Some joys of summer

After the wind died down this evening, I sat out in the back garden and found myself thinking about the many wonderful things that have come to pass this summer. The garden has been spectacular all summer long and continues to fill me with happiness. New blooms appear daily, keeping my senses awash in colour and in scent. One of the good things about preparing for a garden tour is that one can spend far more time relaxing in the garden afterwards. All of those niggling garden jobs were done and now it is just maintenance until fall.

When evening comes, the Japanese solar lanterns create such an ambience that it makes it pleasurable to sit for hours and visit or read or, as tonight, just spend some quiet time lost in my thoughts. (I have Robin, of Bumblebee Garden to thank for putting me onto these lanterns. Thanks, Robin!!) I also have Rox,Β  who we dubbed my garden lighting consultant, to thank for putting up some of the lanterns in places I couldn’t reach. He joked that the only reason I was friends with him was because he owned an eight-foot ladder. Not true – we’ve enjoyed many a glass of wine in the back garden this summer.

Several family visited this summer and I have many good memories of these visits – they often involved sitting in the garden. My friends regularly visited and sat in the back garden on hot sunny days and evenings and there was much laughter and fun.

I’ve also discovered my love of photographing the flowers in the garden. I sometimes wonder if the flowers enjoy all the attention or are they silently thinking, ‘Enough, already’? ‘My blogging has taken a backseat while I take endless photographs, learning more about my camera and becoming familiar with Flickr. I’ve made many new friends at Flickr and have loved getting to know the many generous and thoughtful people there.

This summer, I’ve been especially thrilled as my new daylilies and lilies bloomed.Hemerocaliis 'Purple waters'

If I had a bigger garden, I can see adding many more of each to the garden.I realise how much I’ve gained from reading the blogs of all my blogging friends. Not only have I benefited from all the collective wisdom and advice about growing and tending plants, but also I’ve read many thoughtful and inspiring posts that has given my life an added depth and richness. Nourishment for my soul through all seasons …

This post is for you, Ellen, of the entertaining, thought-provoking and eminently readable blog, Our Friend Ben. Ellen’s blog is well worth visiting. I guarantee that you’ll be glad you did. Thank you, Ellen, for nudging me gently back into the blogging world.


42 thoughts on “Some joys of summer

  1. I don’t suppose there’s a way to get that after-the-garden-tour without, y’know, having a garden tour… you sound utterly contended!

  2. Your photos are outstanding. I am going to look at your Flickr page right now. It is so nice to hear how content you are – and to read one of your posts again is a real treat!

  3. I am glad to see you back Kate….I have missed your colour….there is noone in the blogging world that brings colour so beautifully to our screens…..
    your flowers are stunning….mine are fading fast but there are always a few surprises……
    Have a lovely weekend…..

  4. I also want to thank Ellen for nudging you back into the blogging world Kate. It is good to hear from you.
    I can tell that you are enjoying your camera. Your photos are gorgeous. I think the flowers like all the attention. After all that is their lot in life to attract attention.
    It is good that you are enjoying all your hard work preparing for the garden tour. It sure does make the summer more bearable when the garden is whipped into shape early so you can enjoy it through out the summer.

  5. Hi, Kate, and welcome back! Your lovely photos and reminiscences of the (too quickly) passing summer are well worth a little pushing. Thank you!

  6. I’m so glad to see you and hear you are doing well. Your photos are fantastic as always. I didn’t realize you weren’t already on Flickr – I just assumed you were because I’ve always thought your photos were fab! Anyway, I’m glad you found another place where I’m sure you fit in as snug as a little bug in a rug. πŸ™‚

  7. You took some lovely shots of your flowers! I tried your Flickr link but it just took me to my Flickr page. I haven’t put much up on Flickr page … never think to use it.
    Glad to see you posting again!

  8. Hello dear Kate, it has been a while that I have visited you and my other blog friends. As always I find an inspiring post. I was just thinking today that I have missed reading the garden blogs these past weeks. Take good care of yourself, Andrea

  9. I need to go check out your flickr site! I saw one flower this morning when I was posting.
    Did you get a new camera? I always liked your photos!

  10. Kate,
    So happy to read a blog post from you and to hear that you have had a lovely summer in your garden. The photos are wonderful – full of vibrant colour.
    Warm regards
    An Artist’s Garden

  11. I see time well spent with your camera, Kate. Your photos are lovely. So enjoyed catching up on your full summer.

  12. Kate, I’m happy to see you blogging again. Those bright bloom are so electric they’ll glow through the long winter. We still have a few summer days left.

  13. Always a thoughtful and warm post from you Kate. I am going to take some time to cherish the garden today just as you have shown how much you cherish yours and, to be thankful for it instead of looking at all that needs to be done.

  14. Hi Kate! Even though I have missed you in blogland, I am glad to hear you have taken advantage of the summer in your garden. The photos are delicious.

  15. Great to have you back in the blogger’ s world, Kate!!! I love your new post and the wonderful photographs.
    Have a good time Wurzerl

  16. hi kate! long lime no chitchat πŸ˜‰ i hope you’re having a nice summer up there. your garden looks beautiful as always πŸ™‚

  17. So happy to hear you have had a good summer in the garden…it seemed to go by far too fast for me this year! Lovely flower photos.

  18. I too am impressed by your photos and wonder what camera you’re using. It’s a bit too late – my new camera just arrived. I only hope I can manage to get the same quality out of mine once I learn how to use it.

  19. Hi Kate,
    Your photos and educational posts help me see the world in a new way. Suddenly, there are not just “flowers,” rather there are names more specific shapes. As a non-gardener, I am grateful for your writing and photos.

  20. Hi Kate! Those are beautiful photos. I would sure love to have you visit our new house…I need some good garden advice! I’m going to have to work at turning my thumb green now.:)

  21. Hi Kate,
    Everything looks so beautiful here! I wonder, did you get a new camera? I crashed my Kodak and getting used to a new one.
    It’s been a long summer – I’ve been living under a rock :o)
    Just wanted to say HI YA!

  22. Hi Kate,
    Perhaps the length of your winters means you crave the intensity of those flower colors?
    I enjoyed this post a while ago, started to write a comment and then an email sent me over the cliff of genealogy research.
    A few days ago we were at The Natural Gardener, a nursery in SW Austin and there in the tool and decor are were the very same lanterns that you’d ordered. It immediately made me think of you and your evening garden tour ;-]
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  23. i’ve been taking pictures of flowers in my garden today πŸ™‚ it is irresistible, isn’t it? and theres still quite a bit blooming
    that last photo is particularly lovely, great depth of field. is it obedience plant?

  24. Hi Kate,
    what an idillic way to spend summer evenings! We have moved and have no garden to speak of. The planting from scratch begins this week. In the meantime we’re missing the garden at our old house which is full of spring at the moment.

  25. I’m fond of taking photos of flowers. There is a great variety of them in my collection of pictures :-)))

  26. Lovely flower portraits, and I am going to search for some Japanese solar lanterns, cuz I so want them. It sounds so pretty, and environmentally friendly too.
    I am celebrating the publication of my first book with a Christmas basket giveaway at my blog this week, if you are interested.

  27. Dear Kate, where are you? I miss you, your comments and your posts. Now, that I’m back to the internet (i’ve been withou internet for sometime), I wonder what could have happened you you.
    I’ve already moved to another house and now I’ve a big work to do: another garden. I would like very much you could help me πŸ˜‰ with your friendship:)

  28. Kate, I’m worried now, since you’ve not posted here in quite some time! Are you okay? Or are you engrossed in photography? I understand how it can be, to get more enthused about one thing, to the slighting of another. But it’s been a long time. Too long! Come out! Come out! Wherever you are! I’ve not been a very good friend to not inquire as to your well-being before this. 😦

  29. Kate,
    Your writing and photography are too beautiful!
    I will be visiting you often. Your post on Hepaticas is just phenomenal.
    Chloe M

  30. Kate, your photography is really good. The pics have gotten so much better than the last time I was here. Sorry I haven’t been back earlier but I forgot about your move.

  31. Kate,
    Hope all is well with you. I keep checking back to see if you’ve started posting, and I’m always disappointed. I miss you.

  32. Hello Kate it has been awhile since I stopped by!Your NEW look is so fresh! I enjoyed catching up with you..I had been away for a month vacation in Europe..posted the whole trip..oh the gardens in Germany..a dream; and I had the pleasure of visiting Monet’s garden in France!
    Good to see that you continue to inspire with all that you share!
    Anna, it was good to hear from you. It sounds as if you had a wonderful summer… thank you!

  33. Hi Kate! Scrumptious flower photos! I used to be so hooked on Flickr, but after a while I just couldn't keep up with it! But i still post there, and will be sure to look at your photographs!

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