The knitting and the beeswax continues …

It was another day of knitting since there was a football game on. And an exciting game it was – the western CFL semi-finals pitting the Saskatchewan Roughriders against the BC Lions. The Roughriders were the underdogs going into the game, but they came out the winners.

I spent the entire game knitting a scarf and hoping that it will be the right colours for a friend.

Earlier in the day, I was feeling pretty listless and so I melted the beeswax and did some collage. I love using scraps of Japanese papers … the colours and textures of the paper make it so wonderful to work with.

Pictured above is a collage piece I’m working on. I didn’t have time earlier to fool around with the pressed flowers beyond the single Pansy in the window. I’ll do that just as soon as I read the new story at The Created Wor(l)d – the writing blog I’m participating in. It is exciting to be working with an amazing group of creative and fun people.

Here’s to a good week for everyone from chilly Regina, Saskatchewan.

17 thoughts on “The knitting and the beeswax continues …

  1. That is a really pretty piece, Kate! I love how it looks like a window scene and those “curtains” really look as though they could blow in a slight breeze!

  2. Kate, that is just GORGEOUS. I’m in awe of these things you create! I just love this one.

  3. Gosh, after reading your last 5 or 6 blogs (I’ve been kind of neglectful lately!) it sounds like there are some wonderful and exciting things happening with you. The Weathergrams are such an almost magical idea. I like them very much and may try it. And the writing blog has to be fun and a real challenge – good way to use your creativity. Your collage piece is lovely – very chic! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Also the colors in the scraf are so pretty. I’m sure your friend will treasure it.

  4. You are an extremely talented woman. Goodness, Knitting, collages, painting, writing, how wonderful. I love seeing all the things that you create.

  5. Hope you are feeling better Kate, at least you achieved quite a lot over the weekend in spite of feeling unwell, those butterscotch cookies sound good.Committing to write on your blog every day for a month is a big undertaking, I know I couldn’t do it but I admire those who can.

  6. Hi Kate,what a wonderful scarf .I like thecolours.I love knitting,too.Have a nice day Regina

  7. What a busy lady. Your projects look good. I am sure your friend will love the colors. The colors you chose will blend with most any other colors.

  8. I think the colors you chose for the scarf are lovely, lucky friend. I think your collage is exquisite, absolutely.

  9. WOW! that melted beeswax craft is new to me. You appear to be a treasure trove of talent with all that stenciling, beeswax art, not to forget the pretty scarf…You inspire me to knit a similar one for my little one, only if I am able to!Have a great week ahead.

  10. kate, when I was in Edmonton over the weekend you were definitely in mind! How so? I had on my to-do list to head to my favourite art supply store to purchase kraft paper and some fresh ink so I can create some weathergrams! I’m going to tie them to the trees in the cemetery where my mom is buried.While in the art store, I saw the blocks of beeswax they sell for artwork (see, I remembered your other post) and really debated about it. Alas, I didn’t and now that I’ve read this post I’m kicking myself!! Next trip for sure, I’m going to pick some up and use it for collages too – I used to do some decoupage collages but I think this time I’ll follow your lead and so some with beeswax. Thanks for all the great ideas and for visiting my home on the web.Diane at Sand to Glass

  11. Watching a game is a perfect time to knit. The rhythm of the game and the rhythm of the knitting of the rows and patterns of knit and purl mesh and you can be as much in the zone as the players.

  12. hi kate, your beeswax piece is dreamy! i love to see how your approach differs from mine.

  13. like you, i’m also fascinated by Japanese paper…. by paper in general. this beeswax technique is something i have to try…. when i get a life again, after the play is over

  14. Wow Kate, I really like that collage piece! The scarf looks pretty and functional-nice! You are very artistic!

  15. I have not knitted in 35 years, one of my friends wants to learn to knit so we are going to take a short class, it is going to be my Christmas present to her along with the knitting needles and yarn. There are so many beautiful yarns out there. Your collage is a work of art.

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