Snow in Winter

It was another frigid day on the prairies with winds blowing the snow every which way. I stayed inside all day long, bundled up and knitting another scarf.

Tomorrow I’ll venture out and brave another forecasted deep freeze of a day. If we didn’t some groceries, I probably would stay home again. I also have been invited to the annual dinner of Regina’s Early Learning Centre tomorrow evening. I am really looking forward to it. Several friends of mine work there.

While taking this picture of my back garden this morning, I thought of the words below, of Andrew Wyeth, an American painter:

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape—
the loneliness of it—the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it,
the whole story doesn’t show.
Andrew Wyeth

19 thoughts on “Snow in Winter

  1. Andrew has is a good take on the garden. Looking at my garden during winter makes me think I need more bones. Like some evergreens to soothe the eyes. Have you been playing the fiddle to keep warm??

  2. Kate,Andrew Wyeth’s comment makes me willing to take another look at winter. Not my favorite season up north. Good bone structure–I have often thought of houses in those terms, saying things like that house has good bones. I shall take Mr. Wyeth’s comment out to my garden this afternoon and think about its bone structure. (Don’t you just want to steal his phrases and stick them in your novel???)

  3. trust a painter to see beauty where others see desolation. not that i think your photo is desolate.. it’s a lovely study in subtelty and texture. i love Wyeth’s line “something waits beneath it” i feel that way about winter too. stay warm… i’ve gazed into my chrystal ball, and i see soups or stews or other comfort food in your near future.

  4. When you pair that image with Wyeth’s quote, the scene has such a restful feel. Beautiful indeed.

  5. I love seeing a garden in the snow, it all looks so different and magical, the quote is very true. Still, staying inside and knitting sounds like a pretty good idea to me under the circumstances. Hope you have fun at the dinner.

  6. I remember those days…when we lived in Minnesota and would get the big snowfalls. I’d sit in front of the fire and crochet afghans. Why don’t I do that anymore?!?!?

  7. Kate,I’m putting you on my blogroll, so I can keep up with you.The quote from Wyeth is beautiful and wise, and I loved seeing your photo of the snow.A couple of winters ago I went on retreat in Saskatchewan. Yes, it was VERY cold, but the setting was perfect for settling into a deeper level inside…I have wonderful memories.

  8. Love that quote of Wyeth’s you included, especially “… the whole story doesn’t show” … so right, so perfect. Your photo sure does resemble what my garden looks like too … somehow comforting to know there’s someone else who lives in the prairie … those lucky ducks with flowers blooming! Ha, we’ve got secrets and surprises hidden beneath the snow :)Diane, Sand to Glass

  9. The low light makes the scene look even colder. I wonder how perennials manage to keep their roots from freezing.

  10. Hi Kate, Yes! Wyeth is so right. I’d never thought of it that way. By the way, I love the scarves in the previous post.

  11. You know, I usually don’t mind the cold so much but I hate it when there’s a cold wind blowing as they go right through you and chill the marrow in your bones. How cold is it with you Kate at the moment? Here it’s between 5 and 10 C during the day and no night frost at the mo but it is very gloomy, grey and dull outside.

  12. When I read about bone-chilling, I feel as though I’m in another world – so distant from what I knew…Stay warm, Kate. Winter does have special beauty and it gives us a chance to slow down – re-energize for the seasons we love so much.

  13. Andrew Wyeth…aaah, a god in my opinion! Love the knitting BTW, posh stichery, I am just trying to finish a wastcoat (vest) which has taken 2 years!!

  14. I remember well that cold prairie wind! I am so thankful now to live in a river valley where we rarely have wind.

  15. Although I don’t care for the mess and cold of snow. It is pretty to see falling. Brrr, It only reminds me of the warmth of spring and summer.

  16. I enjoyed seeing your image of winter while I’m living in the land of eternal spring – England. Like Wyeth, I’m from Maine. I love his art and hadn’t realized he had such a gift with words too. Thank you for sharing!

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