28 thoughts on “Blizzard

  1. Very pretty little poem. I hope you aren’t really having a blizzard!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Love your poem, Kate. I like to read it aloud to myself, to hear the sounds on my tongue! I also like to say the word “Blotanical” over and over. It must be a made up word, but boy is it fun to say!

  3. Here we’re having rain and other lasagna weather, and I see the west is getting pasted with frigid weather again. Stay warm, Kate, and enjoy your lovely amaryllis–and Blotanical!

  4. What a marvel to see those glorious red berries in the midst of the falling snow!

  5. what a beautiful poem …beckoninghungry, weary birds…invokes such vivid images

  6. Congrats on your slightly warmer temps, Kate 🙂 Except for the blizzard that came afterwards! We are having a tiny bit of frost on rooftops. Your poem is very evocative.

  7. I really like that, both the poem and the photo. I have an apple tree in my backyard that won’t let the apples fall…

  8. i was thinking of you as i drove home from Edmonton yesterday in murderous temperatures. the radio told me you were having a winter storm. tuck in and stay warm. someone said it was -44C here this morning. had to be cold… my little truck wouldn’t start, and she’s not slowed down by anything less than -35.

  9. After reading your poem I felt quite chilly. Are you snuggling up with Lytton and a nice blanket to keep warm?BTW have you tried knitting a blanket before? My grandmother used to do that, she would make such lovely patchwork blanket that way. She made a few for my dolls too when I was a little girl.

  10. brrrr!! and to think i complained about our weather. there’s some snow, but it’s politely staying up on the mountains. the best poems come out of idle hands and bad weather. thanks for sharing yours!

  11. Ooo… lovely poem, but nasty weather! I can’t even imagine what a Regina blizzard is like!

  12. Those red berries against the tangle of winter. Those lovely words of hope.Great pairing, Kate!

  13. We are getting rain, freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail and everything in between this week. Glad to find another garden blog to enjoy – I will be bookmarking you for more visits!

  14. Shivering, and sending warm palm tree thoughts to you. The red berries are promises of summer.

  15. beautiful red berries and words… the image of hungry birds finding these berries on a cold afternoon and living yet another day is reassuring. isn’t nature grand?!

  16. What a nice poem you’ve shared with us. And the photo is lovely – it captures both the stark, gray of winter and the enduring promise of Spring.

  17. Oh, Kate – just looked up Regina on the weather page and realized you temperatures are way below the coldest I ever experienced when we lived near Chicago. I hope writing poetry helps keep you as warm as your words make us. And as for the birds, I read that some berries aren’t eaten by birds until the berries have frozen and thawed a couple of times. Yours should be well tenderized by now!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  18. That is my favorite color amaryllis. I am glad you have it to look at during the storm. We have been hearing about the bad weather out that way. Our’s is mild for this time of the year. Rain today, thankfully taking away a layer of dirty snow.Can you believe I have already messed up by Blogtanical site? I have a message in to Stuart to see if he can fix it, or maybe I will have to start again.

  19. Very Pretty Poem Kate. We got a micro blizzard here today. I think we got 4″ of snow.

  20. I enjoyed this brief post. Since my car died last week, I’ve been taking the bus and then walking the extra mile. The berries keep me bright while I walk in sub-freezing temps.

  21. Hi Kate! I love your poem!!! It has a really beautiful sound when read out loud too — the “b’s” in each stanza have a really lovely continuity. And the imagery of the berries as beacons for the hungry and weary birds is really nice. I also love the photo. Wow — a blizzard — beautiful but treacherous! Big hugs from the Moose and me!:)

  22. Aah, your blog is like getting fresh air! It looks like your blog is having spring already. We just got more snow and all my summer dreams are under snow blanket. Well, actually soon I will get seeds which I ordered so I’m sure the fever begins here soon.Liverlilies are very common here. I like the leaves which are green all year. I also bought one sort of a Meadowrue last summer but cant remember the excact name. I think its a real treasure! Hugs

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