I’m in love!

There’s simply no reason for denying it any longer. I am hoping this will be a long-lived romance, filled with blossoms throughout the seasons. How could I not fall in love with my Bengal Clock Vine? I think it must have sensed my need to be surrounded by exquisite flowers. New blooms are opening every few days. What a lucky moment it was this summer when I brought this vine home, not realising that it wasn’t much like its Black-eyed Susan-Vine cousin.

Lest the Bengal Clock Vine decide to take a break from blooming, there is my birthday Orchid to take its place. I’m in love with it too, now that I stop to think about it … such a fickle heart I have. How can one not fall for the intricate blossoms of an orchid?

What astonishes most people who come through my front door though, is the Bougainvillea growing on my front windowsill.

I marvel at its hardiness, considering the only thing separating it from -20c temperatures is a single pane of glass. The bracts are holding on amazingly well. My heart skips a beat when the sun is shining and the Bougainvillea is framed by the stained-glass curtains. How easy it is to fall in love with flowers.

I’m not venturing out much these days, except for walking Lytton, the big, brown dog. My son and I get such a kick out of watching him fly through the snow. These are times I cherish – walking with my fifteen-year-old son and enjoying our wide-ranging conversations. He amazes me with his ideas, his choice of words, his spontaniety and his gentle soul. Hopefully, we’ll continue our daily walks upon Benoît’s return to school next week. However are we going to get up when the alarm clock sounds so early in the morning?

45 thoughts on “I’m in love!

  1. What a beautiful post – the words, the pictures and the thoughts behind them. I HAD to rush right over when your headline showed up in my reader – who on earth could Kate be falling in love with, I wondered? And now I completely understand because your lovers have won me over as well. 🙂

  2. You are so right, there are many things one can be in love with. And some of those loves can be and are “eternal”!Have a good time! Barbara

  3. You always post such beautiful photos. I love these! I also didn’t realize that bougainvillea will grow indoors! I’m getting one this spring/summer as it is one of my favorite plants. Happy New Year!

  4. G’day from Australia.I came here from San’s blog and I’m so glad I did. Falling in love – you really had me falling for that story!But as an avid gardener, I understand your point of view. I grew up in Bengal, but I’ve never heard of a Bengal clock vine – and I’m astonished by the bougainvillea too!CheersDavid

  5. Kate like you my heart sings when I have a flower that blossoms indoors!It is (((amazing))) that the Bougainvillia blossoms like this for you! I always associate it with Floridaor Arizona where it grows everywhere!I love the paperlike feel to these blossoms!Sigh.. so nice to hear that you are blessed with such a good son! Me too!hugs NG xo

  6. A beautiful post, both the words and the flowers. Sounds like you are enjoying some lazy holiday days, still. Alas, my vacation ended yesterday and once again the alarm clock wakes me up!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. Now I’m in love too. I’m terrible with plants, so a post like this impresses me to the core. The photographs are just so exquisite. Your description of family life made me happy. Also, thanks for your note. You are one of two readers who actually ventured into the Persian poetry site. I commend your sense of curiosity.

  8. Experiencing cold and snow for the first time in many years, I understand why you’re not venturing far afield. Enjoy your daily walks!

  9. Beautiful flowers and photography, and such lovely writing! I think you are fast becoming one of my favorite blogs!

  10. Hi Kate – oh, I feel terrible – I’ve been so bad about visiting blogs – and I missed your birthday! Happy, happy birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I’ve enjoyed catching up on all of your posts – your bougainvillea and orchid are simply beautiful. What fun to have them blooming inside when it’s so snowy and cold outdoors. Lucky you to get all of those seeds – fun next spring!! Lytton’s escapades made me smile – made me think of our two pooches. They also love playing in the snow – and escaping whenever they get the chance – and stealing treats! Give Lytton a hug from me!Best wishes, Kate, for a wonderful new year!

  11. I love the shade of your bougainvillea, Kate! Mine won’t bloom inside over the winter, but they will when I plant them out in the spring.Such a pretty orchid macro shot! I too love them. I’ve got a phalaenopsis blooming right now too. I don’t know if there is anything much more elegant.Stay warm!

  12. I’m in love with your beautiful flowers too! The photos are lovely and I can imagine how they must look in person. It sounds like you have a very wonderful relationship with your son. Walking and talking together can create such special memories. I’m sure your bond will be strong through out your whole lives.Happy New Year!

  13. How lovely to see so much colour and vibrancy in your overwintered plants!

  14. Long may your passionate love-affair florish! 😉 And who could stop oneself from falling head over heels with these gorgeous blooms?Treasure those walks with Benoit and Lytton, time flies so quickly!Have a lovely weekend, Kate!

  15. what colors! i’m afear’d your seductive blossoms have woo’d us all. (i’m currently reading RL Stevenson, thus the quirky spelliings) your garden continues to flourish indoors…. i’m green with envy, as my thumbs are not so much of that hue. all my indoor plants have bugs, sigh. but my pelargoniums straggle gamely on in the dark of winter, sending wee pale shoots that dare sport the occasional brilliant bloom.

  16. Uh oh – I have a crush on your flowers. My plants are going to be sooooo jealous!

  17. A beautiful post! :)We share the same passion! Wishing you a nice and colourful weekend! 🙂

  18. Kate, There’s nothing fickle about loving all sorts of flowers. How wonderful that you can cultivate indoors this time of year. May your love affair never end.

  19. Kate,For the first few seconds, I thought I was going to hear a steamy love story :o) Good opening!Beautiful flowers, beautiful words, as usual. I like the way your speak so highly of your son. At fifteen years old, he must be very mature and self confident. That’s wonderful for him and YOU!Happy New Year,Mary

  20. Hi Kate! Happy New Year!! I can easily see why you fell in love with the absolutely beautiful flowers — and what a treat to see such incredible color in the winter! And you’re right about how astonishing it is to see Bougainvillea still blooming in such freezing temperatures! I bet it’s fun watching Lytton run in the snow — Moose has only been in snow once, and he loved eating it. Your son sounds like a really special person — it’s wonderful that you and he have a really good relationship. I hope 2008 is terrific for all of you! Hugs from Moose and me.:)

  21. Oh, Kate – I’m just stopping in to remind you to check your mail and it’s junk folder (just in cases) because it’s your turn in the story game and I’ve emailed you what you have to work with. So, keep an eye out for it! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  22. Gorgeous photos … I can feel the love. I hope you and your son have many, many more walks and talks … connection is what it is all about. Peace, JP/deb

  23. Beautiful photos… and makes me think towards spring arriving here – everything is very drab outside right now apart from the little Helebores which are beautiful, if not a bit soggy with all the recent rain! Your Bourganvilia reminds me of hot days during our honeymoon in Vietnam – you can grow them here but the winters are just a bit too cold. Enjoy!Miranda

  24. Just what I needed this morning, Kate–a shot of your beautiful flowers. All I have blooming indoors are two African Violets and a poinsettia, and I don’t know if you call the red leaves blooming. We are having a bit of warmer weather (40 degrees) but there is way too much snow to walk without snowshoes. I may copy your stained glass curtain idea for my bathroom. It is pretty and I think I could do easily.Sandy

  25. Three of my favorite flowers! How wonderful that you have them to enjoy in winter. My bougs and one orchid are currently in bloom. Bengal clock vine cutting bit the dust wile I was traveling-have to go steal a piece from a resort’s fence again LOL

  26. Happy new year Kate–I am not familiar with the Bengal Clock Vine but I’m going to look for it at the exotic nursery that I’m planning on visiting in the next couple of weeks. And a bougainvilla is also on my list. When I lived in California, huge ones grew outdoors all year long and they were so beautiful. A little one on my windowsill will make me very happy.

  27. And they are surely also in love with you, otherwise how would they bloom in Canada’s winter?!:)

  28. Just seeing pictures of your flowers made my heart go pitty patter. I can only imagine your love for these beautiful beings in your home during such harsh weather. It is truly a blessing for you to have these walks with your son. Lytton must be a link between you and Benoit. Enjoy them both as much as you can. Life is short.

  29. Teeni – I’m glad that my lovers won you over too! Barbara – Flowers are eternal, I agree, as are all the many things we can be in love with. Laura – Thank you! I have been surprised to find that the bougainvillea has done so well indoors. I rarely ever water it and that seems to help. David – Glad my line worked! It was a good one, eh? Anna – I was amazed when the Bougainvillea started turning pink. My goal was to keep it alive during the winter and not to bloom. I was really happy. When the bracts start failling off, I save them and use them in collages. We are blessed to have good sons!Carol – Thank you! Our lazy days are up. As of tomorrow, the alarm clock will be rudely awaking us. Crayons – Plants are good companions and aren’t so tough if you know what they like. I’ve learned the hard way – killing off more than I can grow. I know now what plants I can grow and those that I take a pass on. I loved the Hafez poems. Willow – I imagine the snow and cold was a bit of a shock after California for many years. Paul – Thank you. Please visit often! Kris – You’ve been busy these days so no wonder you haven’t done your usual blog reading! With the holidays, it feels as if my birthday was a long time ago. I imagine you’ve got double the trouble with your dogs … Kylee – I wonder if I’ve got a freaky bougainvillea since it seems as if most indoor bougainvillea don’t put out colourful bracts. This spring, I am going to find a deeper rose-coloured or a mauve bougainvillea . There is a greenhouse here where they sell single stems of boug. for a son. The trick is to get there early. Sharon – I love these blooms. They are a gorgeous colour. Alyssa – Thank you. The flowers really look beautiful. I am waiting for a few new buds on the Bengal Clock Vine to open – that will be a treat. My son is a bright spot in my life. I hope we maintain our strong bond forever . Selma – Welcome! I’m glad you dropped in. Nikkipolani – A spot of colour does amazing things for our spirits during winter. I am totally wintered out already!Pam – I’m glad you’ve fallen in love too!Yolanda Elizabet – I have a hunch that this will be a life-long love affair. Time does fly by – I remember the days when Benoît was just a baby and I was pushing his carriage. Hope you had a good weekend!Grannyfiddler – I loved your spelling and, judging from your garden pic, you’ve got green thumbs too. Sparkling Red – Ah, your plants will just try harder to woo you!Ida – Yes, we do share the same, wondrous passion! Michelle – They are pretty special, I agree. Weeping Sore – I agree with you about loving all sorts of flowers. It’s what keeps me going during the winter – having flowers and plants in the house. I think this love affair will last my lifetime. Marie – Thank you so much! Mary – I fooled you. Yes! I was writing a story and was feeling a bit more melodramatic than usual. My son is fun to have around – he has his mature moments, but oh my … he’s also a teenage boy and, in some ways, a total mystery to me. All this football stuff. Clare – I’m glad you are back. Moose would probably enjoy Lytton’s corner of the back garden which he loves to roll in. I should take a video because he looks so funny. Benoît was a gift – one that I am thankful for every day. Teeni – I hope you enjoy my contribution to the story. I could have kept writing. It was fun. Deborah – Thank you! Connection is truly what life is all about. It’s something to remember daily. Miranda – Spring will arrive there so much earlier than here. You are fortunate! I’d love to have a Hellebore blooming. Honeymooning in Vietman would be magical!!Sandy – I rely on flowers to get me through the winter, particularly when it’s chilly out. The stained glass curtains are lovely and would be easy to make … my dog has put his head through some of the panels and I’ve stitched them back up. Glad to hear that your weather has also warmed up. Chris – It is hard to believe that these plants could be blooming here! Nicole – I hope you are able to grab another cutting from a Bengal Clock VIne. You have such incredible flower photographs … I wish I lived in a warmer climate.Caroline – If you can find a Bengal Clock Vine, it’s well worth growing. Bougainvillea are beautiful too and I would so much love to be able to grow them outside. Jardineira aprendiz – That is so nice of you to say! Thank you!Curtis – This was a wonderful story to write. Lisa – I can’t help but smiling every time I look at the flowers. Beautiful things keep me sane during the long, dark winter. I’ve got two amaryllis on the go and hopefully they will be blooming soon. Walking with Benoît and Lytton is one of my favourite things.

  30. How could you NOT love something so beautiful? That flower is amazing.I can relate to the fun conversations with teenage boys. I love my one on one time with Griffin. His mind just knocks me over sometimes. And to think….we nurture those minds.Kate (in the Kitchen and the only way I seem to be able to comment on your site!!)

  31. Beautiful flowers! Looking forward to next summer, where I am starting on my new garden:) And for you, it`s only a few months until yours is at full bloom again:)Enjoy a new week!Love,Chatrine

  32. The flowers are lovely and it gives all of us a little thrill to think of them bravely blooming with the snow and cold of Saskachewan just outside the window. But it isn’t the beauty of the flowers that brings us back – it’s the beauty of your words – what a lovely post, Kate! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  33. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blogrecently.I like to visit your blog, you have so much interesting.I have got so many new blogfriendssince I started blogging last year.This blogworld is funny!

  34. Beautiful flowers. I am surprised and impressed that they bloom in your harsh winters. The walks with your son sound wonderful. Its almost a shame he has to go back to school. Is he looking forward to it?

  35. I really liked reading your post. I too fall in love with many of my orchids.

  36. Kate, those are beauties and no wonder you’re in love! You have a real knack with your plants indoors.The best part I thought was what you wrote about your son. Now that is truly beautiful!Warmly,Diane (as you can see I continue to have oodles of problems with Blogger: today it’s not recognizing me! Sand to GlassDogs Naturally

  37. Such delicacy and strength in these amazing, extravagant blossoms.I really enjoyed the words too. Especially the description of your walks and conversations with your son. Clearly, you have nurtured him lovingly, the miracle thing fraught with the most beauty of all.

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