Amaryllis and Blotanical – my newest find!

The Amaryllis (aka Hippeastrum) that I have kept close tabs on for weeks finally opened yesterday. By this morning, two blooms were open and I was thrilled. Better than that, the temperatures here were above freezing for the first time in weeks. The snow was soft and Lytton, the dog, spent much of the day outdoors.

Most Sunday mornings find me curled up in my reading chair skimming various newspapers online – one of my favourite places to visit is the gardening section of the UK Telegraph.

This morning I had fun checking out the various orchids featured there. Ever since receiving an orchid for my birthday, I’m scheming to obtain another one. The blooms on mine have lasted for over six weeks now. Can I pretend it’s my birthday again?

I didn’t spend quite the same amount of time as I usually do reading online newspapers since I just had to head over to the website, Blotanical.

What, you may well ask, is Blotanical? It is definitely worthwhile stopping in for a visit. You will discover a wealth of gardening blogs, all listed in one place. There are several search features on Blotanical, giving one the ability to search for garden bloggers anywhere in the world.

The brainchild behind this undertaking is Stuart Robinson of Busselton, Western Australia. You might also enjoy visiting Stuart’s blog, Gardening Tips ‘n Ideas.

One of my favourite features on Blotanical is the way in which each garden blogger collect points. Over the weekend, I logged onto Blotanical whenever I had a spare moment. I read a ton of blog posts, wrote messages and visited many blogs. I collected lots of points for each of these activities and, much to my amazement, I became a ‘patron blotanical’. Cool, huh?

So back I go to see if there are any new garden blog posts to read. I feel as if a whole new old world is awaiting me.

Just click on the banner below and have some fun!

24 thoughts on “Amaryllis and Blotanical – my newest find!

  1. It’s so nice to see your amaryllis. This is the first year in ages that I don’t have a few blooming and I sure miss them. They are so easy and rewarding to grow. The Blotanical site sounds very interesting and I’ve flagged it to view when I have a little more time.Our subzero weather has finally broken here too and it is such a relief! It nearly feels like spring at 30 degrees!

  2. The amaryllis is beautiful. I say you can celebrate your birthday as long as the orchid is blooming.:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! I agree with you on Blotanical. It’s a very good resource to find other blogs and interesting articles. Nice amaryllis!

  4. The amaryllis is a great color! Springlike and delicate! I love the blotanical site also and just wish I had more time to spend drifting through the blogs! Stuart is a genius!

  5. Wow, I saw your link on Blotanical! When I have time, I’d like to browse through.Oh, go treat yourself to another orchid. I don’t have enough confidence to splurge on one :o)

  6. Love that amaryllis. I may have to force a few next winter – a deviation from my standard paperwhites. Yes, Blotanical is great – it’s how I found you!

  7. Wow, that amaryllis is amazing! If I do say so myself, my husband and I are pretty awesome at outdoor gardening–flowers and veg–but any flowering plants with the exception of African Violets that have crossed through our door have been promptly killed. I’m always amazed by you folks with loads of gorgeous flowering houseplants!

  8. Wow – your amaryllis is glorious! What a nice sight to take in, in this dreary cold. I’m glad to hear it has warmed up a little for you. And wasn’t blotanical a great find for you! I am not surprised you are a patron blotanical! I’m glad to see some nice things happening to such a nice person. 🙂

  9. Hi Kate, Nice to know winter will be coming to an end – eventually. Your blooms are beautiful, and so is your post. Thanx for the tip about botanical – it’s a great way to meet one’s garden blogging neighbors.

  10. what a beautiful amaryllis! i had one called ‘green goddess’ once and just loved it…as i recall, it had multiple blooms in a pale green color, almost like a luna moth. i think i put the bulb outside that summer and let it die :-(But your picture inspires me to try again.

  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kate. I’ve just been enjoying Lytton’s responses, your gorgeous photos and great information. (I’m listed with Blotanical, too, but still need to add their link.) I’ll be back, often!

  12. Amaryllis was one of my mother’s favorite flowers. She turned 90 on Sunday–thanks for the lovely reminder of this beautiful flower.

  13. I LOVE the amarylis!!! I tried to add you as a favorite on blotanicals, but I must be a dolt because I can’t figure it out!

  14. Your Amaryllis is beautiful and I agree with you about blotanical. Thanks for the heads up about the UK Telegraph I’ve added it to my favorites.

  15. Oh I like that color of your Amaryllis. I also enjoy Blotanical and it is only getting better.

  16. Hi Kate-Thanks for stopping by the blog. I didn’t know about the point thing for blogs on blotanical – I’ll have to try it. Looks like a good way to find some new blogs.

  17. Amaryllis are such fun to grow. Mine is just about to break out into flower, a dark crimson red, and I think 4 heads on the stalk.

  18. Kate, I agree. Blotanical is a great resource. Stuart has done a great job bringing garden bloggers together.Sean

  19. I just went to Blotanical and I see that you are a “Fellow blotanist”. Gee, if you get anymore points, you may move from patron blotanist to saint blotanist! Way to comment and get all those points, Kate!

  20. I think your beautiful Amaryllis is the same as my pink and white one that hasn’t bloomed yet this winter. Not even a bloom stalk yet! I hope it doesn’t disappoint me completely. Last year it was glorious.Yes, Stuart is clever, isn’t he? I must go over and spend a little time at Blotanical. I haven’t taken much time to check it out thoroughly yet.

  21. Hi Kate! Awesome photo of the Amaryllis blooms — I love the composition of the photo, too. And it’s nice that Lytton got to play outside after being in so much. Moose is in a lot lately, too, because of all our rain.:)

  22. Hi Kate -Nice shot!I’ve got amaryllis proper (Amaryllis belladonna) flowering in my front garden at present. Naked ladies are fantastic garden plants, I love the way they flower without leaves — it’s very neat!David.

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