Household tips meme – House Plants

Upon reading that Paige had tagged me for a Household Tips Meme, I had to smile. Far be it for me to offer tips on anything household. But then I thought that I do pay attention to my house plants and could offer some pearls of wisdom.

Keeping house plants thriving during winter can be challenging. Furnaces dry out the air and our skin, and are equally as hard on plants.

Here are some ways to keep humidity levels up for indoor plants in winter:

  • Put plants together in groupings to retain humidity from the plants’ soil. (Plants also look better, in my view, when grouped together.)
  • Keep a plant mister filled with water and near your plants. Give the plants a few spritzes several times each day.
  • Put bowls of water near plant groupings but out of the way of big doggie paws.

One thing I warn against is over-watering during winter months. Many plants like having a period of dormancy before they begin producing new growth in spring. Reduce watering until a plant has dried out, except for plants in flower such as the Bengal Clock Vine (pictured above) and the Amaryllis (pictured at right).
I have learned the hard way that it is better to err on the side of under-watering. Your plants will thank you.

If you have any good tips on house plants and would like to participate in this meme, please visit Paige’s blog here for instructions.

And my observation for this day:

When simple things become difficult, you see the world differently.

24 thoughts on “Household tips meme – House Plants

  1. I would be the world’s worst houseplant tipper. My plants barely make it through the winter. I just can’t get over your vine blooming all winter. I don’t think I have ever seen this vine. I will watch to see if I see one available around here this spring. It would be great having it next winter. It is so cheerful.

  2. Hey Kate,Thanks for your recent visit. Definitely cheered me up!How do you recommend keeping cat paws (teeth) out of houseplants without putting them high up on cupboards? Putting them in corners keeps the dog away, but the cats shred them.Katie at GardenPunks

  3. You are right about the watering that is for sure! Love the Thunbergia and that amaryllis bud is ripe! I like your observation of the day…so true!

  4. Great information Kate. No chance in over watering plants at my home. I have the opposite effect(mostly in the summer but I have known to forget in winter too).

  5. Nice amaryllis, Kate! I have another shoot of flowers coming on the one that bloomed before Christmas. I like the plant tip better than household tips (who cares about the house…? heh heh heh)

  6. My few houseplants have to live in a group too, Kate… maybe my first tip would be “If you really want to grow houseplants well, buy a house with good windows!” Your observation and your labels make me wonder if your symptoms are worse in cold weather…looks like it’s -4F/-20C in Saskatchewan now, very frigid, so I’m sending warm thoughts.Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Oh, these are wonderful! I’m so glad Paige tagged you – these are probably the tips I could use the most since I have bad luck with plants! Thanks for these, Kate! 🙂

  8. You’re quite right Kate, more plants have been killed by overwatering them than any disease or whathaveyou. I am very happy with my little birdie who tells me when it’s time to water the houseplants.

  9. Hi Kate, You are so right about groupings of plants inside, as well as out. I love everything in groupings…I once had someone ask me why I do that with my plants, isn’t one just enough?? First of all, one plant is never enough, LOL but seriously, they look, lush, beautiful and full, in a lovely grouping.

  10. These are fantastic! Thanks for playing! I always overwater my plants…

  11. Hi Kate,As always, your photos of plants and flowers are a sight for the eyes of a desert dweller. I wonder if you have any suggestions for my venus fly trap. I think I am killing it – and I am only watering once a week. It is turning black!!! PS. Thanks for the kind comments about my painting. I have warm fuzzies now.

  12. How did you get that amaryllis to look so three dimensional? It looks like it’s going to burst right before my eyes 🙂

  13. When one of my plants seems to be unhappy no matter what I do, I’m reminded of the song from “Little Shop of Horrors”:”I’ve tried you at levels of moisture from desert to mud!What do you want from me, blood?”

  14. Dave is a flower fanatic outside but we have one house plant. How sad is that!Good advice. 😉

  15. Kate great reminders on how to keep them alive during the indoor season!I must remember to STOP watering my cacti!! hugs NG

  16. look at those beauties. thats a true gift u have with thriving plants eyar round.not me!whats for dinner, rubs to lytton.aria

  17. I have to admit that over-watering any season of the year is not a problem at my house. 🙂 I may be the under-watering queen (read: over-neglecting queen).

  18. Wow, so this is how you keep all of your plants healthy. I’m not gifted with keeping plants alive. I see now that it takes a discerning eye and an open spirit.

  19. Great advise Kate. I wish my Amaryllis looks like that. Nothing from them yet. They were outside all summer. Perhaps they didn’t get enough rest period.I love that Bengal Clock Vine!

  20. This is the second overwatering tip I have read today and I plan to take heed.I have a humidifier going in my plant room and it seems to be having good results. I wish my hyacinths would hurry up though.

  21. Hi Kate -Thanks for your visits to I hope you enjoyed your stop over in hot, steamy Sydney Australia!I’ve added your blog to my favourites list!Cheers -David.

  22. I wasn’t aware that it was called ‘Bengal Clock Vine’ – I’ve always called it Blue Sky vine (I wonder what the origin is of Bengal Clock?) – it’s beautiful, and mine is in the ground – dies back each winter and grows like a weed all summer until it blooms. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

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