… said the ladybug to the woolly thyme


"My how lovely the sun feels on my back. I think I shall rest for a spell on this soft, comfortable bed."

"Oh, please do," murmured the woolly thyme. "The world’s coming alive again. It’s always good to make the acquaintance of one’s neighbours."

55 thoughts on “… said the ladybug to the woolly thyme

  1. How lovely – I have yet to see a ladybug yet this year.
    Hi Karen – Yesterday I kept having to rescue Ladybugs from the piles of dead leaves and garden debris. There were so many of them.

  2. That thyme definitely is woolly. Must be nice to see a lady bug already
    Hi Cis – I didn’t realise quite how woolly until I saw this photograph.

  3. I think you need to write book and illustrate it too – full of talking plants and creatures 🙂
    Hi Amy, That would be fun …

  4. Stunning photo Kate, have never seen woolly thyme before; a very interesting plant :O)
    Hi Gina, Thank you. This is a very hard groundcover and spreads quickly.

  5. That’s a nice ladybug picture and narrative to go with it. Ladybug pictures always seem to capture great moments.
    Hi Chris, How true that is. Ladybugs always seem to e be magical

  6. I agree with Amy – you could definitely do a great book with animated creatures and plants. I would certainly read it since you give them such great personalities! 🙂 That is the first woolly thyme I’ve ever seen. Thanks for that! 😉
    Hi Teeni, Thank you! I’m glad to have shown you a new plant. The plants seem to be carrying on the liveliest of conversations these days. The sun does marvels for them.

  7. I love this little sweet cosy peek into the life of a lady bug 😉
    Hi Anne, I think they must have wonderful & very full lives. There are many aphids to eat too.

  8. Things are certainly appearing to move toward Spring.
    Except out my door. I have a freshly fallen snow covering our housetops and a couple of 29 degree nights ahead of us. There goes the peach, apple, and strawberry crops.
    I heartily agree with the rest- writing and illustrating a children’s book would be a perfect fit for you….
    Hi Beth, I was sorry to hear about the snow. It is predicted for here on Monday. I hope your fruit crops aren’t a total bust. Thank you – I love telling stories!

  9. After some days of rain we have a little sunshine right now. And what did I see when going outside? The first little ladybug too! A good sign, so that hopefully rain stops now.
    Have a good time and enjoy Spring!
    Hi Barbara, I’m glad to hear that you’ve some sunshine there. It’s pretty exciting seeing that first ladybug. Now I’m finding them every time I start picking up dead leaves.

  10. Delightful. I see a children’s book coming together here.
    Hi MSS – I’m curious to see where this goes throughout the summer. As my plants are waking up, there’s an amazing amount of chatter happening.

  11. yes, yes, please do a book! That is a nice fresh lady bug. I ran into one this week, outdoors, that looked kind of scuffed up, like the butterflies do sometimes. It was still moving, though.
    Hi Sandy, The ladybugs I’ve seen so far are all looking in good shape with nice shiny backs and no nicks or scuffs. Strange … maybe mine were hiding deeper under the garden debris. I’ll keep the stories coming!

  12. We are going to have nice weather this week – finally!! Looks like your gardens are definitely waking up. What a fun season we have ahead of us.
    Hi Kris, Finally indeed … this winter took forever. Spring will be lots of fun!

  13. Hi Kate – I love the photo! We call ladybugs ladybirds over here. I didn’t know about woolly thyme, it looks fantastic. Must find out if we can get it/grow it here…
    Hi VP – I think I like ladybirds much better than ladybugs. Woolly thyme is hardy – it grows in poorish soil too and spreads and looks lovely among rocks.

  14. What a great photo! The lady bug in the enlarged photo is so sharp. I haven’t seen too many bugs yet but I was amazed when I saw a white butterfly about three weeks ago. How could it have already gone from the egg to chrysalis to butterfly stage already! I also saw a black bug with orange sides on our window screen last week and a few honey bees already too.
    Hi Ki, it is truly amazing how fast the garden springs to life. Finding the ladybug was a treat – now I’m finding them everywhere, especially under dead, wet leaves. It’s good to see these signs of spring.

  15. Hi Kate – Doesn’t it seem with the slightest bit of warmth, ladybugs are out and about!!
    Hi Alyssa, the sun must warm their backs quickly.

  16. I enlarged the photo and every little hair on the leaves was so clear! The shiny ladybug looked very happy, digging around in the woolly thyme. Happy spring!
    Hi Aiyana, I was surprised at how hairy the thyme was when the photo was enlarged. It gives an entirely different look to the thyme.

  17. I do believe nature’s denizens talk to each other just so—and to us if we will listen. Wonderful!
    Hi Exuberant Lady – I agree that they do talk to us. I try and remember to always keep my ears open for interesting conversations.

  18. You’re a regular Beatrix Potter. I love ladybugs so much. I always feel lucky when I see one.
    Hi Selma, I always love coming across ladybugs. They make me smile regardless. Some would call me a crazed woman … which suits me just fine!

  19. Ah how I envy your ladybird in her warm herby bed…we are still waiting for some good hot sun.
    Hi PG – ah, I do too, especially because it keeps drizzling this afternoon. I want some sun!

  20. Wooly Time – I have never heard of that = the image is beautiful!
    Hi Charlotte, It is a wonderful plant – very fragrant. I love rubbing it between my fingers.

  21. Kate, The really sad thing about the Fast Girl, Slow Boy Game is that I played it more than once. How dense was I?!
    I’m going to call The Slow Boy and make sure he reads my blog post!
    Hi Willow – I can only commiserate, having fallen for the same thing as you!

  22. We been finding quite a number of ladybugs ourselves. I love them. It is always a sign that spring is really on its way. Beautiful photo. Andrea
    Hi Andrea, it truly is a sign of spring – thank you! I am quite liking this photograph.

  23. once upon a time, i had a brilliant fuschia colored…. what was it? …. daliah or zinnia or some such lovely thing. it grew in a pot on my garden picnic table, which, by no coincidence, was the same color. one day, i noticed a lady bug on a flower petal. it was exactly the same color! as proof that i wasn’t hallucinating, i actually got a picture of it!
    Hi Granny Fiddler, now that is cool. A fuchsia-coloured ladybug – I would love to see a picture!

  24. Hi Kate, I wasn’t having news from you, I didn’t add your new blog to my feed reader!
    Nice to know your new Spring home!
    A left you an answer at my blog about Norberg – Hodge, in case you didn’t sign up for comments.
    Have a nice and beautiful Spring!
    Hi Jardineira aprendiz, I am really happy that you found my new location. I want to read more about Norberg-Hodge’s work. It is fascinating.

  25. I can see why the lady bug wanted to be in the wooly thyme. I always want to run my fingers and toes through wooly thyme when I see it. I have tried to grow it many times but haven’t found a spot where it will thrive.
    Hi Lisa, It seems to grow well here on sandy soil. It spreads fast and can handle the cold temperatures. It doesn’t like having wet feet.

  26. I have missed your blog, Kate. Thanks for the bit of spring. I love wooly thyme – don’t think it’s much of a desert plant!
    Hi Karine, I missed you too. I’m glad that you are back in good health. I wanted to say that woolly thyme is very drought tolerant and can handle extremes in both heat and cold. It really doesn’t like getting too much water.

  27. Such a sweet photo. All the little creatures and plants have personalities, don’t they 🙂
    We had bright sunshine today and I was able to get out into the garden for a while, but the cold wind keeps blowing.
    It’s so wonderful to see the bulbs blooming. Spring is finally here!
    Hi Kerri, I think each of them does and it’s fun to figure out what they are. I’m glad to know the sun has been out there … now if only the wind would die down. This is such a good time of the year!

  28. i know it is redundant at this point, but i just have to say–i love that photo.
    Hi Cake, Thank you! I was surprised at how clear the picture turned out.

  29. Its been ages since I saw a ladybird and i’ve never seen woolly thyme! Aaah to have a garden even a little one. Gives such pleasure.Thanks Kate for the photograph.
    Hi Maya, I’ll post more of them throughout the summer just for you. It’s fun watching them eat up aphids … a bunch of them on the same plant. One day you will have to have a little garden. It is fun.

  30. Mmmmmmmmm, wooly thyme, it must make such a comfortable and soft bed to rest on. No wonder the ladybird is there.
    Hi Yolanda Elizabet, I thought this was a perfect spot for a rest after a long winter.

  31. Hi Kate, great close up pic. Lady birds (as we call them) are special aren’t they? When Sally was little she once said,” I wish I had lady birds all up my arms, it would be so romantic!”.
    Hi Bindi, I love the ladybird – they are special little creatures. That is so sweet about what Sally said.

  32. Ah, Kate! I was so ecstatic to see ladybugs on the (inside) glass of my greenhouse yesterday! I was convinced last fall that they’d all escaped or died. What a thrill to see them lustily swarming around, hopefully preparing to investigate and consume the evil whitefly and aphids that I know must be lurking around in there! Glad yours are putting in a return appearance, too.
    Hi Our Friend Ben, it’s so good to see ladybugs after the winter and know they survived. They are probably happily chomping down your whiteflies and aphids … I didn’t find any indoors this winter, as I usually do. It worried me, so I was all the more happy to see them this spring.

  33. Great photo Kate and I love eavesdropping on that conversation too!
    Hi Diane, thank you! The conversations are fascinating to listen to … sometimes they veer off in the oddest directions!

  34. And another thing dear Kate – you need to come over to my place to collect an award on Friday. Hopefully Google will behave itself and my post dated for then will pop up and all will be revealed!
    Hi VP, Thank you for this – I shall appear on Friday to collect an award. Something to look forward to!!

  35. I see a children’s book in your future!
    Hi Layanee, That would be fun … I’ve always loved children’s books, having saved my favourite ones.

  36. I can’t wait for the garden to burst, Kate. It is just beginning to feel like Spring has arrived here, though with snow last Saturday and Sunday…
    Love the photo of the ladybird…soooo sweet 🙂
    Hi WG, My garden started bursting the other day, but it will get stopped in its tracks when snow is supposed to hit on Sunday. All it takes is one hot day! Thanks for dropping in!

  37. Found you! Very nice layout and the photos continue to be stunning.
    Hi Gary, I’m glad you found me. I have to get over and visiting you soon!

  38. Hi Kate,
    I enjoyed this quaint post. I’m sorry to tell you that our cat spent the afternoon eating ladybugs out of the garden.
    Hi Caroline, I’m glad you liked it. Maybe that’s why I have so many more ladybugs – my cat is no longer… we definitely have more birds sticking around the pond too.

  39. hi kate! so happy for you in the new space and that spring has finally brushed off her blankets and stretched her green arms. yesterday, i saw my first ladybird beetle on my car seat. it was funny, because my son and i just kind of looked in puzzlement, should we freak over this crawly thing? oh, no it’s just a ladybug, remember those?
    Hi Lisa – Spring has mostly stretched out here, although it is bloody cold today. I laughed and laughed when I read about you, your son and the ladybug. That is a good one!

  40. Such a cute post! YOU are certainly enjoying the arrival of Spring and garden discovery!
    Hi Shady, spring has been slow in coming. I’m okay with that since we’ve been able to savour it more.

  41. Oh, you make me laugh, Kate :o)
    Hi Mary, I’m glad to hear that. Laughter’s a good thing especially on dull, dreary days.

  42. i want to give that ladybug and the plant a hug right now. they are doing their small but sweet part 🙂
    it’s spring!!
    Hi Aria, they are really sweet. I liked the combination of woolly thyme and ladybugs.

  43. Ladybirds are few and far between in my garden. I would so love to have more. x
    Hi Louise, I am fortunate in always seeming to have lots of ladybugs… they seem to like my garden! I love seeing them when I’m working out in the garden.

  44. oops! I’m so sorry, I just discovered your wonderful garden whilst walking past the gate a few weeks ago. In telling those “In The Small Dwellings” how wonderful it is, it seemed someone decided to pay a visit all on her own! (they do tend to venture out sometimes…) I guess she got tired and decided to enjoy a wee rest in your Woolly Thyme. I’m glad you didn’t mind! I’ll be sure to keep a better eye on her, as Mrs. Rabbit reports to me that the Roses are screaming with aphids…oh dear…
    Mistress–ButtonWillow Cottage

  45. oh that’s wonderful! i tried today to take a picture of a ladybug, and couldn’t get any in focus. i’m glad to see yours are more photogenic.

  46. What an incredible shot of this ladybug on the woolly thyme Kate ! .. Talk about being at the right place at the right time .. love it : )
    I have yet to see some ladybugs here yet .. I hate to say the aphids haven’t lost any time showing up .. yet the birds are here too .. so a little help from them is much appreciated .. LOL

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