What I’m thinking today – not about gardening

O Sun behind all suns
O Soul within all souls
grant me the grace of the dawn’s glory
grant me the strength of the sun’s ray
that I may be in my own soul
and part of the world’s healing this day.

(from Celtic Benediction, J. Newell.
Photograph of one of my front garden Sea Hollies, 17.07.07)

28 thoughts on “What I’m thinking today – not about gardening

  1. Very nice. And of course, your photo as always is reason in itself to visit your site! 🙂

  2. Bello… I’ll be looking for more information about J.Newell.Greeting from Italy!

  3. Very nice, dear heart…something worth posting on the wall in my office! If i was a better needleworker, I’d even crosstitch it–anyone have a type font that mimics embroidery?

  4. Okay, you’re on … for the challenge … I’m heading out now (only just looked at my email). I’m not registering on the site … just doing it. You can always start tomorrow and end on the 16th instead.TTFN … Cis

  5. Lovely blessing Kate. Particularly this time of year when the sun seems so distant.

  6. I am so glad you followed your muse. A lovely blessing. May the sun shine forever in your heart as well as your beautiful soul.

  7. What a lovely blog! And delightful photography too… I read a book called Anatomy of a Rose at one time – your blog reminds me of it. Practical and down to earth, yet otherworldly.

  8. i have written down that prayer to use in the morning. it’s beautiful.the article on cut flowers was most interesting. i have never really given much thought to where the flowers come from over here. now i will be asking the people who sell them to see where it leads…when you can, please look at the red easter lilies that have bloomed in my garden since you enjoy flowers as much as i do. the photograps are on my blog. i am in awe at such beauty.

  9. I love sea hollies, I have three different varieties, my favourite being a lovely tall one, their colour blue is just gorgeous.

  10. KateThank you for this gentle and wonderful prayer. I like the photo that you selected to accompany it.

  11. Beautiful words……..love the sea hollies…so jealous..can’t grow them here, they only last one season due to wet clay soil. Have added ample grit, still unsuccessful.Come visit my blog and see what is happening in mine.Love your dog by the way. I have two a terrier and a spaniel.

  12. Love your photo of the Sea Holly – there are a number of varieties of this plant – one of which we inherited here – will try and post a picture on my blog at some point – they’re great for drying!Enjoy your weekend… Miranda

  13. Wise and gentle thoughts. Thank you Kate. The Sea Holly is fascinating. We had a sunshiny day today. What a lift for the spirit!Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Kate,Your photo is beautiful along with the reflection. I hope you have a sunny weekend. It’s been a long winter.

  15. What a wonderful prayer! I shall look for more Celtic Benedictions.I have a book called Celtic Night Prayers that I have been reading each night before I go to sleep (in2008). I wonder if the two books are related in publication.

  16. This benediction will be prominently placed on my vision board. ‘Tis lovely.

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