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  It's Canadian Thanksgiving here today, although it feels more like a winter holiday. Snow2 017Yesterday we had a big snowstorm and woke this morning to 17 cm of snow.

My son's papa is here this weekend and so I am staying at my parent's place. I took this photograph of the playhouse we had as children. It now serves as a storage shed, but it still brings back many childhood memories.

It's hard to believe that I was wearing shorts last week and had a sensation that summer was still with us. Today I feel as if we are in the middle of winter. It's a sunny and still day and quite beautiful outside. There is much to be thankful for. My son's sixteenth birthday is today and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

My apologies for not blogging recently and visiting blogs. I am going to spend this coming week catching up …

37 thoughts on “Where I played …

  1. Wow! You got a lot of snow down there. We’re sitting in nice sunshine with no snow at present. We had a dusting of it in La Ronge this last week, but now I feel warm again. Oh, it won’t be long…
    You are lucky to have dodged this snowstorm! It didn’t make it much further north than Regina. I hope you go for a long spell without any snow!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate – and your childhood playhouse looks lovely, even though October seems incredibly early for 17 centimeters of snow. We used to get Thanksgiving snow when we lived in Illinois, but even for a US Thanksgiving at the end of November, 6 and 1/2 inches would be a huge amount.
    It’s fun to look at the playhouse and imagine young Kate growing up!
    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your son on reaching sixteen years and wishes for a happy year ahead for both of you.
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    This is way, way too early for snow. If we get an early snow, it usually happens around Hallowe’en. It was fun spending some time remembering playing in the playhouse. It seems so long ago!!

  3. Oh Kate, I was so excited to see your name pop up on my reader. It has been a long time since I heard from you. Happy Thanksgiving! As I am sitting here in my shorts and tshrit it is difficult to believe that you have snow. It won’t be long here that the cold winds begin to blow but we are a while from snow. Wow a 16yr old son. What a joy he must be. Happy birthday to him. And Happy birthday to Mom. I always think those birthdays are so precious to the Mothers.
    It’s hard to imagine snow so early in autumn … I’m missing my t-shirts already! My son is a joy – he’s grown so much. I like the idea of a birthday for me too!

  4. Heavens, Kate. What a stark wake up to WINTER! Weren’t you just posting photos of colourful flowers very recently? Well, Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
    It was a stark wake up – was just out photographing flowers the day before the snow fell!

  5. 17 cms of snow. Oh my! You poor dear! We had the veriest dusting the other day and I felt hard done by. Yep, I better get counting my blessings.
    I love your playhouse … it looks SO inviting.
    Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Thanks Cis, It’s always a psychological shock when the first snow falls… Count your blessings …
    The playhouse was a great place!

  6. Oh my goodness!! – that was a surprise – the snow that is, and I am still waiting for summer! No not really but we are having quite a nice Indian summer between the rain.
    Blessing to your son on his 16th – it seems a long time ago that any of my three were that age.
    So lovely to hear from you.
    PS I moved my blog address – same artists garden – different URL.
    I hope you will get some summer still, Karen! I’ve checked out your new blog site – it’s great. Our kids grow up so quickly … I remember so well when my son was just learning to walk!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son, Kate. Sixteen already, how time flies!
    Happy Thanksgiving too!
    Wow, already that much snow? Here we have temperatures around 18 to 20 C which is very hot for this time of year. Usually it’s around 10 C so I’m not complaining. 🙂
    It’s nice that your old playhouse is still standing, it must have lots of happy memories for you.
    It’s incredible how quickly the weather can change from t-shirt/shorts weather to snow. I like having the kind of weather you are having!! The playhouse brings back many memories … we loved it so much that when we moved, my parents moved the playhouse to our new house.

  8. Glad to have you back. I’ve missed reading about your garden and seeing all the beautiful pictures that you share. I love the snow picture with this post. That photo alone could get me through another southern winter. 🙂
    Laura, I think of you every time I’m knitting! I’ll post lots of snow photos for you!!

  9. Hi Kate, so nice to see you posting and may we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! But seeing that snow was a shocker to the senses. And you were wearing shorts last week! That is a shock, much too quick of a change for human health. Happy birthday to your son also. Hope he had a good visit with his dad and generous of you to step out of the picture for that. And wise too. The shed looks so full of happy play, I can imagine you having tea parties in there.
    It really is too much of a change and is tough on our health – and psyche! It isn’t easy leaving my house, but it has been so well worth it. My son appreciates it and what I find really great is that he’s always pleased to see me when I return … the shed was a great place to play. My sister and our friends loved it. My older brother and his friends made it their mission to disrupt us as often as they could.
    new url

  10. Happy Thanksgiving after the fact. I have to say the snow photo wasn’t at all what I expected….I was sure it would be either a beach scene or fantastic fall color! I like being surprised. Frances is so right on (!) it was generous and gracious of you to step aside for your son to visit with his dad. Thank you for your very kind comments on my recent post. The gardenblogging community is incredible…Gail
    I certainly wasn’t expecting any snow this early and hopefully it will melt. It has been quite a few years and I realise how important it is for my son to spend time with his papa. I agree – the garden blogging community is a good one!

  11. Wow snow! It’s too early to think of such things here in the south. Say happy birthday to your son and enjoy the snow.
    You are lucky to live in the south!! Thanks for the happy birthday to my son … he’s counting off the days to taking his driver’s test.

  12. No need to apologize, Kate! We know you were busy and happily working in your garden and enjoying the outdoors as long as you could and we are very happy that you were doing something you love. 🙂 What lovely pictures of your flowers in the previous post and such a contrast to the shed covered in snow in this post! Yikes. I guess winter really is on it’s way after all.
    Teeni, thank you for your kindness … it’s just way too early for winter here!

  13. Oh, dear. A bit too early for anyone’s taste. I bet it will melt and you will get some nice warm days again. But what kind of damage will your plants sustain?
    I am hoping you are right and that we do have some warm days ahead of us. I still need to plant my bulbs! The few odd flowers peeking out look pretty beat up! I’m not too hopeful.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate. It does look more like Christmas, doesn’t it? That is a pretty old shed, especially under snow.
    Did you get some photos of you flowers with snow?
    Thank you! It feels like Christmas, although the snow is slowly melting. My dad built the playhouse in the late 1950s, so it’s been around for awhile.
    I haven’t taken any photos yet of my flowers … I need to do that!

  15. Great to read a new post here Kate. Snow already on the Prairies eh? Wow, it seems rather early. Halloween night usually was the start of winter, when we lived there.
    Hope you have time to stop by soon and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
    We’re just hoping the snow will all melt and we’ll get some warmer temperatures soon!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  16. I could scarcely believe your comment on my blog when you mentioned snow. Unbelievable! I betcha it will melt and you’ll have a another period of nice weather before winter.
    I hope the snow melts fast and doesn’t come back for a while. Otherwise, it’ll be a long winter!

  17. WOW. Snow already. Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Please give your son my best wishes. Great to see you posting again!
    Thanks Selma! Our children grow up way too fast! I’m glad to be back!

  18. Oh! you really live in the NORTH!
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
    (I came over from the Nature Trail blog!)
    Yes, and that must be why our national anthem talks about the ‘true north’ … it is cold here during the winter months. And snowy.

  19. A Happy Thanksgiving and Birthday to your son (although a little late!).
    I’ve been away from blogging too. I’ve missed you, Kate. Hope all is well and that Lytton is enjoying Fall.xox
    Linda, your new place is so beautiful – no wonder you’ve taken a break from blogging!

  20. Oh welcome back to blogland, Kate! I have certainly missed your posts. I can hardly imagine all that snow. It is so hot and windy here.
    A very happy 16th birthday to your son!
    Willow, it was good to visit your blog! You are lucky you don’t have to deal with snow during the winter months!! I’d rather have hot weather!!

  21. What a treat to get comments from you again! I’m glad to see you back. It’s so odd to me to see snow at all–but especially in mid-October! The playhouse looks like a cozy little retreat.
    Hi Aiyana, at this time of year, Arizona seems like the place to be!

  22. Kate, welcome back! I was wondering when you’d update. I can’t believe you already have snow. I’ll quit whining about today’s endless rain in Maine. Happy birthday to your son – I bet he enjoyed the snow.
    Hi Sarah, it is good to see you. Yes, rain is so much better than snow. So true how kids love snow – especially the first big snowfalls!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving…even if you already have snow. Don’t put all your shorts away yet, maybe with this crazy weather we’ve all had this year, it will perk back up and you’ll see the sun again before your long winter’s rest. So glad to hear from you again. It’s still in the 80’s here in Austin, Texas..I wouldn’t mind just a little cooler weather!
    Our weather continues to be crazy. All the snow melted with some beautiful days last week, although it has been frost these past few nights. I am envying you the temperatures in Austin even if they are hot!!

  24. Kate! SO GOOD to have you back! We’ve missed you! I hope you’re feeling better now. Wow…snow like that already! We haven’t even had a frost that’s done any damage yet! But as soon as I say that, we’ll get one. Not for a week yet, I don’t think. Hopefully longer!
    It’s good to be back to blogging! I am feeling better. Hopefully you are still frost-free there.

  25. Wow, I can’t imagine having that much snow this early!! I’m sure it will be here soon enough, though, in Ohio!
    Enjoy the remaining time you have before the frost arrives! It was strange waking up to so much snow. I’m glad it has disappeared!

  26. Your back. Hi! Look at all that snow. I’m shivering. It’s still the glorious fall into winter here.
    Both spring and fall are the times when I most miss Ottawa. Spring starts earlier there and fall comes later. I miss that!

  27. Oh, Kate…Snow so early? I suppose that means my Dad has snow, as well. We had an early frost here in Idaho. It has been a strange year, weather-wise.
    Your playhouse is adorable. We had one, too and it was still standing last time I was home. Such sweet memories! Happy Birthday to your son.
    Parts of North Dakota must have been hit by this snowstorm. It came up through Colorado – usually we get snow out of the northwest. When it comes from the south, it usually spells large amounts of snow! It is fun having a playhouse — they always leave us with good memories, even if it was fending off an older brother who loved tormenting us.

  28. Say it isn’t so! Snow? Is this unusual? Happy Thanksgiving. Your posts have been missed.
    Snow this early is unusual – when we have an early snow, it is closer to Hallowe’en and often isn’t very much. This was a real snowstorm and not just an inch or two.

  29. Snow! That was a surprise to see (but I guess it shouldn’t be). Happy Thanksgiving! I haven’t been visiting blogs much lately either, so was fortunate to see a new post when I stopped by here (work has me…snowed under!). I hope you are doing well – enjoying the snow’s light, your son’s birthday, and dreams of next year’s garden! Take care.
    Pam, I am going to spend the winter savouring your garden. I hope you’ll be taking lots of photos … I’ve already started dreaming of next spring. It’s the only way to get through winter here!

  30. even though I knew of the snow, your son’s birthday, etc. it’s great to see a photo. What a lovely memory you’ve shared of that time in your childhood. How fortunate your parents still have the place. Thanks Kate.
    Diane, thanks for stopping by. I seem to be reminiscing more about childhood these days. I am lucky my parents still have the playhouse.

  31. What a sweet playhouse, Kate. I’m glad you posted about it. Here, it is cool in the mornings, but warm in the afternoons. The girls and I rode bikes yesterday, and I felt just like a kid again. Happy Thanksgiving.~~Dee
    It is so enjoyable to do things that remind us of being a kid … and it makes it especially so when we do so with our children!!

  32. Kate,
    Nice to see you back in the blogosphere. Your thoughtful and reminiscent-filled post matches the photo. Hope you experience some more mild weather before the snow settles in for good.
    Thanks, Weeping Sore. Luckily, we’ve had a few days of warmer weather and hopefully will have some more. I need to plant my bulbs!!

  33. Oh my GOODNESS Kate !!!
    We have been threatened with wet snow today .. they have had it in Thunder Bay .. but so far Kingston is safe with just the rain .. how weird is that though .. one week shorts and summer .. next week winter shots .. or should I say SHOCK !!! LOL
    Joy : )
    I hope you didn’t get hit by snow! It’s so weird going from shorts to a ski jacket within a week!

  34. Oh, Kate! This post and photo brought back memories of the playhouse my parents set up for us when we were children. My mother painted it cream beige, then painted big black tulips along the sides. Black is not exactly a child-friendly color (nor is beige, for that matter), and I puzzled over her choices for years. But the image of that little beige “house” with its big black tulips remains with me to this day. I think you’re fortunate that your parents still have your playhouse, and of course, fortunate to have your wonderful 16-year-old!!!
    It is incredible how the memories of our playhouses stay with us for ages. I can see why you’d have puzzled over the black tulips!

  35. Goodness! Nothing like that down here, on the east coast of MA – yet! However, that is such a well-composed photo… bringing the beauty and stark serenity of winter to all who enter here… to say nothing of the childhood memories you’ve evoked. But, really – October?
    I’m appreciating the lingering warmth, we’re currently enjoying in this neck of the woods, even more. A couple of frosty mornings… not quite a killing frost, yet.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to your son! ….. Deb
    So far, we haven’t had more snow and it seems like a bit of a dream now. We should be getting hit with more snow soon!

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