Missing the sun

Another grey and cold day that I spent indoors. This flower cheered me. It is hard to believe these days that there were once vibrant flowers in the back garden.

Now frozen solid and covered in snow, I dream of the days when I can walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun.

Soon, soon, the shortest day of the year will be here and then we will have more daylight … I long for spring, but I’ll take some sunshine now please!

Maybe it’s the influence of the almost full moon, but I am feeling restless.

Thankfully, the weekend is upon us.

20 thoughts on “Missing the sun

  1. Oh, Kate, I hear you. Even though some of our fellow bloggers in the US are in the northern US, unless they’re in Alaska they aren’t as far north as we are–and they get more light, I think. Not that they don’t suffer from lack of light blahs, of course! But we sure do get clobbered for the next month or so. Like you, I just remind myself that solstice approaches–once the sun starts back towards Spencers Island (one of our sunsetting landmarks to indicate long days), we start to feel like we’re going to make it, even though we’re just entering winter. The weather here has been bleak all week, and I feel like the underside of a log; soft, mushy, cold and decomposing…;-)How I’ll get those bulbs in this weekend, I don’t know…but I guess I’l go to my last photography class and see what I feel like afterwards! Do something nice for yourself this weekend, my friend, you and your son! I’m off to the osteopath on Monday, so I’ll report on how I feel after my second treatment. Hugs from NS, jodi

  2. I dislike winter so much, I can’t imagine being any further north than central Indiana. I love living in Indiana, but during the winter, I long to be back south. I could definitely be a snowbird. Kate, I know how depressing those dreary gray days can be. I’ve read about light therapy that is helpful with those who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I wonder if it really works.

  3. I hope you found something constructive to do with your restlessness. I must say the yellow flower on your blog really did cheer me up a bit! 😉

  4. I can’t wait for the longer days either! The sun is so low in the sky now … dark by 4ish. Ugh! Winter wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so dark. We have had sunshine the last few days though. They had the Santa parade in town at 5 tonight … we were caught in the thick of it so stood and watched … -7 but I wasn’t dressed to be standing around in -7 temps. I know, -7 is nothing. We don’t even have snow yet though they are promising some tomorrow.

  5. Our weather has been very changeable, days of rain and this this morning a frost. I got up at 4.00 am this morning and we have a full moon at the moment and the garden looked magical, all twinkling in the moonlight. At least yesterday and today we have lovely sunshine blue skies so I shall take the opportunity of spending time on my patch. I hope the weather cheers up a little for you, I know how you feel when surrounded by doom and gloom. x

  6. It is amazing how precious those rays of sunshine are when they come streaming out of a gray winter cloud.Your yellow flower looked like a spot of sunshine on this page. Ahhhhh.

  7. I just checked your weather for today in Regina and it is -6C but feels like -11. Yikes! That’s darn cold! I imagine that summers must be incredible out there on the prairies. A classmate in college once told me that thunderstorms on the prairies were quite the sight to behold.

  8. OK people, here is the trick.1. Find your candles and put them on.2. Make hot chocolate.3. Put cream on it.4. Rent/buy/netflix Love Actually.5. Put it in your DVD player.6. Press play.7. Sit back.8. Let the warm chocolate warm your hands.9. Watch the film.Be prepared to feel better.

  9. Oh Kate. Your stand-in sunshine is beautiful indeed, and you can take Ingrid’s advice until the real thing returns. Hugs.

  10. Hi kate, I’m with you, I’m not a winter person. I would rather be out there in the garden or atleast able to look at gardens and walk around in the cheerful weather.

  11. Put on some warm clothes and go for a walk. And you will be less restless! Have a nice evening :o)Hug from Marie

  12. Hi Kate … the beauty of Blogland is that we can travel to a warmer or colder place from the comfort of our chairs in an instant. I’ll swap you some sun and humidity in a few weeks for some of your snow and ice *!*

  13. Hi Kate, You visited my blog a few days ago and left such a nice message. Thank you for that. I love your site. I feel life radiating out of it. The Mary Oliver poem was so apt — we had 100 buckets of snow here. I also really appreciated your homage to your deceased friend. I’ll be back soon.

  14. You have such a way with words – eloquent yet simple. Beautiful words matched with lovely photography. How cold it is where you are! My husband is originally from Canada.Take a peek at my blog – I think you will enjoy seeing my Enchanted Woodhttp://enchantedwoodmusings.blogspot.com Blessed be,Kathy of the Enchanted Wood

  15. Hoping the Sun somes out for you soon, Kate!!I have often dreaded winter and the cold and the snow….I am trying to look forward to it…because the sooner it comes and is over…Spring will be here 🙂

  16. It’s hard for this lifelong Southerner to appreciate the depths of winter you must suffer through to get to your beloved spring. Until then, please visit the southern blogs to get your flower fix, and we’ll be visiting your blog in droves as soon as summer arrives up north. (I dread summer here, much as you dread winter where you are.) Garden blogs can get us through the bad months.

  17. Great photo. Cloudy days always provide the best photos. The yellow is so vibrant!Aiyana

  18. I share your feeling, Kate. I am restless. For a few weeks, we’ll be busy with holiday plans, then January and February we start dreaming of longer days and spring flowers…

  19. I was torn between commenting on your Mary Oliver post and this one. I’m struck by the contrast of the photos! And I gravitated towards the cheerier one (though I like the poem too). Feeling the winter here in New England as well so I appreciate the “virtual summer” you brought to my computer screen. 🙂

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