate! I adore the Lemon Star! As far as photo size — this size is ideal; I wouldn’t go smaller 🙂

  14. I’m so glad to see this open, It’s so beautiful & love the hues on this one.

  15. i think if i lived anywhere with real winters i’d just hibernate. your amaryllis deserve every pixel of that real estate, it’s a beautiful crew you’ve got! hope y’all warm up soon.

  16. I’ve grown to love amaryllis too, Kate, and have quite a collection at this point. (No ‘Lemon Lime’, though!) But once mine have gotten through their first forced season, they revert to their ancestral practices and send up foliage first, then blooms in late spring. It seems odd, but I actually enjoy it, since they’re blooming when pretty much nothing else indoors (except for some of my orchids and pelargoniums) have come into their own.

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