Beachy’s Cape Cod Cupboard Craft Challenge #2

During these blustery, cold days, I have had much fun working on several beeswax collages.

I finished the above collage just in time to meet the deadline for Beachy’s Cape Cod Cupboard Craft Challenge # 2. The only requirement for this challenge was to incorporate the photograph (pictured above) into a craft project of our choice.

For the process involved in creating a beeswax collage, you might like to check out my post, Minding my own beeswax.

If you are interested in checking out the creations of all craft challenge participants, just visit Beachy’s Cape Cod Cupboard‘s blog and scroll through the comments.

On a night like this, where the temperature is currently -36c (or -47c with the wind chill), I am dreaming of warmer times and am keeping busy producing way too many collages and reading lots of garden blogs.

49 thoughts on “Beachy’s Cape Cod Cupboard Craft Challenge #2

  1. I love your collage. I have been wanting to try the beeswax process too. Did you say -47°?!? I will quit complaining about the cold here right now!!

  2. Very pretty–looks like an art appealing to many senses–sight, touch–maybe even smell–is that rose petals?

  3. Hi KateThat is an amazing craft ! .. I really enjoyed the poem and picture of the winter blast encasing the berries.Right now we have HOWLING winds freezing the rain on top of snow we have experienced. Kingston is one mess now .. I don’t know who is worse off .. you or us ? LOLJoyPS .. You have to try Ice Wine Brandy some time ! ; )

  4. I hope it warms up soon, Kate. I could send you a little of this slightly milder weather; still ice on everything but it’s supposed to go up to 8 C today, so that oughta break some crystal. Your projects are so terrific…I just don’t have time or patience for doing things like that anymore, unfortunately.

  5. Your craft project is absolutely stunning! I LOVE the colors you used, too! I’ve never heard of the beeswax method before – I think it is worth looking in to! Thank you for participating!!!

  6. kate my “feels like” -2 this morning is just a yawn. I don’t blame you for doing such beautiful crafts. It looks more like art to me. Try to stay warm. I bet Lytton is a lap dog during these cold nights.

  7. The collage is so cool, Kate. I’m going to check out the others who worked on similar projects as well. And also your post on beeswax. Like you, I like to keep my hands busy. 😉 It’s warmer here than where you are … but way too cold to garden!Sheesh the temperatures are cold on the prairies right now,. Just thinking about it make me shiver, Brrrr.

  8. Holy Cow! -47??????????Stay in and make more art!Love your blog. Are you coming to Austin for the Fling?

  9. Your beeswax collage is beautiful! I’m so glad you shared it with us. What a lovely way to display a special photo. Oh, those temperatures are brutal! Please stay warm and safe.

  10. Very nice. You do great work! I am looking at a class on encaustic techniques for the 2008 Art Unraveled retreat held in Phoenix each year in August. (Attendees really want to be there to come to Phoenix in August!) It’s the one techique I have avoided–seemed too messy, and I have enough problems, but I’ve always liked the outcome.

  11. Kate,What awful weather, and what gorgeous collages! You really have found your calling. I can’t wait to try the beeswax method. What I lack in creativity, I make up in enthusiasm.I’m also greatly enjoying following the links to blogs of others who comment on yours. It’s always rewarding to encounter other creative souls.

  12. Came over from Beachy’s blog to see what you did with the photo. Love the vivid color.BTW I see my friend Dirty Knees was here – small blogging world.Darla

  13. Wow – what a fabulous collage – I will certainly be telling all my friends to visit your wonderful blog and check it out!!! Warming up in Alberta!

  14. That is wonderful…red works so well with it…Have a blessed day!smiles, kari & kijsa

  15. I love your blog! I’m amazed that you can craft such a beautiful project and write such flowing poetry when temperatures are so bitterly cold. But maybe I’m just jealous because my brain freezes up in December and doesn’t thaw again until June.

  16. Your collage is lovely. Looks like you are putting these long mid-winter evenings to good use!

  17. Hey, I loved your poem in the last post. And this collage is great! You are such a talent, my sweet friend.It’s chilly here too…and snowing right now!

  18. Lovely work! Winter blizzards or howling winds make for a great day indoors creating! hugs NG

  19. So pretty and creative! The beeswax technique sounds interesting. Maybe someday I’ll have the time and inspiration to give it a try. :)~Sarah

  20. My goodness what cold weather y’all are having up there! Years ago I had a layover in Anchorage, Alaska on my way to Southeast Asia, and it was -35 below and I thought I would literally freeze to death. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful and creative artwork and I admire your talent as I do your neat and lovely blog. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such kind comments there and on Blotanical. Best regards, Jon down in Mississippi on 1-30-08

  21. Hello KateSo kind of you to come visit me and thank you for your kind comments.I can see you put a lot of work into your lovely piece for Louise’s craft challenge.I have heard of beeswax collage but never tried it… must go and learn how!Hope you warm up over there… it is a balmy 4c here.Michele

  22. I had to check out where you lived, since I am going through the same thing. We are neighbours….lol. I am in Edmonton, Alberta, and we are getting the same temps, we hit a record 2 days ago….-54 with wind chill. And yes, it is unreal, and it is deadly. I have kept the kids home from school all week.Love the collage, it really does go with the picture. You have made some really beautiful projects!!Stay Warm

  23. love the collage, its good to have crafts to pass the time. and someitmes amazing amounts of time pass while you’re doing them!

  24. Kate, I love what you did for the craft challenge over at Beachy’s. I’ve been looking at everyone’s projects and cannot believe how differen, unique and creative they are.

  25. That’s beautiful Kate! I’ve been working on a scrapbook of our honeymoon and your piece is inspiring!And the hubby is feeling your pain. He’s working in Edmonton for a few weeks. BRRRRRRRRR.

  26. What a fun project! And a good one for keeping busy in your cold cold weather 🙂

  27. Kate,What a great way to spend sub-freezing nights. You are so cold up there!If I had time, I’ll sink myself into a crafty project like that. One of these days…

  28. Kate, I just left a super long comment (because I can never get the comments to work here) and it disappeared. I’ll try to reconstruct some of it …I really like your collage and continue to be intrigued by the beeswax. I can just imagine that lovely aroma when you heat it.I adore that Amaryllis of yours. What a lovely delicate colour.How interesting about you going online and reading all those newspapers.Oh and I really liked that photo from summer of Lytton swimming in the lake.Okay, I’m going to try again to leave this message. If it doesn’t work I’ve copied most of it and will try to email it instead (I HOPE I have your email).Diane,Alberta PostcardsDiane’s Flickr photos

  29. Hi Kate!I see that you have cold climat.Here in Sweden we have the wormestJanuari thats ever has compere.In the news today they say that we brobebly dont get any winter this year.I think we can digg our peonys now in Januari.Have a nice weekend Ken

  30. hey thanks for stopping by.your project turned out gorgeous!i had allot of fun with this one!have a great weekendjessi

  31. I love your project!!! The colors are so great and I love how you incorporated the beeswax!! I have never used beeswax so I am interested in learning more…..I am going to read your post about it.Stay warm up there……it is almost 80 here and I have seen mosquitos today!!!

  32. I love the colours you chose for your collage. Collage is appealing to me because it has texture, and I am very much a texture person.

  33. Pretty! I’ve always wanted to get into collaging, but never have. Seems like a perfect craft for a winter’s evening!

  34. Thank you Kate for visiting my blogand leaving your comments.We are expecting another major is time to go south again,cheers GiselaWhat a wonderful collage you’ve created, very pretty..Gisela

  35. Kate, your collage is really pretty. I love the dried flowers incorporated with the old wedding picture. The colors are striking. Great job!

  36. Wow Kate, the beeswax collages are lovely. I’ll have to get my daughter to look at these as she loves this kind of stuff too.

  37. Love your collage! Gorgeous color and I like all the tinting you did! Don’t know anything about beeswax, so off to follow your link 🙂

  38. Kate Geum Red Dragon seeds are availble from McKenzie $3.89 each.cheers Gisela

  39. I love the collage! It’s good to have lots of creative hobbies — I’m an avid scrapbooker with a design background and I’m always torn about where I am spending my free time! Scrapping definitely suffers in the summer, but I’ve been on a roll lately. So wish you weren’t so far away and could come Fling with us here in Austin….

  40. Your collage is awesome! I would love to see one in person–all the textures and colors. What fun!

  41. Hi Kate! Your collage is exquisite! I love the colors and details — very sweet and romantic. You are so incredibly creative!:)

  42. what a terrific photo! i bet it looks just dreamy with the wax…

  43. Hi Kate!Found your blog through Wurzerl’s blog. I am into gardening and quilting (and painting) too! Flowers and art quilts go so nicely together. I love your pictures and your sweet little collage. Beeswax is a really cool medium to work with and is gaining in popularity. We have a bit of a spring feel here in North Carolina — in fact, our bulbs are up and budding – if you can believe that. All we need is one hard freeze though and there they go!I’ll check in on you again. It was fun visiting.Cathie

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