My rocks are showing …

After a long and snow-filled winter, the weather did a little flip and warmed considerably.  Yesterday, for the first time in four months, the river rock path in my back garden was visible.

Further along the path, a few sprigs of Paxistima canbyi, the evergreen Ratstripper plant, were showing through. I love this plant and wrote about it last year here.

far, there are no dirt patches peeking through. By the end of the week,
I’m hoping most of the snow will have melted. Today is chillier and the
puddles are iced over, but tomorrow should be warmer.

With my son flu stricken this week, I have been catching up on some knitting.
Two scarves are finished – the blue and the orange ones pictured here.
They were fun to knit since I was using two different kinds of yarn –
mohair and wool. If you watched me knit, you’d know that knitting with
two different strands of yarn is a bit of a comedy. My dog seems to
have the knack of getting tied up in the wool so I spend more time
untangling him than I do knitting.
The third scarf pictured at right,
is the one that I’m knitting today.
I can’t seem to stop knitting

If anyone is wondering how my worms doing, I have to
say they are eating more food than I thought they would. I am reading a
delightful book by Amy Stewart, The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms. I have to agree that earthworms make remarkably good pets.

3 thoughts on “My rocks are showing …

  1. Willow said…
    Scarf knitting is addicting, to be sure! The fiber just slips through your fingers and the rows turn and turn and then voila! there’s a scarf!
    13/3/08 16:59
    Miss Canthus said…
    I agree, scarf knitting is addictive. Even my 21 yr old son does it. I don’t even wear scarves much.
    I too cannot wait for the snow to leave. My husband just left for southern California and declared that it had better be gone by the time he gets back at the end of the month! I am sure it will…
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments regarding my posts on Morocco. I must do another post real soon.
    13/3/08 17:07
    Lisa at Greenbow said…
    Kate, my MIL knits sweaters like you knit scarves. I always wonder who will get them.
    I can just see your dog getting entwined in your yarn. They always want to be where the aciton is.
    I hope your son is better. The flu that is going around this year is so difficult to recover from. I hope he doesn’t try to get back into the swing of things too soon. This flu is one that comes again at the least opportunity.
    13/3/08 17:18
    Gina said…
    Your scarves are lovely ~ beautiful colours!
    What an intriguing plant ~ have you found out the origin of it’s name?
    Hope your son is better soon, I have the flu and hoping not to pass on! Gx
    13/3/08 17:39
    bs said…
    i must have missed the scarf gene! i knitted one for my sister a few years ago and haven’t purled or knitted a stitch since. maybe i’ll wait i few more years until my yarn is vintage… i don’t even have the excuse of pet entanglement!
    13/3/08 18:05
    Tammy said…
    I loved your title. lol You can always gift your scarves, they are pretty. No tangled pup pics? 😉
    13/3/08 18:09
    teeni said…
    Yay! Spring is coming! I can see Lytton’s footprints near the river rock! Your scarves are beautiful. Is it the seed stitch you are doing?
    13/3/08 18:13
    Diana said…
    I couldn’t knit if I had to, so I am in awe of anyone with this amazing talent. It’s so exciting to see your rocks showing through! They are almost like plants growing! It’s coming, it’s coming!
    13/3/08 21:54
    Annie in Austin said…
    Better keep the ratstripper away from the earthworms, Kate … if it can take the hair off a rodent it could be fatal for a worm!
    I hope your son is soon better and that you can resist any stray leftover microbes. Four months without seeing the path is a heck of a long time – no wonder you need all those beautiful scarves.
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    13/3/08 22:34
    Owin & Irena said…
    good news about the turn in the weather. relief is on the horizon. beautiful scarves…did you do that in one day? I have never started a knitting project that I finished…so your accomplishment is amazing.
    13/3/08 22:58
    Amy said…
    You must be so relieved to be seeing signs that winter is nearing it’s end 🙂
    I find knitting, crochet, or any kind of hand stitching incredibly relaxing and such an amazing stess reliever! Your scarves are lovely 🙂 I’m pretty much consumed by crafting projects in winter and gardening projects during the growing season.
    I’ll have to look up the book you mention. Ever since your last post I’ve been thinking and thinking about worms, lol!
    13/3/08 23:21
    kris said…
    Hi Kate – I have a few plants showing in my garden too – very exciting! We have hit the 50’s twice this week, so lots of snow disappearing. The lake has huge puddles of standing water but still at least 2 feet of ice underneath. It’s so nice to feel WARM sun again – I have spring fever!!
    I love your scarves – I’d have trouble deciding which one I wanted to wear each day!!
    14/3/08 01:10
    No Rain said…
    Don’t know how to knit, crochet, tat or any other of the needle arts, but I admire those who can. Your scarves are beautiful. Sorry to her that your son has the flu. I think it has eased up down here, now that the weather has turned warm. A cold front is moving in and we drop from today’s high of 86degrees down to 65-66 tomorrow. I guess that’s hot from your point of view, but it’s cold to me!
    14/3/08 01:33
    Sparkling Red said…
    It’s starting to get just a wee tad warmer in my town, too. Even though the snowdrifts are still over 3 feet high, I’m feeling that spring energy on the way, and I’m plenty excited. Welcome back plants, welcome back, path!
    14/3/08 05:55
    Robin’s Nesting Place said…
    I know you are thrilled to see the snow melting. You are so creative and multi-talented.I hope you are able to stay well and not catch the flu.
    14/3/08 08:34
    GardenAuthor said…
    Kate – Glad to see your yard is going through a melt-down… the river stones are neat, as is the Paxistima. The scarves are handsome, but let’s hope you won’t need them much longer and can pack them away soon, for next winter.
    I was happy for the earthworm update and didn’t realize they made such good pets. Makes sense… no walks, vets or quality family time… Deb
    14/3/08 08:43
    Kelly said…
    that’s some mighty fine knitting you’ve been busy with! winter well-spent.
    Maybe you might have a photo of your hands knitting? To add to the flickr group I started for my Able Hands Photo Project?


    about the project:
    14/3/08 09:45
    grannyfiddler said…
    i’m certain that’s the warm spring sun shining on your gorgeous scarves… so, let me guess, you use all those gorgeous colors because the yarns look so good wrapped around Lytton…? blessings on Benoit – i hope he’s well enough to enjoy the weekend.
    i think you have some of us hooked…. how about a post on vermiculture?
    14/3/08 09:47
    Abby Creek Art said…
    Your blog title cracked me up, Kate. HA!
    The scarves are beeeeautiful! Hope your son is on the mend. You stay healthy, missy! xox
    14/3/08 10:17
    nikkipolani said…
    Yay! Spring is coming your way! Those knitted scarves look lovely, Kate. If you saw me knit, you would recommend another hobby!
    14/3/08 10:50
    Worx GT said…
    It’s so wonderful to see the signs of spring approaching. The weather has been improving here in Utah as well.
    14/3/08 11:09
    WiseAcre said…
    Someday I hope to see the driveway. Until then I’ll NOT be knitting 🙂
    I’ve got to go look at your other post about the Ratstripper. It’s going to be added to my favorite common name list.
    Ok that’s done – now finding one to buy might be a bit harder than our winters.
    14/3/08 15:23
    Crayons said…
    Hi Kate
    I’ve been away from commenting for a week or two. I’m excited to see your photo of ground coming up through ice. I heard the sound of running water today — 4 feet of snow dissolving.
    Your scarves are beautiful.
    14/3/08 15:43
    Britt-Arnhild said…
    Hi Kate.
    It seems like are at the same spring level, you in Canada, me in Norway.
    I love the colours of your scarves.
    14/3/08 15:52
    gardenpath said…
    That is great news, Kate! The snow is pulling away from the house now, but we do expect another bit of snow here tonight. Our days are in the 40’s, so the snow goes quickly now.
    I love that scarf on the right, the colors are wintery, but so pretty.
    14/3/08 16:38
    albertapostcards said…
    kate, you’ve been busy! It feels good doesn’t it? I’m so far behind on reading and responding to emails. I’ve had a day off today (well sort of) and thought I’d pay a visit to a few blogs. Back to work again tomorrow (Garden Bloggers Bloom Day) … I hope I get time to do a GBBD post. You’ve intrigued me with that book by Amy Stewart … who would have known!
    So pleased things are beginning to melt your way. Enjoy.
    14/3/08 18:31
    John-Michael said…
    Well, You are quite a magician with the combination of language, photos, and artful descriptions … blended with a gentle and endearing spirit. Magic is the only possible explanation for my becoming excited about thawing ground, rocks appearing, rich, lush leaves displaying their determined resilience, and scarves … scarves?!? … I have always lived in Florida!! none of these things resonate with any frame of reference with me AT ALL! Yet you have me completely enthused about ALL OF IT! And I quite like it … Thank you for your generosity in presenting it all so MAGICALLY.
    14/3/08 19:03
    Curtis said…
    Ahh but he thought he was helping. Glad to see you are finally warming up. I cleaned the last of the veggie beds out today, planting will start tomorrow.
    14/3/08 19:37
    Mary said…
    I think you will give up on knitting scarves and untangling Lytton very soon. It’s melting. Your long winter has ended! (I hope).
    Please write a post on your earthworms. I’d like to hear how you raise them.
    Glad you’re back and I hope your son is feeling much better.
    14/3/08 21:22
    Barbara said…
    Your scarves have a nice colour. When seeing all the wonderful sorts of wool and other knitting material in the shops I also get tempted to knit again. But unfortunately my arthrose fingers don’t like this “work” anymore. I hope you’ll have soon Spring too…
    15/3/08 00:47
    Rowan said…
    It must be wonderful to finally see the snow disappearing and signs of plants and rocks again. Your scarves are lovely, I especially like the colours of the one you are doing at present – those lovely earthy autumnal colours are my favourites.
    15/3/08 02:51
    VP said…
    Kate – just a quick note to wish a good weekend and I’ll reply to your e-mail after the weekend. Great to hear from you!
    I love the scarves – I’ve just finished a furry one. I had the same problem with Skimble whilst knitting that you have with Lytton!
    15/3/08 03:08
    Crafty Gardener said…
    It’s amazing how we get thrilled when we see some stones peeking through the snow. I’m pleased to hear your snow is finally melting. Ours still has a fair bit to go but the temperatures are warming up in the afternoons so it is beginning to disappear, well at least the drifts are getting smaller.
    I’m a knitter too and I gifted a lot of my scarves over Christmas and winter. Right now I’m on a crochet binge and making tote bags. Guess what next years gift giving will consist of??
    15/3/08 07:55
    John-Michael said…
    Please forgive my clumsy efforts, but posting a link is a new, and as yet not-perfected skill.
    OK Kate, You will be ushering me off to the looney bin … but your scarves have been haunting my awareness since I first saw them. And when so occupied of mind, I seek the reason. “Why have I been so comfortable with the texture and dimension of those scarves?” has been the insistent question. And I can now define the answer. Your scarves, Kate, present a physical, a tangible and tactile demonstration (to my senses) of what I was trying to articulate in my writing of Wounded.
    I do hope that your reading of this poem will speak to you, an understanding of what draws me to your scarves.
    Your Servant
    15/3/08 20:49
    Blackswamp_Girl said…
    Oooh… beautiful bouganvilla! It must be nice to see those bright, tropical-looking blooms in your house when it’s still so chilly there. 🙂
    15/3/08 23:54
    Selma said…
    I am a scarf fanatic but sadly, cannot knit. I have a dresser drawer completely full of scarves. My husband thinks I am mad because it never really gets cold enough for scarves in Oz but I continue to collect them. So glad to hear the worms are doing well and that the snow is beginning to melt! Hope your son is recovering.
    16/3/08 06:34
    Pam said…
    That river rock path looks so nice – I’ll be curious to see it once the snow has finally all melted. I saw one once in a garden here, and loved it – but often think that they require some change in elevation for it to be interesting (which is something that I don’t have) – but I need to rethink that.
    16/3/08 10:34
    kate said…
    Thanks to every one of you who stopped by and commented on this post. I loved reading all of your comments!!
    Just thought I’d say that I started on a new scarf even though I haven’t finished off the one I was working on last week…
    17/3/08 16:24
    Cris Bolbosa said…
    It’s good to read that the snow is already meilting, the spring is coming soon.
    I’m must take the rest of the lilium seeds from the freezer and sow them, in the nature there, they would bo germinating also. I think so! 😉
    17/3/08 16:56

  2. Your spring looks as “advanced” as mine…slowly but surely, eh? Your knitting is lovely, and I agree with your worm experience-they are the most easy-care pets ever! Well-wishes to your boy…flu blows!

  3. I got a wonderful image in my head of Lytton getting caught up in your knitting wool! And I’m still amazed from your last post that Bouganvillia can survive and thrive indoors — very cool! My 2 orchids just bloomed inside and look really pretty.

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