Hidden beauty in a geranium


Awe is what the soul feeds upon.

( Fay Weldon, What Makes Women Happy, p. 96)

Photograph taken on 21 Jun 2008 in my back garden.

38 thoughts on “Hidden beauty in a geranium

  1. lettuce says:

    thats beautiful – i just love geraniums.
    and i’m glad to have learned so much more about columbines. I have a few, tho they don’t want to seem to self-seed in my garden.

  2. Sarah Laurence says:

    Kate, I’m totally in love with this image! It’s perfect – your best yet. It makes me think of Georgia O’Keeffe. The light coming through, the deep purple color and the composition – wow! The quotation is just right too. How lucky you are to have such beauty in your garden and how skilled you are to capture it. Good to see you back to posting more frequently.

  3. Nina says:

    How gorgeous!!
    I love the color(s)–really a fantastic shot!
    Isn’t it amazing that the most perfect scenes are those some never look for–like what hides in the center of a flower!

  4. pRiyA says:

    hey, for a moment i thought that was some experimental abstract photography that you were trying out. And actually it is. Beautiful!
    And Fay Weldon! A favourite author.

  5. Weeping Sore says:

    I’ve recently learned to enjoy flowers closer-up, probably because I’m growing increasingly nearsighted. It may also be because my climate supports fewer and fewer of the traditional flowers I grew up with. For me, the sense of awe comes from the realization that the flower has such a short life for something so lovely.

  6. gracia says:

    Yes, tomorrow I will take a better look around my own garden and see what delights I can see.
    Happy weekend to you, Kate. May it be as busy or relaxing as you desire it to be.
    see you, g xx

  7. kerri says:

    Isn’t she lovely? Beautiful shot, Kate! Amazing detail. I’m inspired to go out and look closely at a geranium tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Selma says:

    What an amazing photographer you are. This looks like an astronomical shot with new planets bursting through into the universe. The colours are wondrous!

  9. kostas says:

    Each marvellous work, splendid colours, anther have his own colour, because reflection and different corner. Congratulations!

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