Bulbs are amazing things!


We've had some beautiful weather here.Anemone2 I was relieved to have finally planted the many bulbs impatiently waiting to be covered by soil. I had been worried that I wouldn't be able to get them in because of the cold weather that wouldn't go away.

While planting the bulbs on Thursday and Saturday, I came across this Anemone coronaria 'Ste Brigid'. How it had survived several nights of -15c weather is beyond me. It has buoyed my spirits for the past several days. Three days later and it is still happily blooming. What an incredible sight considering that most everything else is withered and brown. Amar1

Taking advantage of the warm weather, I potted up three new Amaryllis bulbs. I love having Amaryllis growing during winter. I also repotted three that had been dormant since summer.

The pond plants are now put away for winter and the pond ready to freeze yet again.  My dog, Lytton, will be happy when the snow comes and the pond is a thick sheet of ice. There's nothing he loves better than to roll around on the snow covering the pond.

And now that winter is almost here, I'm back to my knitting. New scarf pictures forthcoming!!


56 thoughts on “Bulbs are amazing things!

  1. A lovely surprise ~ your anemone ‘Ste Brigid’ is a stunning deep blue. With all my bulbs mostly planted, wishing you a Happy Autumn (wish I could knit 😉
    Thank you Joey … knitting is easy to learn (says the person who can only knit scarves!!)

  2. how we, too, enjoy preparing for winter while admiring the few petals that remain in our gardens. today we moved 6 day lilies to their new “home” so they would be acclimated in time to make their peachy-pink blooms in early summer. then we added a mulch blanket to keep them warm. we wandered around to see the last deep red remnants of blueberry leaves, enjoyed the late blooming roses, and found a few dahlias, wind-whipped but holding their glorious blooms upright. we still have many bulbs to plant in these days of mid 50s F even though the nights chill us in near freezing temps. we have already taken on our lazy winter personalities, climbing under warm throws by the fireplace and watching television between naps. 🙂
    WOW at the snowfall you recently had! i have never seen a frozen pond. originally from atlanta i am now in puget sound where the winters are relatively mild but the winter rains can chill your bones.
    I guess it is that time when we ready our gardens for winter. You are fortunate to never having seen a frozen pond. (I wish I didn’t – I love the pond and the sound of the water.) At least Lytton enjoys it during the winter months!)

  3. That anemone is gorgeous. It almost looks artificial it is so perfect. I planted some of those for next spring. I can’t wait to see them in my garden after seeing this little beauty.
    Are you still playing your fiddle? Some friends of mine got together this weekend to play their Irish music. I always think about you when they play.
    Knitting is a good way to stay warm during winter.
    Lisa, you’ll love seeing these flowers appear. I can’t over-winter them in the ground here, so I plant then every spring. This year, they didn’t flower at all … until this one appeared.
    I’m still playing the fiddle, but not as much as I was. I’m back in mandolin mode and loving it. Knitting is fun too!!

  4. It’s amazing how happy unexpectedly finding a lovely blue flower in our garden can make us, isn’t it? But, as you know, it’s the small things in life that count.
    Your amaryllis look ready to burst forth in flower.
    I’m glad that your frozen pond covered in snow makes at least one person very happy. 😉
    Yolanda, it is truly amazing how happy we are to find unexpected presents … the small things in life are are ones that often bring us the most joy!
    You’ll be enjoying your new puppy exploring that magical substance, snow!!

    Happy knitting Kate!

  5. What a striking blue anemone and what a timely surprise, as the season draws to a close. Such robust looking amaryllis bulbs, holding promise of a spectacular indoor flower show.
    Lucy and I look forward to Lytton cavorting on ice. This is my first winter with a digital camera, so am anticipating lots of winter photo shoots with LM! Happy knitting!
    The Anemone was a gift – I’m still enjoying it. Lytton will be looking forward to hearing about Lucy M’s adventures over the winter!!

  6. I bought an Amaryllis Bulb on Saturday! Ten Thousand Villages comes to town for 3 days … to the Baptist Church … so we always go to see what we can see. It will be my first attempt at growing one.
    -15 you’ve had already. We’ve had it so mild this fall with -5.5 about the lowest and only one or two nights.
    Hi Cis, it’s great that you had a 10,000
    Villages shop visit. We had one in our neighbourhood, but it closed several years ago. You’re lucky you haven’t had snow yet!!

  7. Hello dear Kate! I was much too busy with the garden this past season to visit my blog friends much, so it’s nice to finally catch up with you. I hope you’re well!
    That anemone is a truly glorious color!
    You’ve reminded me to buy an amaryllis bulb.
    I’m glad you spent some enjoyable time just relaxing and visiting in your garden this past summer.
    The camera is a wonderful way to become more observant of Nature’s gifts, isn’t it?
    I used to knit a lot, but haven’t done it in years. Enjoy your knitting while Lytton enjoys rolling on the snow and ice-covered pond!
    We had a nasty dose of winter last Tuesday and Wednesday, with the power, phones and internet out. Not much fun, and far too early!
    I had wondered if you were hit with the snow that fell last week in the east. A camera makes a huge difference in how observant I am … it’s an amazing invention – the digital camera. I’m glad I reminded you about getting an Amaryllis bulb. I love having them.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been so caught up planting rocks I almost forgot about bulbs. It happens every year and it seems I only remember in the spring. Thank goodness for bloggers that keep me ‘updated’.
    We’ll have to get you a calendar for what tasks need to be completed when, Wiseacre!!

  9. My bulbs will arrive next week, and I’ve already found pots for them – I can’t wait. My practice is to plant bulbs first in pots, and then after a year or two, divide and put in the ground.
    Some of the bulbs (allium or geranium, or iris?) will have to spend about 2 months in the refrigerator first.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying a few more autumn days before winter sets in. But, you have all those mail order catalogs to look forward to, while you enjoy the amaryllis you’ve planted today.
    I’d rather be living where you do and not dreading the arrival of the snow and the frigid temperatures. I like the idea of planting bulbs first in pots and then in the ground.

  10. We’re beginning to want to be settled in, aren’t we? I’ve brought all my plants and bulbs indoors. I’ve begun a bit of quilting and knitting again. 🙂
    However, I still have a lot of raking to do outdoors!!
    It’s good that we have alternate things to do in winter. Otherwise, we’d miss our gardens way more than we already do! I leave most of the raking here until spring, but then I’ve got a small lot and no grass.

  11. That anemone is the most mouth-watering blue color. It almost hurts to look at its beauty! I am not ready for cold weather yet. Can’t believe you already had snow!
    I was amazed to see this flower in bloom. It is the only one of ten bulbs I planted in spring that bloomed. More snow is predicted for later this week. I wish I lived where you do!

  12. The color of the anemone is so striking. I’m sitting in a blue covered chair, knitting handspun handdyed blue yarn and gazing at your blue flower! I hope you’ll have a few more days of blue skies again.
    I will look forward to seeing photos of your scarves.
    That sounds idyllic – one can never have too much blue in life.

  13. Oh, you just reminded me about some iris bulbs I want to dig up, split, and move to a new location. Your Anemone is gorgeous. I think some of the most striking flowers are the ones in blues! I can’t wait to see some of your knitting!
    You have time to get some last-minute gardening done. I love blue flowers too – they aren’t as common. You’ll probably grow tired of seeing my scarves this winter!!!

  14. What a beautiful anemone. I need to research those plants a bit! The only anemone I have is an early Spring bloomer. This is definitely the time to be working with bulbs. I had my amaryllis planted in pots and took them outdoors for the summer. They are now resting. Before long I will get them ready for their indoors blooming! 🙂
    I love these Anemones. They come in some beautiful colours too. I took three Amaryllis out for the summer and then brought them in, let them sit and have just replanted them.

  15. The blue flower certainly took the blues away. It must be kinda gloomy and grey at -15c; can’t wait to see the bright knitted scarf photographs.
    It really did – lucky that we have lots of sunshine – usually – when the temperatures are really cold.

  16. Your anemone is beautiful! I’ll have to add those to my plant wish list. Can’t wait to see the scarf!
    Take care

  17. Kate .. now I see some happy dog rolling around on a frozen pond ! LOL .. that was too cute !
    What a pretty flower that is .. and what a relief to plant bulbs that have been tapping their feet at you girl .. it happened to me as well .. haha
    If I could only have some of those gorgeous
    Amaryllis .. the girls would be at it all the time though .. so I have to enjoy everyone else’s ?
    Good luck with the knitting !

  18. I think that flower is probably the most beautiful bloom I’ve ever seen! Spectacular color and shape. Looks almost fake in its perfection.

  19. The Anemone is such a beautiful blue! I saw some of those boxed Amaryllis bulbs in the store the other day, and almost bought a couple. However, when I looked into the boxes, the stems had started growing and were all twisted and deformed so I went home emptyhanded. Your bulbs are the largest I’ve ever seen.

  20. Hi Kate, thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comments! I appreciate it.
    I just bought some Allium bulbs, really looking forward to seeing them pop up this summer….

  21. You know I can't resist blue flowers, Kate. That is an exceptionally pretty shade.
    We haven't had snow yet, not that I am complaining. Today is very warm, in fact. All my outdoor work is done for the year, but I still spend lots of time standing at the window, watching the birds play in the garden, so it is very much a part of my daily life.
    Can't wait to see the scarves you do this winter!

  22. Kate looking back at your Snow on post of Oct. 13..hard to believe that this gorgeous blue Anemone survived…just shows us the will of Nature to survive!We have been having the best Autumn and only today has the temps dropped! Our trees have turned in the last few days and dropped to the ground…all so quickly! Nice caching up w/ you! hugs NG

  23. Hi Kate, I am amazed that flower is blooming for you now! It is totally out of sync, isn't it? We can barely winter those over down here in zone 7, they are never as nice as the first year planted. You have done an excellent job capturing its beauty. It would make a lovely painting? And the mandolin sounds intriguing also. I too can only knit scarves, and very poorly at that, have trouble counting the stitches and keeping straight. LOL

  24. Wow, Kate. That anemone is GORGEOUS. And that survives as a perennial in your garden? If so, I NEED to get some of those. That is every bit as gorgeous as a Himalayan poppy (which I cannot grow, sadly).
    Winter has arrived here, I think. A little snow was seen in our rain late this afternoon. One good thing, though – now I can get out that beautiful scarf you made for me! :-)))

  25. Bulbs really are a wonderful thing. i adore amaryllis and am glad you reminded me to go get some more. I can NEVER get mine to rebloom and come back again so now I just throw them in the composter after they bloom. I'm going to see if I can find some amaryllis bulbs in town this week.

  26. Lovely indigo blue on that anemone. I've never had luck with them.
    Funny, I've just picked up my knitting needles again too. I guess gals like us have to have some sort of tools in our hands, summer or winter!

  27. I've always assumed that A. coronaria wouldn't grow here in our northern SK climate. Maybe I'll try one after seeing yours. They are such beautiful flowers. Good work on getting the bulbs in int he nick of time! I'll bet you're getting snow today. We have it mild at -1 and no snow today. Sometimes the north is not bad at all.

  28. Kate .. I just wanted to thank you for your kind and thoughtful message. I appreciated it very much .. thank you !

  29. I have had absolutely no luck with anemones as much as I love them. How did you get yours to grow? I bought a package of the bulbs in the spring last year and planted them in a big patio pot. Unfortunately, none of them grew! Maybe it was too wet?

  30. Kate, I love how you embrace winter! My dog loves rolling in the snow too and it keeps her clean. It's warm and pouring in Maine and has been for days. It does not feel like November except that nothing is blooming. I'm amazed your bloom survived in harsher conditions – so beautiful!

  31. I (gulp) still have a few bulbs to get in, sorry to say! But I went overboard this year, buying right up until last week. The anemone is gorgeous.

  32. Oh! That anemone is so incredibly gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your scarf. I've tried several times to master knitting. In spite of help from my experienced knitting mother just down the street, I just can't get the tension right. I'll have to try it again.

  33. Hi Kate, just had to stop by again and cannot believe I am greeted by this beautiful blue anemone. Mine seem to disappear. Then again nature has a way to suprise us! Greetings from Germany, Andrea

  34. I think there is no better color in the garden than blue. I am knitting also but not as fast as I wish. Simple sweaters for kids!

  35. Blue is your color for sure, Kate – and I'm glad you had a little jolt of blue before things get snowy white and Lytton turns into a polar bear.
    My amaryllis and anemones are planted outside and they should live over winter in our zone, but there's no guarantee they'll make it through summer.
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  36. Hi Kate – it’s been a long time since I had the chance to sit and visit all the blogs I used to – do hope you’re keeping well – not long till Birthday time is it… if my memory serves me right we share the same date!
    Beautiful bulbs here – infact I’ve just been given a number of packets from a friend so shall be busy planting this weekend if the weather allows…. I don’t think it’s so cold here in France as yet but it’s been extremely wet instead! Take care – Miranda

  37. I, too, can only knit scarves, Kate, but ah, what a relaxing joy it is when the cold surrounds you! your anemone is gorgeous. I confess that we still have a few bulbs to plant, though most are snug in the ground, and we have our must-have water plants all settled in the greenhouse container water garden. We even managed to set up an on-deck cat house with lusciously soft comforter and fleece-lined cat nest inside before the cold and wind hit (the outdoor cats are loving it). But brrr!!! It’s still too cold, too dark, and too miserable for me.

  38. Hi Kate! When i first saw the anenome i thought of blue poppies, my “holy grail…’ but now i will try the anenomes instead and i think i’ll have better luck… thanks for reminding and inspiring me!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  39. Kate,
    You are way ahead of me with your bulb planting. I just got around to finishing mine as an underplanting of daffodils with purple pansies. I find bulbs quite amazing also…incredible how such beautiful flowers can emerge from such ugly “origins” isn’t it?
    Hope y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden

  40. Kate the blue annemone is stunning! The color!
    Surprising that you have NOT had a snowfall yet..here it’s come and gone with our today rain.Enjoy your week.

  41. Wow that is some stunning flower!
    Maisie is the same as Lytton…she loves nothing more than to run in the snow like a pony and roll in it too. I wish they could play “snow dogs” together!xox

  42. How are you, Dear Kate? I am back in blogland after an enforced absence of four months due to family illness…
    Happy Christmas and blessings to you in 2009 🙂

  43. I hope you are fine. I miss your posts and hope you’ll be back soon. Have a merry Christmas and a nice and happy holiday season. All my best wishes for 2009!

  44. Kate … Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year girl !! Keep warm out there .. it is one cold season !

  45. This is beautiful and it is exciting to find a flower blooming, in any season really. We have to put our bulbs in the freezer here, or they will never bloom. I have to dig them up every year. You have a beautiful blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

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