Lytton and his meme of five

Quite some time ago, Lytton, my dog, was tagged by Yolanda Elizabet’s Bliss Team to participate in a cat meme. Lytton was most delighted and decided that the Bliss team had bestowed this honour on him because they knew he’d had been taught to respect and to admire all felines. Hazel, our departed, and much-missed friend, taught Lytton well. (Lytton & Hazel pictured above).

Lytton was keen to answer the following questions in his own words, so I dutifully did the transcription for him.

I. What are your five favourite songs?

a) My favourite song of all time is, of course, Who Let the Dogs Out? by the Baha Men. Benoît, my big brother, used to sing it to me constantly until my mum told him to stop.

b) Ho
wling at the Moon, by The Ramones, is also a good song. Mostly I don’t howl at the moon, but I love to howl along with sirens. Even if I hear a siren in the middle of the night, I enjoy howling along to it. That doesn’t always go over so well with my mum since I sleep on her bed.

c) Both my mum and I love Bron -Yr-Aur stomp, when we are in a Led Zeppelin mood. How could I not love these lyrics?

So of one thing I am sure, It’s a friendship so pure,
Angels singing all around my door, so fine.

Yeah, ain’t but one thing to do
Spend my natural life with you,
You’re the finest dog I knew, so fine.

d) I love listening to The Snowy Path, a slip jig by the wonderful Irish group, Altan. My mum learned to play it on the fiddle and so I have listened and listened to her playing it. When we are having a snowstorm, she always plays it for me.

Speaking of snowy paths, check out my new alpaca green and orange scarf that my mum made for me. I wore it this afternoon when we went to the park. (see pic above)

e) I also like listening to Eva Cassidy sing, especially Fields of Gold. My favourite thing to do is run across fields in the autumn just after the harvest. I once chased a fox but it ran faster than I did.

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Among the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky

When we walked in fields of gold

II) What are your five of your favourite toys?

a) By far my favourite toy is Berry Bolanski (pictured here with blue bandanna). When I was younger, I chewed off Berry’s nose. That’s when Benoît gave Berry to me. I carry Berry all over the place and usually he sleeps with me.

b) When I was a puppy, Benoît used to put biscuits in Lyle, Lyle Crocodile’s mouth. When I sat down, then I got the biscuits. Lyle, Lyle often hangs out with Berry and me.

c) Since I love to chase and retrieve things, I have a good collection of gummed-up tennis balls. I’ve also got some golf balls and softballs that I found in the river near our house. There is a golf course on one side of the river and baseball diamonds on the other.

d) My grandparents brought me a thick rope that I haven’t managed to chew through yet. Benoît is my favourite tug-of-rope partner.

e) Platy the Platypus is another toy that I play with when Berry or Lyle are in another room. As you can see from the photograph, I’ve treated Platy with care. He just has one tiny rip in his nose.

III. What are five things you love to eat?
a) Since I’m a Labrador, I love to eat meat. Any kind of meat will do. If I think there is any possibility of a meat treat, I will be on my best behaviour.

b) Although I am not given more than tiny bits of milk chocolate, I have often snuck chocolate off the kitchen counter or from the places where my mum hides it. I ate an entire big chocolate bunny when I was two-years-old. I still remember that fondly.

c) After I come home from the park, I can’t wait to taste crunchy peanut butter plopped on my dog biscuits. For some reason, my mum thinks it’s real funny when I’m licking peanut butter off the roof of my mouth. Clearly she doesn’t have enough to do!!

d) One of my best food memories is of eating a big piece of Benoît’s angel food birthday cake. Every time my grandma makes this cake, I get to have a taste too.

e) I don’t know why I love licking out yogurt containers so much. Any flavour is fine with me. When I’m finished with the yogurt container, I have to get the yogurt wiped off the top of my nose. I also put lots of holes in the plastic containers since I’m a bit over-enthusiastic in making sure there isn’t any yogurt left.

IV. What are five of your favourite activities?

a) More than anything, I love to swim. In the photograph above, I am at Mission Lake. I love going to the cottage as soon as the ice leaves the lake. Swimming in the river near my house is also good, although sometimes during the summer, I don’t smell very good after I’ve had a good swim.

b) Since I am now seven-years-old, I’m often found napping during the day at my mum’s feet or on the couch. At night, I sleep tucked in close to my mum.

c) These days, I love rolling in the snow. No one is too happy when I come inside covered in snow and then shake it off.

d) I love sitting up on couch and having someone rub my tummy or scratch behind my ears. Ah, there are not many things in life that can be better than that.

e) Every day, I look forward to running in the park. I have all my favourite spots where I sniff and check out who else has been visiting. Sometimes my mum gets annoyed when I take ages to make my tour. But really, it wouldn’t be very friendly if I didn’t leave my own greeting, in turn, for all of my dog friends.

V) What are five of your bad habits?

It’s a relief that I only have to list five, since I have quite a few more than that.

a) Sometimes I forget that I’m supposed to be an adult dog and I greet people at the door a little too enthusiastically. I don’t think so, but my mum does.

b) As soon as my mum and brother leave, I do a tour of the kitchen to see if they’ve left anything edible on the counter. They usually put their food out of my reach, but from time to time, they forget. That’s when I have fun and stock up on human food.

c) Licking my mum and big brother until I wake them up is great fun. I don’t know why they complain when I wake them up because all I’m trying to do is show them how much I love them (and also let them know that I’m hungry). I have absolutely no intention of stopping this either.

d) I like to play tricks on my mum when I’m in the park. When it’s time to go home, I often hide behind a tree and hope that my mum can’t see me. That’s what I’m doing in the picture above. Hmmm, I wonder why my mum can always find me.

e) Sometimes I pretend that I can’t hear my mum calling me. That is probably my longest bad habit, along with hiding behind trees.

Since I had lots of fun telling you all about me, I hope that some of my dog friends will also tell us more about them.

There’s Moose at Clare’s Sunflower Sky, and Maisie Rose at AbbyCreekArt.

Tucker can be found at Ledge and Gardens while Garm & Thea are always up to something at My Examined Life.

Chloe and Bella are two bundles of energy at Mary’s View and Luna holds down the fort at Greenbow Gardens.

Because I like cats and I really miss Hazel bossing me around, I also want to tag Kylee’s eight cats at Our Little Acre. Simba, the resident dog, might also want to speak up. I think they probably get up to lots of mischief.

And now it’s time for a final treat before bed. Thanks for reading about me.

Love Lytton oxoxo

44 thoughts on “Lytton and his meme of five

  1. Cute post! Lytton and I have something in common. One of my favorite songs from the folk era is Fields of Gold. However, I prefer the Peggo and Paul version.Aiyana

  2. Photographs of dogs in the snow, dogs with cats… I’m ever the fan. Happy (listening to) “Howling at the Moon”.take care, g xo

  3. Hey Sis – great chatting with you tonight – I absolutely LOVED reading about Lytton too – what a treat to come home from ringette and find a humorous post written by one of my favorite doggies!!! I think you should give him some extra treats for his wonderful doggie post!!! G & G are still up – 1:20 sk time – can you believe it???? LYL – PipPS You would not believe what I did while talking to you earlier – I sewed three rows of my rag quilt together backwards – now I will sit up until 2 am picking out all the seams – what a loser I am!!!

  4. Kate, you did an excellent job transcribing for Lytton. Lytton reminds me of Mishka, our chocolate Lab that has passed on. I still miss him. Luna is delighted to be included in the pet meme. She will see about getting a post ready when I have a minute to help her.

  5. Oh that is the cutest post. I just love it! What a great dog.I am really aching for a dog in our lives but Mike is against it, mostly because he thinks it would freak the cats. He’s probably right, so I go to my SIL’s house where she has two Border Collies and I play with them. Endlessly. And I love it when they climb in my lap and fawn all over me.”Ain’t no companion like a Blue Eyed Merle”That is one of my favorite songs also, and one of her dogs is a Merle….his name is Merlin.*sigh*I’m going to read this post again.Kate (in the Kitchen)

  6. Aw, that’s such a cute idea! My Jetta (Black Lab / Border Collie cross) gave me a stern barking to when she read this post over my shoulder. She wanted to know why I never “interviewed” her for my blog. : ) I told her if she was a real good girl maybe I’d bring her in a guest speaker…

  7. Lytton is 1 lucky dog to have a park in which to run! He’s also very gentle with his toys. What is it about dogs & chocolate? Is it a forbidden fruit thing? In her long life, the only food my mutt ever stole from a table was a couple of Belgian Truffles.

  8. A lovely way to do a meme … an enjoyable read. I want a dog but D says not yet. Sigh.

  9. Hi Lytton,You are a beautiful brown dog and are lucky to be so loved. I especially liked the photo of you hiding behind a tree :o)Hey, it’s a dog’s life. Go for the gusto! Live for the moment! Steal anything you can eat! Sleep on the sofa! Keep Mum on her toes and hopping!Hardy har har!This is great, Kate. I’ll have to cook up something for Chloe and Bella but it’ll take a while.I loved this post. Thanks!

  10. Lytton, you must be a fun dog to have around! Lucky Kate and Benoit! 🙂

  11. Kate: Tucker is excited and has been posing all day! He and Lytton would be best buddies, I just know it. How old is Lytton? Tucker wants to know.

  12. Hi Kate & Lytton-I’m here from Lisa @ Greenbow who has tagged my lab Benny for the meme. Lytton- you are adorable and like many of the same things as Benny. Labs are the greatest aren’t they :-}

  13. Very fun, Lytton! The catchildren read this with interest too, and approve of you as an honourary cat.

  14. This is such a fun post, Kate! Pono (my fuzzy mutt) also approves. Although he is wondering why Lytton doesn’t pull the stuffing out of his toys because it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

  15. Lytton what a cute and funny story. Maybe you would like my dogs, even though they are half your size and bark at anything and hide behind their Mom. Tell Kate(your Mum) I said hello.

  16. what a fun read. kate how nice of you to do the transcription for lytton.cheers.irena

  17. Lytton, you are a charmer, I can tell. I think you might like having a blog of your own. Wonder how you’d do with photography…

  18. Lytton is such a cute, silly boy! I love him!I will definitely play along if Miss Maisie cooperates and gives me ten minutes to do it!

  19. Though i can’t compare it to the original version, not bein conversant in Labrador, i’m guessing nothing was lost in translation. this was delightful; i’ll be smiling at my desk all afternoon.

  20. Dear Lytton,Platy the Platypus looks like a loyal friend. I wish that I could meet him sometime.By the way, no offense, but you need hiding lessons. ;-)Spark.

  21. Lytton, you’ve made it very hard for us (Garm and Thea) to even come close to comparing to your post. But, we will try and we’re sure our Mom and Dad will put their heads together and give us a hand. We totally identify with the licking and don’t understand why our human companions don’t like it! Must be a dog thing!! Loved your meme!!!!

  22. Hi Kate and Lytton! Moose and I had so much fun reading Lytton’s meme and seeing the completely adorable photos! Mr. L. is so well spoken and unbelievably photogenic, too. Moose is really excited to get to do this meme, too, and thanks you for tagging him. He and L. have a lot in common. We hope you both have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  23. I love seeing the pics of your Lab, Lytton. I am a dog parent also….and truly believe dogs rule…at least they do in my house and garden. My 2 female rat terriers think they are part of the English Royal Family even though I have told them they are not related to the Queen’s Corgies. Your blog is neat and I shall return soon. Best regards,Jon in Vickburg, Mississippi.

  24. hi kate! lytton sounds charming and i especially like the hiding behind the tree trick. our duncan is 1/2 pure bred lab and 1/2 mystery dog. but the mystery part prevents him from liking to fetch more than one throw and swim. he’s good with cats and chickens and if anybody were to rob us, he’d show them right where all the best stuff is kept, all the while, wagging his tail!

  25. How gorgeous – I loved reading all about Lytton – he is such a wonderful character. I will have to read it to my new doggie. :O) Gx

  26. You sound like a barrel of fun Lytton, and you look really cool in your new scarf! I can barely see you hiding behind that tree..what a clever trick! Just one of the many you seem to know. You certainly have a fun family to share your home with…and they don’t even need an alarm clock with you there to wake them up! 🙂

  27. Well Lytton, you certainly had a lot to say! Sounds like you are getting Mom busy, and on her toes. Enjoy those outings, and do post again.

  28. Oh, how nice post and nice dog. I came to visit you since you left your nice comment to my blog.I used to write in english too, but somehow I slipped away from it this winter. I really should begin it again.We didn´t had snow at all until last week. We are very happy to have even that.You have a nice and beautiful blog here. I´ll visit again 🙂

  29. Very Cute, Lytton sounds like a great dog, and reminds me of my PottRott in his ways. A little trivia on “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Though performed by Baha men, it was written and originally recorded by Anslem Douglas for Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival season of 1998. I worked in the studio with Anslem at the time, and actually prepared the publishing contract for that song.

  30. I just stopped by to write down the “five” things… Might take a while, as I have two!

  31. Lytton does write an interesting post!I read it out to Cody (english springer spaniel) who was very impressed!

  32. Hmmm…checking out the counters after folks leave the house sounds oddly familiar. I do believe that I have a dog that does that too (but wouldn’t any reasonable dog do that? Truly? Doesn’t it make…sense?)

  33. lytton, your taste is so sophisticated and i have to say you look like an proper English professor in your scarf. i can see you battle with being dignified like snorting up the kitchen counter, hiding in plain sight, and attacking people at the door. i do too, i do too….

  34. Miaow Lytton,We’re happy to see that your Mum finally 🙂 found the time to write everything down for you. We all love the pic of you and Hazel and think it was very sweet of her to let you sleep on the couch too. Our Mum thinks you are one sharp dressed dog!We do the hiding behind trees and shrubs too, but for some unknown reason we’re always found. We don’t think not listening is a bad habit as we do it all the time. We think you’re very sensible, for a dog we mean. ;-)Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs from the Bliss team!

  35. This post was so much fun to read! BTW, the cat in the picture wuth Lytton looks almost exactly like my cat! My cat has some gray markings, but the body shape and fur looks exactly the same! Maybe they’re related LOL. :)~Sarah

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