Upon their return

It was a cool and sunny morning, with the robins making it known they had returned from their winter vacation spots.

"Maybe we should have delayed our spring trip Robinpondfor a few more weeks," the robin observed to no one in particular, "since I am rather parched this morning and our gardener’s pond is frozen yet again."

"Well, the sunshine feels quite divine and so I shall rest for a brief spell. Hmmm… it looks as if I am being observed. I can’t recall from last year’s photographs,  if my profile looked better from the left or from the right. No matter, I will simply turn slowly so that the gardener, at least I think that is she in the window, will see me at my best."

Such simple delights in spring … a glimpse of a robin,  slowly-emerging Scilla  and quiet moments in the warmth of the sun.

50 thoughts on “Upon their return

  1. Robins are such happy sounding birds. And they are the first ones to start singing in the morning. I heard one this weekend at 3:30 AM!!

  2. How lovely Kate. Is your pond really still frozen? That is hard for me to imagine here in the UK
    Warm Regards

  3. Your robin does appear to be giving you its best profile. What a treat to see them, even if your pond is frozen, not for much longer we hope. You deserve spring to grace your garden, the robins are waiting!
    Frances at Faire Garden

  4. What fun to watch your robins. They will be singing their predawn chorus in no time. I hope all thaws soon.

  5. What a perky little visitor he was!
    Just as our mornings are getting frosty and our days shorter, you are heading into warmer days and spring, full of surprises. Enjoy! It seems to have been a long wait (how many scarfs-long was your winter again?).

  6. Aaaahhh, for a little time spent in the sun! The frozen pond looks beautiful. Seeing the juxtaposition of pond and bird for some reason brings to mind a verse of a chanson Guy Gavriel Kay wrote in his glorious book, “A Song for Arbonne.” If you haven’t read this book, you should:
    Even the birds above the lake
    Are singing of my love,
    And even the flowers along the shore
    Are growing for her sake.

  7. Yes… Robins, the warmth of the sun, growth poking up in earnest in the garden. Heaven. And this year it has been such a long time coming, so all the more welcome and cause for celebration.

  8. What good news, Kate! The robins didn’t stop here this year, leaving all the holly berries in place. I’m glad they kept you on their tour schedule ;-]
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. I spent about 20 minutes watching a robin digging for worms on the front lawn this past weekend. better entertainment than anything tv has to offer. hope it warms up for you and your robin friends soon.

  10. How lovely, Kate. Robins have a special place in my heart and this post touched me deeply. It looks like the jacket cover of my brother’s book (A Robin’s Winter) that we published posthumously. Happy Spring!

  11. Your robin’s conversation brought a smile to my face. It reminds me so much of E.B. White’s Trumpet of the Swan!

  12. Hi Kate,
    I really like your little stories over the past few posts. I have felt so sorry for the migrating birds here in Wisconsin. It snowed again today. Our cat pulled up a few worms to play with. I wanted to hand them out to the poor robins.
    PS: Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I’m sending you all good wishes.

  13. Oh he is a fine fellow! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It is lovely to discover yours! I have the teeniest, neglected garden and I am really just a beginner who knows nothing of gardening so I shall be inspired by your blog and your posts and stories!

  14. Cute little robin Kate, patiently waiting for Spring to ‘blossom’. Look forward to revisiting your garden very soon! Have a wonderful week!
    Gina x

  15. How lovely that your robins are back in the garden. We love watching them out the window, especially after a day of rain, as they hunt for bugs and worms.

  16. I think he looks fine from every angle. I don’t think the robins go south from here anymore. I see them quite early although not in large numbers until late March. Hmmm where do birds sleep? You never see them doing that do you?

  17. You get the best visitors in your garden. I need to plant more in mine so I can attract such distinguished guests! 😉

  18. Robins are such a change from our rather drab birds. I love seeing photos of them. I do like your flora and fauna conversations. Very creative.

  19. The weather had been awful in France this week – SO wet and cold, but at least things aren’t freezing – love the dialogue and the picture of course – hope everything is going well otherwise in Canada – Miranda

  20. Awww, what a lovely little robin. Just about my favourite bird ever. I can’t believe your pond is still frozen. The poor little thing looks rather disconcerted. More of your stories please. I am enjoying them so much!

  21. What a cute little birdie! I wish I could have some in my garden, Alas! they are not seen in this part. But, even if there were any, they could never have spoken as well as yours did:-)

  22. Oh Kate, I hope spring gets to you soon. Our robins got here before the snow left, and looked pretty miserable for a bit, but they are all set now.
    We are having a bout of flooded rivers and streams from heavy rain and the snow melting up north. All in all though, spring has finally got to us. I intend to put out my hummingbird feeder tomorrow for sure.

  23. he knows he’s very photogenic, vain bird. my scilla is making an appearance too, up against the foundation of the house. raining here today, a warm spring rain that smells like a breath of heaven. wishing you sunny basking days in your very near future.

  24. Every time I see what you call a Robin I have to do a double take as our Robins are so very different from yours. But it is good news that this Robin found your little haven. Spring will do so too soon now, I hope!

  25. Hi Kate, cute robin and I feel sorry for him having to sit at a frozen pond. I can hardly believe that. Just wait – spring will be here so fast you won’t believe it. Nice shot! Andrea

  26. Kate ! how are you ? .. I have been head first in my garden and still buying more plants .. how on earth can I still squeeze any more in ? LOL
    Looks like Robin was posing very seriously for you there : ) Glad to hear you have warmer temps and Spring is gracing your area. We had a freak snowstorm for 20 minutes or so yesterday .. too funny with me clutching plants, chocolate and make-up running to my car in WalMart .. turned on the heater to watch the blizzard ! LOL
    Take care !
    Joy : )

  27. hi kate, when i see this picture of a robin, i remember a holiday in england some time ago where i waited with such anticipation to see a ‘robin’. what joy when i did finally get to see one in the garden.
    the atmosphere of soft sunlight and the muted colours in this photograph is beautiful.

  28. The Robins always seem to arrive back too early. In some ways a Robin symbolizes mixed feelings. Joy and pity are often aroused at the first spring sighting of a Robin. I’m happy as a lark to see them but can’t help to feel sorry for them too. Many a times the weather turns nasty after the early birds return.

  29. just yesterday morning I was awaken to the sound of the first Robin (we sleep with our windows open even up here). Loved this entry. My darling tree swallows finally arrived this morning — they’re all returning, slower this year than usual.

  30. When my robins come to town, they are so boisterous, squawking like crazy and they can’t even wait for the light of morning. Sometimes they are at it at night with the help of a full moon to fake them out.
    Hope things are warming nicely now for you!

  31. Hi Kate,
    I’ve missed you!
    Your commentary is sweet. Robins are sweet and a wonderful reminder of spring. By now, I hope your ponds are rippling water and the Robins are finding their worms.
    Happy Spring, Kate :o)

  32. Hi Kate – just catching up with your wonderful garden stories. What a handsome robin – ours are all fat this year! Must have been a good winter for them.
    My gardens are slowly waking up – good rains and a few lovely days seem to be countering the cold, snowy ones. We have loons on the lakes in our area because the lakes north of here are still frozen. What a strange winter and spring this has been.

  33. Awwww! We’re seeing the birds return here as well. Yesterday, we noted the return of the Baltimore Oriole and I saw the first HUMMINGBIRD!!! Also, something is making a nest in the bluebird house and it isn’t a bluebird. Looks like a swallow of some sort.
    Glad to see that spring is finally getting to you!

  34. How sweet of the robin to pose for you 🙂 We have tree swallows checking out a couple of the bluebird houses. We haven’t, as yet, seen any bluebirds…ever!
    Robins are visiting and what a treat to see them back. Hummingbirds will be along soon.

  35. the bird looks … I dunno protective or on the guard/look out 🙂 I’ve always felt loving towards a bird’s nest. They build it as we build our homes.

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