Knitting uninterrupted

The freezing temperatures have kept me inside knitting up a storm. Every now and then I stop, feed my son, have a long bath and take the dog for a very short walk. I’m obsessed with my knitting. Could that have anything to do with my recent foray to the wool store, where I discovered the most amazing colourful wool? These are my latest scarf offerings. I have just started the scarf on the far left. The colours will be wild.

I haven’t done much shopping for presents because I figure my family and friends won’t mind receiving scarves.

Tonight my friend Kerry is coming over and we are planning to make cards using various papers, ribbons and beeswax. Oh and did I mention I made a cheesecake? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw fresh raspberries on sale this week.

What could be better than cheesecake with raspberries and topped with whipped cream? We need a few treats every now and then to get through this weather. Extra padding does help keep us warmer. (Our main course will be tourtière with a cherry/calvados sauce as an accompaniment.)

On the table are these cyclamen blooms (pic above). I love the leaves even better than the flowers. I’ve grown to love them while working on the next instalment of my story at The Created Wor(l)d. I am enjoying writing very much.

35 thoughts on “Knitting uninterrupted

  1. The scarves are lovely, the cheesecake sounds delicious, and the cyclamen are beautiful. Have fun with your knitting–guess you have time now that you aren’t obligated to post every day!Aiyana

  2. you could be making a mint selling them online i bet…but gifts for family supercedes that I guess.they are lovely, and i wish I could pop over and snarf down some of that cheesecake!!!

  3. There’s been a hiatus in my crafting due to this trip to the coast to visit friends and family. It was hard to leave my projects behind … I was getting into it … though I did bring a piece of embroidery work along to finish. I thought of bringing the sewing machine along … but it’s not just the sewing machine that I would need so I was sort of “forced” into a holiday from crafting. Hopefully I will return with greater vim to finish that which I’ve started … seeing as they are Christmas presents!Though I’m able to knit and crotchet … I’m not really a knitter. They do have some lovely wools our now don’t they? Such lovely colours.

  4. OMG you describing your foods made me hungry enough to eat the scarves. The Scarves are beautiful. Lucky relatives.

  5. Kate, your cyclamen color is amazing. And I love the watercolor shades of your newest scarves – well done, you!

  6. I’ve taken up your quest to knit scarves! I have three finished and one just started on the needles. Three of them will be going to a friend and the blue one is for me. I decided to do the moss stitch, too–you inspired me!I’ll toddle on over and read your story tomorrow-I’m looking forward to it. Gotta get to bed soon, ready for school tomorrow.

  7. Kate, I love your rainbow-like display of your beautiful scarves. I’m sure they will be cherished gifts – I cherish the ones my mother-in-law has knitted and given to me.Raspberries on top of cheesecake! – a taste of spring for you in the beginning of winter. I’d love a piece.The cyclamen doesn’t even look real – I thought it was porceline.Very lovely writing muse!

  8. Kate, that really is a rainbow display of your scarves, I’m sure your family and friends will be happy to get one! Yum, cheesecake and raspberries – doesn’t get much better than that. Are you going to post some pictures of the cards you’ll make? They sound intriguing, especially the beeswax part.

  9. What glorious colours on your scarves, the blended [rainbow like] scarves remind me of watercolours.Your card making with beeswax sounds interesting ~ how do you use it?Regards, Gx

  10. Your family and friends will LOVE receiving your handmade scarves as gifts, there is nothing more treasured than a gift someone has made. And, they are absolutely beautiful! What a riot of color and texture. Not to mention that you’re having fun knitting them. Does it get any better than that?

  11. I think your family and friends will love getting scarves. This batch is as pretty as the your last photo. I don’t even knit, but I love to go to the wool store.We eat tourtiére over here in Maine, too. I have all my French Canadian friends recipes and use a different one each year. Happy Knitting!!!

  12. I would like to drape every surface in my home with your beautiful scarves and leave them there all winter. That’s all the interior decorating I need. And it’s practical: they would provide insulation!

  13. Your must enjoy writing because you do it so well!If I had the knitting ability, I’d love to give the gift of scarves. Yours are so bright and colorful!You just reminded me that the grocery store nearby sells slices of cheesecake…I’m hungry. Off, I go!

  14. Fresh rapsberries? Where did they spring from?? But nice that you were able to lay your hands on them and have them with cheesecake and whipped cream.Happy knitting!

  15. kate, your scarves are gorgeous. And anyone who receives one will treasure it forever — far more than any purchased/manufactured gift. I posted about that just a few days ago, giving gifts from the heart. So delightful to see you’re doing just that (lucky recipients). And I love your cyclamen. I took a few more photos of my cyclamen and will be posting it in a day or two with an update on my lone cylamen. I love the soft pink of yours!Keep on knitting!Diane, Sand to Glass

  16. I DO understand your obsession. I have it too. Your beautiful scarves, oh boy youve been busy too. ….just sounds like me who was chrochetting yesterday for 6 hours….In Finland we say: If you give your finger…it will take the whole hand. Maybe you know the sentence too. My family (including me) LOVE cheesecakes by the way. Oh and your latest scarf is my favourite. The color hits my heart.

  17. Oooh, your scarves are so pretty and colorful. It’s wonderful that your friend and you get together to do some crafty things. What fun! I’m jealous. Oh, I’m also jealous of the cheesecake, of course. My absolute favorite dessert, with my absolute favorite berries. Yum. And you are absolutely right about the cyclamen. I do believe the leaves are even prettier than the flowers and that is saying something because the flowers ARE pretty. Oops. I’m babbling. Have a wonderful day, Kate! 😉

  18. Hi Kate, what beautiful pieces you are making with that wool. Yes, I think traveling in the yarn store and the combination of the cold weather/staying inside more, is the reason you are knitting up a storm.

  19. Oh, I’m glad I’m not the only one knitting up a storm with gift-giving in mind. What yarn are you using for the beautiful rainbow scarves?

  20. Your scarves look AMAZING, you talented little knitter you! They look really cool all together too. Lucky family members who receive them for Christmas. Much nicer than anything you could have purchased!Did you say cheesecake????:)

  21. the colors are wonderful!You have tempted my eye and my stomach – guess I will have to go see if there is any cheesecake in our house:)

  22. Hi Aiyana – The cheesecake was delicious. I’ve need to take a bit of a break from blogging after November. The knitting is fun…Paula – I was thinking of setting up an Etsy shop and selling scarves, ribbon embroidery things and collages. If you ever come this way, I’ll make you a cheesecake.Cicero sings – I feel for you – I don’t like going away without craft supplies. Even if I don’t get much time to make things, I still like having my stuff around. I’m sure once you are home, you’ll be fresh and get lots done. I’m only a scarf knitter … Marie – Thank you!I really like the cyclamen.Lisa – I am loving knitting these scarves because the fibres are all gorgeous as are the colours. Nikkipolani – This was the only cyclamen I could find that had pale-coloured blooms. The leaves are such a perfect complement to the b looms. Willow – Scarf knitting is addicting. It’s great that they don’t take ages to make. I have too many on the go and then I’m always having trouble deciding which one to work on next. I like the moss stitch too!Alyssa – I hope everyone will like their gifts. Oh the cheescake with fresh raspberries and whipped cream was decadent and delicious. My friend couldn’t believe I found raspberries for cheaper than they usually are in the summer. The cyclamen is just exquisite and you are right, it does look like porcelain. Lostroses – I feel as if I’ve lived in a rainbow of colours for the past few months. It makes winter pass by in a much better way. My friend and I had all our card-making supplies out and didn’t do a thing. We spent quite a while eating and then talking. We are now getting together on Friday night. The beeswax adds a nice touch to the cards.

  23. Hi Chigiy – At this time of year, bright colours make such a difference. I much prefer cyclamens to poinsettias. There are so many poinsettias everywhere that I get tired of looking at them. Gina – The rainbow scarves are always fun to work with – until I’ve knit up one skein, I don’t know what all the colours will look like. I wrote details about the beeswax on your blog!Pam – I always cherish hand-made gifts. The scarves are cool because they are put to good use in our climate. And true, I’m very much enjoying the knitting process.Sandy – I hadn’t knit much for years, but when I started making forays into the wool store, that spurred my interest. it is amazing how many tourtière recipes exist in Québec. Everyone I used to work with had a different family recipe. Sparkling Red – If you lived closer; you could borrow my scarves for decorating. I hadn’t thought of doing that. Maybe I should make them slightly wider and use them for table runners. Mary – I love writing, knitting and eating cheesecake. I wish I had a store nearby selling cheesecake slices. That would be wonderful!!Yolanda – These strawberries came from California where so much of our produce comes from. They lasted for less than one day since they were so inexpensive. When I went back the next day, they were long gone. What a treat though. We savoured each berry.Diane – Gifts from the heart are always the best … I like this cyclamen very much. I’ll have to check yours out. Maria – Yes, we are alike! I haven’t heard this expression. I am trying to think of the equivalent in English. Cheesecakes are good!Teeni – you make me smile with your comments. I’m with you on the leaves and the cheesecake. My friend is thinking of taking more holidays to do things like crafts. (we talked all night and never quite got to our card making. We’ll do that on Friday).Ruth – You are definitely right about the reasons for my non-stop knitting. I did stop for awhile this afternoon to have tea and play fiddle with my friend. Karen – I’m using different yarns. The rainbow-coloured scarves are from a Japanese company, Noro. They are either wool, wool/silk, or lambswool/silk/mohair. I also use other kinds of wool and my current for my niece allergic to wool is made with a cotton/silk blend. I have another started that is wool/mohair and another that is alpaca wool (that is the best wool to work with. It is so soft.)Linda – Thank you! I love looking at all the scarves together. Some have already left, and I am going to miss seeing these current ones when I send them off. Oh yes, cheesecake!! I didn’t go quite so far to make chocolate cheesecake, although I was tempted.Endment – I love colours … the brighter, the better! I hope you found some cheesecake. I just went and had another piece!

  24. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.There is also a book called “Rosamunde Pilcher’s World” you might like.

  25. It’s so good to be back in the land of blogging. I think receiving a homemade gift or card is the best. I’m glad you are able to create color all year around.HUGS

  26. Kate: Your scarves are like gardens! Such beautiful colors! Lucky the recipient. Keep on knitting!

  27. I can see that knitting in one way for you to keep color in your life during those long prairie winters. They are just beautiful! And cheesecake sounds good, too. 🙂

  28. What fun, fun, fun! And everything goes better with cheesecake, doesn’t it? I love that scarf on the left! It doesn’t really look all that wild to me, but I do love the color combination. You have been a busy lady!

  29. I just learned to knit this year…however I haven’t done too much of it.This flower is gorgeous….the leaves almost look like velvet!

  30. Okay, I always make a tourtière for our solstice supper, but cherry/calvados sauce? I think I’ve been missing out on something, always serving it naked, or with a side of applesauce. Recipe?

  31. I love all your scarves and your friends and family will love receiving them as gifts. I’ve been busy knitting scarves and crocheting afghans for gifts. I’ve got some photos of them at my crafting blog The Crafty Side

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