A perfect night

… for knitting. With the wind blowing and the temperatures dropping , it is far too cold to be outside. I am happy to be wrapped up in my down comforter, knitting away. I have finished off three scarves this past while (pictured at right) and tonight put the fringes on them.

I find it hard taking good pictures of the scarves. The colours look much richer than they appear here. I’ve included a close-up picture which might give you a better idea of the different textures of the wool and of the stitch used (seed stitch).

Tomorrow I will try my hand at blocking each scarf. Willow, at Willow’s Cottage, sent me directions for accomplishing this, which essentially means that they will have a more finished look than they do at the moment.

Now I get to look through my wool basket and pick another colour of wool to use for some more knitting.

21 thoughts on “A perfect night

  1. I heard that the temperature had dropped rudely out your way, Kate. Surely it’s not a “hell froze over” reaction to the Riders winning the Grey Cup, is it? (Grin). Seriously; good for the Riders. Love the scarves and their rich jewel tones. I like wide scarfs in fun rich colours; I have three or four…so far…

  2. Lovely scarves. I especially like the ones that have a rainbow of colors that meld into one another.

  3. Yes, I think the middle one is my favorite too. I’ve made a lot of scarves but I never blocked them. I thought that was for the more serious stuff, like sweaters. Bad me!

  4. Beautiful scarves, lovely colors.I guess if it gets too cold there you can just knit yourself a blanket.You are so talented.

  5. Hi Kate – your cold weather is making a beeline for Minnesota – we have a really cold wind blowing through. A perfect night for any cozy indoor activity!Your scarves are beautiful – I love the colors and the stitch looks really pretty. And I love the flower sampler you posted – with the silk – cool!Went with Mark last night to pick up some plywood he needed for a project, and I bought a piece for my stenciling practice. He cut it into 2×2 foot pieces – so now I just have to stain them the same color as the shed and get my stenciling supplies together. I’m excited – it may be January before I really start, but each step makes it seem closer!

  6. Ooooh, how pretty! I love the one on the right. It reminds me of wool denim, if denim came in wool. LOL. I just love the shades of blue in that one.You have so many talents!

  7. They are all beautiful, Kate, but the one in the middle is positively yummy. What a bright spot on a cold winter day!

  8. I love your scarves. The colors are so pretty. I’m still working on socks but might have to toss in a scarf for fun! ~*~

  9. Just reading about your weather makes me wish for one of those scarves ’round my neck! However, my office is slightly overheated so…

  10. Such pretty images on your site. I find it takes a lot of art to sustain me through the cold and dark of Canadian winters. Thanks for offering your creativity and light thoughts!

  11. Just to clarify, I meant light as in “bright, hopeful, and inspiring”, not “lightweight”. πŸ™‚

  12. The scarves are so bright and cheerful, Kate – they’ll be beautiful when worn outside, and as a side benefit, you had a lapful of color while you worked on them inside. I can’t believe how quickly you made them! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. These are wonderful! I will have to show my daughter them, especially the one in the middle! We have agreed that we will knit together over the Christmas holidays. We are going to try to each make a scarf…haha, we shall see!

  14. Beautiful scarves. I’m just amazed what all you seem to accomplish each day. Maybe I’m lazy–but I don’t get as much done in a month as you seem to in a day or two!Aiyana

  15. if everyone in the city wore one of your scarves, winter would lose its greyness, and be downright cheery! at the risk of being monotonous, as everyone before me has already said so, they’re fabulous!

  16. Wow you could be knitting for the Olympic team Kate! And what a lovely result; such colourful scarves and they look very nice and soft too.

  17. Your scarves are beautiful. I have been knitting up a storm, too. Scarves are so easy and quick. I love the seed stitch, but I haven’t reached that level of proficiency yet. I must ask, though, do you prefer short fringes? For myself, I like to make them longer. I guess it’s a personal thing.

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