The last day of NaBloPoMo

Today is the last day of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). I am glad I participated, even though it was definitely a much greater challenge to blog every day for one month than I anticipated.

Along the way I discovered it was often tough for me to come up with things to write about every day – or at least to write about things I wanted to share on my blog. I also found that I was doing less reading of other blogs and commenting as I was used to. Worse, I didn’t respond to the comments left on my blog posts – like every other blogger, I love receiving and reading the comments left on my blog. These comments truly gave me the energy to continue blogging each day. So thanks to everyone who read and commented on my posts. I figure I will get back to responding properly to comments now that I will be back to my usual blogging schedule.

It was fun meeting other NaBloPoMo bloggers – I might never have met them otherwise.

I am also planning to do more reading that I have put aside. I am planning to dive into a book that I put on reserve at the library several months ago and received today. I read a fascinating review of the book – The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan.

Both Second Nature and The Botany of Desire, two earlier books by Mr. Pollan, were great reads. The subtitle of this new book is ‘A Natural History of Four Meals’. In his introduction, Mr. Pollan opens by posing this question: What should we have for dinner? I will definitely let you know if I get some answers to that question. I suspect they will be fascinating.

I hope the sun continues to shine for everyone all weekend long just as it did here today. What a treat that was!

19 thoughts on “The last day of NaBloPoMo

  1. Hey Carm – excellent work – I absolutely loved reading your every day posts – WAY TO GO – always a treat to log in and find another one!!! And to think the Riders won too – even better!!! Talk to you soon! XOXOXO Pip

  2. So you did it! Whew. I’m still looking forward to March 14th!That looks like an interesting read … will look forward to your comments.Cic!

  3. Dear Kate. Dont blame yourself. I feel as quilty as you do. I just havent had time to answer all your comments either…so it’s worldwide believe me. Its nice you have enjoyed some sunny days. We have also seen the sun this week! First there was such a dark day and everybody were thinking how can we stand this season again…but then it snowed a little bit and started to shine and the nature gave us the answer. We will survive! Hugs Maria

  4. Hi Kate…congrats to you on finishing the month. Your blogging every day was so enjoyable. You did an amazing job and it was always fun to check in and read them.Maisie says hi to you and Lytton! xoxo

  5. Hi Kate!I wish you a nice december sunday! I see you have snow, so have I. Lots of it!Love,Chatrine

  6. congratulations on completely your month of posting! I agree with you that posting every day takes away from always responding to comments or reading others’ blogs. Pretty soon, you’re at the computer half the day!I’m going to check out that book. It sounds very interesting.Aiyana

  7. See what happens when posting too often addles the brain? I can’t believe all the errors in my last comment. I’m going to have to start previewing. I am embarrassed!Aiyana

  8. What happens if you go into withdrawal and find out that you’ve acquired a daily posting habit ;-]Kate, I love the other Michael Pollan books, and will get to that one sooner or later! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Congrats, Kate, and thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment. I’ve added you to my blogroll and will be catching up on your many interesting posts.

  10. Congrats. You made it. I understand your dilemma in posting every day. I got tired of it because I had little time to respond to comments and read other blogs. Now I post a few times a week and I find it to be a relief!

  11. Kate, you survived, congratulations. It was a tiring mounth, wasn’t it? But I think it was a good experience.Cris

  12. That’s why you have so many new posts! I didn’t realise. Don’t worry about answering, we do it when we can, sometimes when I am too busy or tired I don’t do it at all. Just now I have 73 unread posts at google reader (some are yours!) and I would like to read them all, but it takes time. Hopefully it happens to everybody, so people don’t mind.

  13. And, of course, congratulations! It really must have been an effort!

  14. Since I’m getting to your blog a bit later, I didn’t know you were involved in the NaBloPoMo. Glad you survived! And your readers must have been in heaven.Thanks for the book recommendations.

  15. Congratulations Kate, what a marathon! Sometimes I blog every day but its different when you don’t have the choice. I hope you enjoy your freedom. … I wonder if the month of constant blogging has altered your habits permenantly?

  16. These look such good reads. Like you, I love blogging but I also miss my reading times… Lovely post. Thanks for sharing your world ith all of us 🙂

  17. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is EYE-OPENING and well-written. It reveals some startling truths about food processing and nutrition and its hard to put it down and not make major changes to the way you buy and eat food. Hopefully you live in a place that has healthy market options. I am not so fortunate.

  18. I started that book but need to go back and finish it. It seems similar to Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, though I was more inspired by the latter. Always am–she’s one of my favorite authors.

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