A toast to spring with a new blog look!

I hadn’t planned to make any changes to my blog until later in spring, but then I decided that there’s no time like the present.First_dianthus08_005 It also struck me that I will soon be outdoors and not wanting to spend the time revamping my blog instead of posting photographs of flowers in bloom.

I felt a need for a blog colour change. At the same time, I am hoping, with Typepad, that I will not encounter quite the level of frustration that I did with formatting posts in Blogger.

Somehow I was able to copy all of my posts over to this new blog, with the exception of my last three posts. While you can still comment on these posts, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to click on the individual commenter’s address. I think my ‘going-by-the-seat-of-my-pants luck’ didn’t hold for the formatting of these three posts. I’m still rather amazed that I was able to get the rest of the posts changed over without any screaming … I did have a few too many hot cross buns, but hopefully I’ll be getting more exercise

I  hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend … I’m hoping for some good chocolate!! 

56 thoughts on “A toast to spring with a new blog look!

  1. Looks GOOD over here, Kate.
    I’ll upadte my side bar link to reflect the change.
    (Thanks Willow – I’m glad you like it!)

  2. I think you’ll be happy with typepad. I thought about going to typepad myself before I ended up buying a hosting package.
    (Hi Curtis – So far I’m liking typepad a lot!)

  3. ooh yes, and it has double columns…always fancied double columns…hey = look – there I am in your links! Thank you! What a nice surprise! 🙂
    (Hi Gretel – thank you for stopping by!)

  4. Hi Kate,
    Congrats on the switch to typepad! I have considered it myself, but it seems like SO much effort.
    I have never eaten a hot cross bun. What is it?
    (Hi Karine – a hot cross bun is a sweet bun with spices and has a cross on the top – this year we just slathered cream cheese icing on the top of the entire bun) They are a Good Friday tradition – when we were kids, we sang a hopscotch song, ‘Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.’)

  5. Congratulations on the new home! It’s lovely!
    (Thanks Paul, your blog influenced my switch over here)

  6. Sweet Kate! Nice new look!
    Happy Easter to you and Lytton. Maisie is hot after the bunnies around here right now. Chased one all the way down the street last night. Bad Maisie!:)
    (I can just picture Maisie flying down the street after a rabbit. L. takes off after rabbits along the river … even if they never catch them, that doesn’t stop them from trying over and over. Happy Easter to you!)

  7. Happy New Home. 🙂 Happy Spring (soon!) And Easter Blessings.
    I’ll change your URL now… or I’ll get lost! 😉
    (Thanks for dropping by my new place – Happy Easter to you too, Shady Gardener!)

  8. I just wanted to say a little hello and see, if I can continue to write a comment. So, happy Easter to you and so long,
    (Happy Easter to you, Barbara. I’m glad I could fix the comment problem easily!)

  9. Hi Kate – I just wanted to stop by and say welcome to TypePad! I work on the TypePad team so let us know if you have questions. 🙂
    (Thanks for the welcome, Krissy!)

  10. I’m too scared to change due to not being computer savy but I like your new look. I added you to my blogline. All our flowers are good as we continue our huge landscape project. Man made creek, veggie garden, herb garden, deck extension and front yard re-vamp…yikes!
    Happy Easter

  11. Happy Easter, Kate! I am feeling very well, thanks. (Just three weeks ’til baby is due!) Congrats on the mostly-smooth switchover to Typepad. 🙂
    ( Hi Andrea! I was wondering when your due date was … it’s coming soon! Thanks – I am constantly amazed that installing new things work so much easier than they used to!)

  12. Hi Kate,
    Congrats on your new blog look!
    Does this blog have an RSS feed? I was subscribed to your old one, but this one will have a different URL. Thanks!
    (Thanks Spark! Yes it does … I moved my feed button higher up on the right-hand side of my blog.)

  13. Kate a lovely fresh look to your blog!!
    Wishing you the sight of golden daffodils in the sunshine on this blessed Easter weekend!
    Thanks again for keeping me straight on the blossoms I post!! wink xo
    sunkissed NG
    (Hi Nature Girl – I wish I would see some daffodils this weekend – I’m visiting blogs with spring flowers instead. Anemones were on my mind because I had just viewed some on Annie in Austin’s and Zanthan Garden’s blog)

  14. Love your new look Kate.. if you have any probs with typepad don’t hesitate to ask, I’ve had 6 months to get used to it and it certainly gets easier. Wishing you, Lytton and family a wonderful Easter with glorious weather! Gx
    (Thanks Gina – if I have any trouble, I will definitely get in touch with you. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!)

  15. You did it Kate. Good for you. The new format looks good. I imagine it was a big job transferring things over. But I agree that it will soon be gardening season and we won’t be around as much.
    (Hi Crafty – It was a big job, but not hard. If you ever want to transfer to typepad or wordpress, just let me know! Once we are out in the garden, we won’t want to be spending hours adding links etc.)

  16. Wow! Things are looking great over here at your new digs! Congratulations! Good thinking about not wanting to do all that reformatting once the good weather hits. I know you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as you can! Anyway, welcome to your new blog home. 🙂
    (Hi Teeni – I knew that I’d never get around to making a change if I didn’t do it before gardening season. Thank you!)

  17. Hi Kate,
    I love your new look! I’m wondering how long it took to copy all of your posts here!
    You’ve accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. You’re inspiring me to take the time and get it done!
    Have fun in your new home,
    (Hi Mary – I’ll send an email and tell you in more detail how I made the move)

  18. Kate,
    You have a wonderful new home. Clean and shiny. Happy Spring and Easter!
    ( Thanks Ki – I was in need of a change. Happy Easter to you too!)

  19. Hey, very nice new look! Hope you have a great Easter 🙂 I’d better go update my bloglines now so I don’t lose your new address.
    (Thank you, Amy! I hope you have a wonderful Easter too)

  20. oh hai kate in your new home. i love what you’ve done with the place!
    (Thanks Aria – I am really happy here! It’s like moving into a new house.)

  21. Hi Kate,
    the new look of your blog is very nice.
    I wish you a happy Easter 🙂
    Thank you, Marie! Happy Easter to you!

  22. Absolutely love the new look. You have been busy. The photo of your garden is wonderful. If I could grow a garden like that I would feel on top of the world. Great stuff!
    (Selma, Thank you – you could grow a garden like this – except it would be filled with different plants!

  23. Hi Kate, you are full of surprise this spring! Way to be an entrepid explorer to improve your lot! I will change my sidebar and bookmark for your site. Have a happy Easter, hope you get out into the garden soon!
    Frances at Faire Garden
    (Thank you Frances! I was surprised at how easy it was … once I took the plunge, which was the hardest part!! Happy Easter to you!)

  24. Nice place you have here – looks good! I too will update my sidebar, ASAP.
    (Thank you, Entangled – it’s a big change for me! )

  25. Kate, your new home-on-the-web looks beautiful, and it felt like a little greeting to see that TypePad had my name and address pre-entered in the commment box ;-]
    It’s cool how you can add your answer directly onto the comment. Congratulations on the move!
    Sweet memories of Hot Cross Buns! My kids learned the little song from a children’s holiday record…”If you have no daughters, give them to your sons…one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns”.
    Wish I could send you an anemone, Kate- Happy Easter!
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    (Hi Annie – I loved chanting this song. I’m glad to know that you know of it too! Every year, I get into the spirit of Easter with it. I am glad that I can respond to comments individually – I used to lose my long list of comments regularly … this is much more fun!!
    I’d love an anemone from your garden if that were possible – Happy Easter and Spring, Annie!

  26. Happy Easter Kate and I love the new blog. It must be the season-I have just moved too but haven’t taken everything with me yet.Come by for a glimpse of daffodils.
    Your new blog home looks wonderful – seeing the daffodils did my heart good! Happy Easter Judith

  27. Hi Kate, I am glad you didn’t loose your posts (well – just a few got lost). It is looking good. Have a happy Easter and I hope you are recovering from the flu. Greetings, Andrea

  28. Kate, Happy Easter… and may you receive that Chocolate Bunny! Or Chocolate Eggs. Or Chocolate… 😉
    Hi Shady! I have eaten more my share of chocolate. My son has now hidden his chocolate stash! I hope you had some good chocolate too.

  29. Congrats on your new home…Hope you had wonderful Easter celebrations!
    I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn’t visit your blog for sometime…anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.
    Hi Kalyan, I hope work slows down a bit. Thanks for visiting and Easter was good.

  30. Happy Easter too Kate and hope you got the chocolate you were hoping for!! I’m sitting here with what’s left of my Easter egg! Nothing that a bit of gardening won’t work off though!!!
    Hope you’re having more cheery weather than we are here! Miranda
    I got more chocolate than I thought I would! That’s the good thing about eating chocolate when the weather’s better – we can wear off the excess.
    It was pretty chilly today, but not windy. It will still be a while before we can get into the garden.

  31. I think you will enjoy Typepad. It’s the only one I’ve blogged on, but I like it. I like the new look too! Welcome to the Typepad gardening bunch!
    Hi Brenda, Thanks for the welcome! I am enjoying Typepad very much. It was a good change for me!

  32. Kate – I like the new, clean look. You’re brave to tackle this big change – you did a great job. I posted at Carol’s May Dreams, right under you, so I thought I’d send you to my blog to get your wish for chocolate…virtual chocolate, at least! Happy Easter.
    Hi Diana, It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I enjoyed it surprisingly. It was a good break from posting. I will be over to your blog … I always follow after chocolate!!

  33. Hi Kate!
    I was considering doing the same thing with my blog. Blogger has had its challenges and limitations. I’ll add your new location to my blogroll!
    Thanks for adding my new link. I agree with you on Blogger. If you have any ?, just ask while it’s still fresh in my mind.

  34. hey, Kate, happy blogwarming!
    Thank you Granny Fiddler – if you were here, we’d have a party!

  35. Hi Kate,
    I’ve heard of formatting problems with Blogger, but never encountered many–except the spacing between paragraphs. Sometimes there wouldn’t be any upon posting, although I had paragraphs in draft. Another thing was adding spaces between paragraphs. Other than that, no problems. Are there any other advantages to Typepad?
    Hope you had a great Easter holiday.
    Hi Aiyana, I found that I was having to edit posts repeatedly to organise photographs with the text. I had trouble with fonts on occasion as well… I also like the way Typepad and WordPress allow for the editing of individual comments, like this. In blogger, I found it hard to be flipping between my blog screen and my comment window to answer a series of comments. This way, I can also answer questions by email or here. Blogger doesn’t give you that abiity.

  36. Hi Kate,
    Your new look is great. I’m amazed at all the blogs you have on either side – where do you find the time to visit them? I should check into TypePad – I too get frustrated with the restrictive setups that Blogger has. Have a great week!
    Hi Alyssa, I visit some blogs only occasionallly when I know the author doesn’t update frequently. I enjoy reading blogs and spend a fair bit of time on them, especially if I’m having bad arthritic days. It connects me to the world at times when I’m not feeling much like going out.
    If you have any questions about typepad, let me know. I really like this comment facility.
    Have a good week too!

  37. I like the new look Kate. It has a clean streamlined feel. Fresh like spring! You will be glad you did it while the snow melts instead of trying to do this change while keeping up with the outside.
    Hi Lisa, Thank you. I know I will be happy about this before spring arrives … we had more snow last night, so I’ve a bit of time left!

  38. I hope you get less frustrated with formatting in Typepad, I have noticed Blogger has been playing up of late. I do hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend, plenty more hot cross buns and lots of chocolate! x
    Hi Louise, It is much less frustrating in Typepad… I had more chocolate than I should have and not quite enough hot cross buns. I love them!

  39. Kate, I like the new look. Blogger certainly has its frustrations, I’m glad to know the transition was smooth for you.
    Hi Robin, Thank you! I have been pleased with Typepad so far …

  40. Oh Kate, I’m so glad you switched. It’s not easy to comment on blogger and my comments are often lost or stuck or ….. And good thinking on the timing of the blog move! Looking forward to seeing spring unfurl for you.
    Hi Anne, I find it so much easier to comment on WordPress or Typepad blogs … it’s much harder to lose comments. I am constantly losing comments on Blogger.
    I hope spring arrives here soon!

  41. nice new digs. Makes me want to redo my blog-o-log.
    Hi Ookami, you can change your blog along with your place of residence. Simultaneous happenings… good luck with the move!

  42. The change looks good. Glad it went well for you. I am planning a new look, but haven’t got to it. With all this snow, I will have lots of time before I can get outdoors.
    Did you get your chocolate? The bunny left me jelly beans.
    Hi Sandy, I was relieved the change went well. It takes a while to make these decisions … we had more snow last night too, although it looks as if it will melt today.
    I got all my chocolate (and more because my son was in a sharing mood!) I like jelly beans too!

  43. you inspired me to make hot cross buns for easter. i am not sure i had ever even tasted one, but i found a recipe, and tried it. they are wonderful! i remember that rhyme too, from childhood.
    Hi Cake, I am so glad that my post inspired you to make hot cross buns. They are delicious! Good for you … I love that rhyme …

  44. Ah ah! New look in your blog. Great choise TypePad. Congratulations. I like this clean look!
    Ciao Kate. Greeting from Italy!
    Hi Paolo, Thank you so much! I am happy with a clean look – it’s a big change…

  45. I’m impressed. I have some web skills but wouldn’t dare move. It took over a week for me just to figure out why I couldn’t add new catagories to my blog after breaking something when I updated my wordpress installation.
    Your new home looks great. I like the colors but darken the links and “posted by info” a bit. My old eyes have a hard time seeing them.
    I promise to wipe my feet next time I come in. I don’t want to mess up your new place.
    Hi Wiseacre, I have pretty basic web skills so it was a very much going-by-the-seat-of-my-pants operation. I’m always surprised and pleased when things work out. I’m working on a slightly-different look which has darker type … if only I could figure out how to do it!
    Please don’t wipe your feet – muddy footprints would be a great addition here.

  46. Do I need to bring a housewarming gift? 😉 It’s got a nice clean look, Kate! Was it hard to switch over? Let us know how you like it in your new home after you’ve been here for awhile, okay?
    Hi Kylee, No housewarming gifts! LOL Just having brought yourself over her was a treat for me. I’ll let you know how things go here. I’m really enjoying this comment feature though!!

  47. I’ve returned with a quick comment. Did you notice we have matching amaryllis? Do you know its name? I do not.
    Hi Shady, Yes, it is called ‘Apple Blossom’.

  48. Welcome to your new home, Kate! And thanks for bringing me along in your sidebar. I’m honored to be a creative smudge. It gets confusing choosing author or artist and that sums it up. Your blog is a great mix.
    I changed blog addresses in January but nothing as radical as leaving blogger – it was just faster to publish by custom domain than by ftp. My stats dipped that month and then totally recovered. I do remember how stressful the move was. I can’t believe you had the energy after the flu to do it.
    I hope your spring cleaning brings you spring!
    Hi Sarah, I was glad to add you to my sidebar! I know what you mean about the move being stressful – I figured I should do it now before I got into the garden. It was pretty tedious, but I learned much from it. I just hope spring does come soon – I would love to be in England at this time of year!

  49. I like your new blog look….it is so white and clean, like fresh laundry. 🙂
    Hi Connie, Thank you! I hadn’t quite thought of it like fresh laundry… that’s a good one!

  50. Bravo on making the change Kate. It looks very nice and, as soon as I’ve finished making this comment, I’ll go and change my link to your site. Fresh as spring!

  51. Well you figured it out.
    Thanks for the change. The darker font color makes my old eyes happy 🙂
    I’m glad the darker font is easier on the eyes!

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