Moments of excitement

Something caught my eye this morning while I was making coffee. A bloom – yes, a real bloom on a Blue and Black Salvia slip. I really wanted to bring the Salvia plants indoors, but I simply don’t have room in my cozy, little house.

So I made a cutting of one of these Salvias and stuck it in a glass in the south-facing little kitchen window. Little did I know that it would bloom.

I was struck by my sudden burst of excitement upon seeing a bloom that I wasn’t expecting. As you see, it doesn’t take much to excite me!

And then, since I had the camera out, I took some photographs of my back garden. We had a covering of snow last night – the sticky kind that twinkles in the sunshine.

The garden looks silent and soft. It slumbers as one part of me slumbers at this time of year.

54 thoughts on “Moments of excitement

  1. Such a pretty unexpected little gift. Your photos always are a treat to view, Kate.

  2. I bet your heart did go pitty patter when you spied that bloom. How exciting!I am thrilled that the narcisiss that I put into water is now blooming. I hope it lasts until Gardeners Bloom Day. There is another that might bloom by then. It is exciting to have blooms during winter.Your snow photos are beautiful. I have tried to take pictures of glittering snow. It is amazing to see and I wouldlove to capture that scene. I just haven’t been able to do it yet. I will keep trying.

  3. Love that second from last shot … the overview of your winter garden! Glad you had a sprig of colour to brighten your day.

  4. I love the photo of the eryngium with the snow on it, but I’ve got Black and Blue envy now; I didn’t take any cuttings from mine, so I’ll just enjoy yours, Kate.

  5. I know it must be hard not to get to garden all winter, but your garden sure looks pretty all covered with snow.

  6. What a pretty little bloom! Now you have to post for garden bloggers’ bloom day because you have at least one bloom!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. oh wow, look at your back yard! that reminds me of growing up in new england. i miss the snow but not scraping my wind shield. what a nice little bloom {grins}

  8. Your garden overview looks like a miniature ski slope with those ‘ski run’ lines. It’s enchanting (even if it is snow!).Thank you so much for your sweet comments! And I’m so pleased you’re enjoying your knitting.

  9. Very nice to see something other than the winter regular blooming. Thanks for the update and for the reminder that spring is not far away.

  10. I can understand your excitement. I feel it everytime the trees spring back to life with new green growth after winter. That’s a decent covering of snow! Nice pics.

  11. Your winter garden looks beautiful! I just found your blog and must come back to read more. Don’t have time right now. Have a great day!Donna šŸ™‚

  12. To get excited over 1 little bloom in winter is quite normal Kate, I do that too. Isn’t nature great?Love the pics of your garden, here everything looks rather dull.Have a lovely weekend!

  13. You were apparently being rewarded for being wise and taking a cutting, Kate! The ‘Black and Blue’ salvia in my garden was frozen to the ground, and I sure hope it comes back in spring. South facing kitchen windows are very important in winter – even in Texas where winter has less bite. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  14. Growing things can be so exciting – it’s like discovering seeds you’ve planted starting to come through and watching them develop… you lucky things with the snow – I love it… instead I woke up to fields inundated with water after the stream burst it’s banks… so Lucy (our labrador) got a swim rather than a walk today – not a problem for her… just glad I’d invested in a new pair of wellies after I discovered the other ones were leaking!! Have a good weekend!Miranda

  15. What a joy! I love such surprises too! The photos from your wintergarden are beautiful aswell.I wish you a nice weekend!Hug from Norway šŸ™‚

  16. It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.(Laura Ingalls Wilder)Dear Kate. You are excited about the small blue flower blooming on your window sill, I would be too.cheers GiselaGuildwood -Toronto

  17. It must be a cozy feeling to see that Salvia bloom! I adore the picture of Salvia, but am absolutely floored by the photographs of your snow clad back garden.

  18. I always feel better for having come here, Kate. Thank you for more stunning photos of snow that invite us to that quiet part of ourselves.And your unexpected Salvia bloom does seem to be a harbinger of hope.

  19. What fantastic photos from ‘in the snow’, really captivating. I love salvia black and blue, I bought one last year from Hampton Court Flower Show. x

  20. What a pleasant surprise, I cut a slip off of a geranium this fall, I usually don’t but want a slip off of this plant for sentimental reasons and it bloomed for me in a glass of water!Lovely snow pics.

  21. Hi Kate: I too get excited over unexpected or even newly discovered blooms. How nice for you that your salvia bloomed just in time for a bloom day capture! Your snow photos are especially beautiful to me. It’s like polar opposites where you are and where I am. I’d be happy if we could borrow a consistent breeze of cool air from the north. LOL

  22. It doesn’t matter how large or small the flower. I still get excited. I was cheering today because my Blue Daze finally started blooming again.

  23. Oh, yes, your garden is quiet and asleep. How lovely that your indoor plants are not!

  24. oh, such fun to find an unexpected bloom! i do the same thing in winter, trying to save a specimen or two for the coming spring.winter gives me permission, also, to be quiet and still, to read (books and blogs) and snuggle under my heated throw or recline by the fire. we have such rainy winters in seattle – the perfect prescription for lazy days. šŸ™‚

  25. Pretty garden, and I love the lines the wind leaves in the snow.I would get excited about a blossom this time of year, too. By the way, love you blue window sills.Sandy

  26. Beautiful post. Yes, I find that any manifestation of color now arrests my gaze. I saw a cardinal in the woods and just couldn’t get enough of the red. Your backyard looks wonderful. I live in an apartment on a busy street, so there’s nothing like this for me to see. Thanks for sharing these.

  27. Beauty inside and out! What more can one ask for! Love the salvia and your snow covered landscape.

  28. What a beautiful surprise! Your garden looks so peaceful in the snow. It’s a nice time to take a rest and enjoy the “indoor” gardens we grow on windowsills.

  29. That little bloom made your day. Isn’t it sweet when life is so good?That snowscape made my heart go pitter-pat, Kate. Thanks.

  30. Your garden picture is suitable for framing. I surely like it.What a beautiful blue salvia. Nature leaves us little surprises when we least it expect them.

  31. oh, wow! beauty on both sides of the window pane! those fascinating lines in the snow… are they from the sun coming through the fence? wat a great effect! i’m counting down till i can get my ‘grow op’ running in the porch… it’s still a bit too cold, as the porch isn’t insulated… heated, but not insulated… can you believe that?

  32. How lovely it is when something blooms unexpectedly. I love your blog – you have such a poetic turn of phrase!

  33. Hi Kate, There are the most simple things that makes us realy happy. Your hapiness for seeing this bloom I compare it when I see a plant germinating. In a few days I’ll receive some seeds of a Lillium from your town. I’m wishing to can sow them, some people already told me it’s difficult, but I’ll try anyway.I found it on ebay and was a good surprise when I saw it was from near you. Do you know Lillium philadephicum? It’s so beatiful.Cris

  34. Beautiful photos, Kate…I love the winter shots! We’re supposed to get some snow here tonight…so Miss Maisie will have to put her scarf on! xox

  35. Teeni – This was an unexpected gift and much needed. Lisa – I hope your Narcissus is still blooming for Bloom Day. I love taking pictures of snow. Cicero Sings – I am so glad to have some plants showing in my garden – even if they are dead. In some ways, I like their look better than live ones. Jodi – Yes, the sea holly looks great in winter! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Salvia blooming. Chigiy – Thank goodness there’s snow in the garden – it makes winter bearable, because it does look beautiful. Carol – I am going to post for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day although my salvia has died. There is still the orchid going. Aria – I’m definitely not a fan of scraping my windshield… but so far I’ve only had to scrape it once. Putting the car in the garage helps! Paul – It was a nice surprise. Thank you!Willow – I hadn’t quite seen it as this – but I like it. Miniature ski slopes … that is a wonderful idea. I was knitting all weekend long while staying at my parents. Two more scarves almost done. Mr Brown Thumb – Thankfully, spring isn’t too far away now. I enjoyed seeing a Salvia bloom at this time of year. Owin & Irena – Thank you – I like looking at the garden under snow. Bindi – Yes, it was that same sense of excitement. I am so looking forward to seeing trees in leaf this spring. Pam – Twinkly snow is so beautiful. The garden really does look as if it is sleeping. Ingrid – Snow isn’t something you see there much – sometimes I think I’d rather have rain. Donna – Thanks for visiting! Yolanda Elizabet – Nature is wonderful. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who gets excited about a little bloom. Sandra – Sometimes the littlest bloom makes us the happiest. Annie – I am glad that I did take this cutting. I had planned on taking more, but didn’t get around to it before the frost. I hope your Salvia comes back in spring!

  36. Your salvia bloom is sweet and what a lovely surprise!I just returned home from a trip to see my Dad in N. Dak. We were blessed with wonderful sunny weather there…around 20 degees F in the daytime with unusually light winds. It was beautiful! Hope you are enjoying the same sunshine these winter days.

  37. What joy from an unexpected bloom… I know what you mean! Beautiful pictures of the snow.. Hope you are keeping warm Gx

  38. Your winter garden does look peaceful. Mine is bursting with thousands of weed seedlings among the sprouting wildflowers. I don’t like to pick through the wildflower seedlings to deal with the weeds, and it is so frustrating just letting them sit there, but I guess I’ll do it just on the promise of a spectacular wildflower show.Aiyana

  39. Beautiful snow photos, so much prettier than just cold dried former blooms. Enjoyed your text also.Frances at Faire Garden

  40. What a beautiful little surprise blossom! And such a lovely color!Thank you for visiting my blog today! YES you may still join in on the challenge! =)

  41. hi Kate, it is important to treasure the small things in life or we will be unable to enjoy the great ones when they come our way. Loved your post and pictures. Andrea

  42. Hi kate, ow, love your bloom. Are you kidding, that would make me happy as well. Anything so beautiful in the middle of winter is a welcom site. I just noticed a few weeks ago that one of my Orchids is spiking. In another month or so, I should have flowers…I’m so happy to see that. The little things in winter mean a lot.

  43. I’d be just as excited! I didn’t think to take any slips of salvia. Wish I had now, or brought one in. The patterns in your snow look so pretty. There’s beauty in the stems and seed heads with the pure white background, and Yes, all is looking very peaceful and quiet. I absolutely adore seeing the snow sparkle šŸ™‚

  44. Hi Kate! I think it’s so cool that your Salvia cutting bloomed — I was so excited to see the photo of it!! I’m always amazed when cuttings in general continue growing — such incredible life force. Your windowsill with plants and cuttings looks beautiful, and I really like the light blue color of the paint, too. And the photos of your snowy garden are stunning — the patterns in the snow are so graceful and artistic. And I love the light from the sun as it sparkles on the plants.

  45. I think your outside pictures of bloom are actually quite beautiful (not to underrate your indoor bloom). You’ve inspired me to actually try and have blooms indoors!

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