Almost spring-like – if only in my mind

Sure spring is still a long way off, but I discovered something useful today. Warmer temperatures and sunshine are perfect antidotes to the lethargic feelings that have taken hold of me these past weeks. There’s something about an azure-coloured sky that puts a spring back in my step and makes me want to look skyward rather than at my feet plodding through drifts of snow.
As Lytton and I made our way to the park, the sun was shining so brightly that it almost hurt to look out at the snow-covered grass leading down to the river.

Although I felt like donning my spring jacket, reason prevailed and I bundled up. Lytton put his head down and refused to wear his winter scarf. Instead he opted for his trusty, faded blue bandanna (see pic above – this one’s for you, Anne).

By the time we reached the river’s edge, the wind had picked up and my scarf came in handy. (That is one of the few things I am truly enjoying about this winter – I have great fun deciding which scarf I should wear. Since I don’t seem to be able to stop knitting scarves, much to the delight of my local wool store owner, I am building a rather colourful scarf collection.)

The riverbank and adjacent park are my favourite places in Regina no matter the season. There’s always something going on, be it rebel beavers, birds gorging on chokecherries and Saskatoon berries, graffiti artists, dogs greeting each other or kids playing soccer. In winter, the river becomes a shortcut and is well-travelled by those living on the other side of the river. (see pic above)

Lytton loves to run about, checking out many of the same spots on each visit. I watch for signs of spring, but the only ones I saw today, were the brighter colours of the Dogwoods and the Willows. (Dogwood pic above)

The Rosehips have stayed all winter long. Not surprisingly, there were no birds in sight today. They will be back though and the rosehips will be no longer….

36 thoughts on “Almost spring-like – if only in my mind

  1. Ha–I love your side note about your scarves. That’s about all I can knit, too, though my scarves are all left with a needle hanging out one end, since I haven’t yet figured out how to close off a row. Hmmm. Maybe that’s something I should have worked on during these limited gardening months…

  2. Ha Ha, that comment from Meg about leaving the needle hanging. You need to help her with the two stitches on and leap frog over thingy. All I can make are scarves too, people are probably tired of getting them for presents. So glad you had a sunny day today, though still cold. The dogwood is lovely with the red stems.Frances at Faire Garden

  3. I’d be glad of just the sunlight, Kate, it doesn’t even have to be that warm! We have sun, then four days of grey, and that just saps me. And I love that you have such a scarf collection. I made a special trip to a neat shop over in another community to see if I could get you some unique wool as a surprise, but it’s closed! 😦 Hopefully reopening but I can’t seem to find anything out about it.

  4. Kate I know just how you feel about the sun. If the sun shines during winter it makes the cold temperatures bearable.I am glad you got out in the sun and were able to stay warm all snuggled in one of your pretty scarves.Tell Lytton that Luna thinks he is very handsome in his blue scarf.

  5. Sun shining on snow – time to have the sunglasses. I enjoyed this so much! The happiest times I remember were walks with my daughter on the day after snowfalls when the sun warmed us although we could still see our breath rise. Lytton was in heaven, I’m sure! Spring will come, Kate! Won’t be long now.

  6. Oh! I love those bare branches and rosehips and that choosy Lytton! I’m sure he was glad to be out and exploring as you were 🙂 Thank you, my friend!Anne

  7. Sure love the pic of Mr. Lytton – you are a brilliant photographer (oh yeah, and writer and knitter too!!!) Keep on smudgin’!!!! Warmin’ up in Cowtown

  8. Awww – wonderful pics of sunny snowy days. And Lytton is such a good looking beast! Hooray for scarves. This was a cheery post – I loved it. It will help tide us over until real spring gets here. It’s getting closer every day! 🙂

  9. Hi Kate – I think we always want what we don’t have and looking at your pictures of the snow I’d love it if it was all white and snowy here right now – it looks SO beautiful. You know also as well as sharing birthdays we have the same type of dog too!! Lucy is a 3yr old black lab who we bought here – she’s a bundle of energy and infact I’m just off now to walk her!Have a fun day…. Miranda

  10. Hello KateThanks for a lovely taste of winter, even with the reality of the doldrums it brings–I am missing out on what would be my first NY winter since we are in Kenya until May. Happy you got some sunshine!Thank you for stopping by to visit the blog and I wish you a speedy springtime! Best, Lynn

  11. I’m glad you got to get out on a sunny day. Last night my husband said he can’t remember what the sun looks like. I can’t remember the last time I saw it. I can’t decide which is worse – bitter cold with bright sun, or cloudy, snowy days with slightly warmer temperatures.

  12. Hi, it’s the first time I walk in your garden. You’ve very beautifull flowers in it.The snow give a mystical toutch to the pictures

  13. Hi sweet Kate…I enjoyed being in your “spring mind”.:) Love the photo of Lytton…he looks so handsome in his scarf. Tell him I need him to come visit because Maisie is driving me crazy!!

  14. I can handle the sunny cold weather, even with snow, but it’s those gray dreary days that get to me too. We have so many of those kinds of days here. I’m glad you were able to brave the cold and take Lytton for a walk. Looks like he enjoyed it tremendously.

  15. Kate – Great rose hips and I enjoyed that “spring is just around the corner” feeling. Lytton certainly seemed to revel in his nature walk.Thanks for dropping by my bird feeder posting, yesterday… Deb

  16. beautiful photos, kate. winter’s not all bleak and drear. i can’t look at a rose hip any more without remembering the comment made by a lady friend of my former husband, on first meeting me. she said “good hips”. (meaning good for child bearing)

  17. I bet sun sparkling off snow—and running around with your pup—does help banish the winter blahs. The rose hips are so pretty. I’ve only seen a few on my ‘Carefree Beauty’ this year.

  18. What a beautiful post! Nice to read about your walk to the river!Thank’s for your comment on my blog 🙂

  19. It’s good to know you got outside, Kate – even when it’s comfortable, too many closed vistas get tiresome…the eye needs some long views of natural places. If the birds need any vitamin C, they should enjoy the rose hips!Have fun using your scarves to keep warm and as a fashion statement – then as you stroll in in the snow you will brighten up the view for other people ;-]Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  20. There’s nothing like sunshine to brighten the spirit…especially at this time of year. The days ARE getting longer! Spring will be soooo welcome.

  21. The touches of red in your last two photos are just amazing! I love how they pop in the winter sunlight. So gorgeous! Thank you for the well wishes you left at my blog. It means so very much!Hugs,Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  22. Lytton looks like a great companion to have on your walks. I smiled when reading the note about knitting so many scarves. I just taught myself to knit a couple weeks ago. Finished my first scarf this week! I want to move on to making a sweater or something but… more likely it will be… more scarves. :-)Enjoy watching for signs of spring!

  23. You’re lucky to live by a lively park. There are lots of big parks in Toronto that are action packed in the winter, with hills for sledding and lots of frolicking dogs. But where I’m living now there are lots of little “parkettes” – no hills and not enough space for dogs to romp, so they stay dead all winter. I should go for a walk on the Beach someday soon… that’s always lively.

  24. Hi Kate, I enjoy your light-hearted approach to life in general. So astute were your observations that I felt like I was accompaning you on the walk. Sometimes I think that one of the most beautiful things we humans can do is to simply bear witness to the beauty in nature.

  25. Wool scarf? Sounds warm and toasty Kate. Lytton seems to be enjoying himself in snow despite the cold.

  26. Kate,You see the beauty even in a gloomy season. The photos are great, guess I can’t complain about winters in Sacramento, CA. Spring is around the corner….Sean

  27. Hello Kate!You really have had a beautiful winter day1 There haven´t been many bright, sunny days in Finland this winter. If only we had that much snow. It would be good for my plants and my dear son :)Your picture about dogwood is lovely. Colours are perfect.And I agree,Japanese Noro people really knows how to make yarn!!We can´t by that sock yarn from Finland yet and I ordered it from US. But they promiced in one yarnshop in Helsinki that I can get it in April. While waiting I might just buy some other Kureyons.

  28. Kate – I am envious of your sunshine! It may be milder in Vancouver, but I haven’t seen the Sun in ages.

  29. Kate, You have an eye for light and shadow that I really appreciate. Your black dog on the white snow could be in B&W and have the same impact. Isn’t sunshine wonderful, especially at this time of year?Hang in there – Spring is coming!

  30. Dear Kate, how good is to know that you feel happy with the spring. Just a good sunny day makes us more happy. That must be very beautiful to see the sun shine with all that snow.Today here was a very hot day, it was stange, too hot to the time. All the plants are growing and many are blooming, much more sooner than it use to be. Cris

  31. You and Lytton must have had a good time out walking. I am getting the same dreary skies as Jodi. I heard on the weather report we might see some sun on Monday! Have you started any seeds yet this year? I got my seed order all done today, and will have a few things going by the end of next month.

  32. How nice to see you and Lytton out and about. You are right in thinking that going outside in the fresh air for a lovely walk is a good way to fight those winter blues. I do that too, a lot, as I suffer from SAD.Lytton looks very dapper in his blue bandanna. :-)BTW you like seeing pics of spring blooms, I like seeing lots of pics of snow! It’s a thing! 😉

  33. There’s nothing quite so nice as see a dog in the snow – when I lived in Michigan, my german shorthair just loved a good snow (even though she had a short coat) – it looks like you had a beautiful winter day! (One thing I miss about the north is the light when there is snow on the ground – it’s amazing…and I know that is insensitive for me to say, since today we reached 70 degrees F!

  34. I love your photos! Beautiful scenery. I live in Tyler, Texas, and a much different climate!Brenda Kula

  35. Your photo of your dog in the snowy woods makes me want to leave Florida and return to Pennsyslvania! I miss the emotional high of seeing crocuses & jonquils popping up through the snow after a long cold winter!

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