Tis getting to be the season

I was most excited when a package of Christmas cards arrived from Linda, who has a lovely blog at Abby Creek Art. Linda’s blog is a treat to visit, because she paints wonderful animal portraits as well as abstracts. Just last week, Linda became a new mum of a lovely dog named Maisie Rose.

Recently, Linda opened an Etsy store to sell some of her paintings. When I saw these cards (pictured above), I couldn’t resist purchasing them. This is a reproduction of Linda’s painting of Bianca, a cute white Boxer. Click here to visit Linda’s Etsy Shop.

While I was photographing the card, Lytton, my big, brown dog, kept coming up and nudging me. It was near impossible to take a picture without the shadow of his tail showing up. Well, I ended up taking a close-up shot of Lytton’s adorable face. Once I did that, Lytton seemed content to go off and chew on one of his rawhide bones.

For the past few days, my son and I have had great fun watching Lytton carry his new rawhide bones around the house. He hides them in plain view, and then moves them about whenever he gets up from a nap. I don’t know who is getting more sleep these days, Lytton or me!

I would like to thank everyone who has left comments on my blog these past days. Your comments always cheer me and give me the motivation to continue posting to my blog every day. I promise to reply to your comments – I intended to do so today, but then off I went for a nap.

And now, I am off to sleep!

13 thoughts on “Tis getting to be the season

  1. Hey there, Kate. I walked over from Paula’s place. Don’t blame you at all for buying those beautiful Christmas cards. And your Lytton has such a soulful face. And name.

  2. What a big beautiful boy that Lytton is! p.s. You’ve been tagged to reveal 8 random things about yourself! :O)

  3. Linda’s work is incredible, love the cards! I’m heading over to check out her blog right now.I think it’s sweet that your pup nuzzled up for a photo op.

  4. That Lytton is quite the ham. Luna goes the other direction if I even get the camera out to take a picture of something or someone else.

  5. What a beautiful Christmas card! Lytton is very handsom dog!Have a really nice day!Hug from Marie :o)

  6. Hi kate, your cards are beautiful. Linda is a fabulous artist in every way, she does such beautiful work. Your dog is adorable too by the way…Happy Turkey Day To You.

  7. Hi Kate, That card is so beautiful! I love it. And I love the closeup of Lytton. I wish my dog would stand still long enough for a shot like that. Is it still snowing? I’m so jealous! :-)Take care~*~

  8. You’re not hibernating are you, Kate? 😉 Of course Lytton wanted you to take his pic as he’s such a handsome dog! That Christmas card is very cute so of course you had to buy it.

  9. Hello Kate, thank you for taking the time to visit the Migaloo link Naturegirl kindly added to her blog. It’s always lovely to say hello to someone “new” *!*

  10. Heh…I agree that Lytton wanted his face on your blog, too…lest you forget who’s really important! I like that card, very unique for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving, and nap plenty!

  11. Your dog Lytton is absolutely hansome!! Thank you for showing us his photo!! Our pets certainly give us that comfort that we cannot get anywhere else!Kate thank you for heading over to Annies and signing the petition agains slaughter of these precious whales!! Lytton says thank you too..woof! hugs NG xo

  12. The card is just wonderful. I checked out Linda’s Etsy shop and I was hoping to find a Bernese Mountain Dog card. No luck. Hope she does some one day. My daughter-in-law would love them.Aiyana

  13. What interesting pens and Lytton’s face just looks so kissable……:).

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