More in the line of comfort food

I wish I had a picture of the simple dessert that I made for my son and I today. We are both feeling under-the-weather and in need of a treat. I pulled out my favourite cookbook, The 1978 Kids’ Cooking Contest Cookbook, published by the Regina Public Library.

This cookbook contains simple, but delicious recipes. The drawings in the cookbook are adorable.

I tried to imagine what the lives of children who submitted these recipes have been like. Do they remember entering a cooking contest and having their recipes published? Do they still live here?

Here’s the recipe for Butterscotch Oat squares. I used to make this recipe regularly years ago, but had forgotten about it. A few weeks ago, my younger sister called and asked me for it. Since then, I have made it twice and found out that my son, Benoît, loves them. This is quite something, since he usually prefers store-bought cookies. (I think that is because I make cookies regularly and so cookies from a store seem exotic. It reminds me of my older sister who used to want to take store-bought white bread sandwiches to school in grade one. My mum used to bake all our bread way back then.)

Butterscotch Oat Squares

1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups large flake rolled oats

Combine sugar, baking powder and rolled oats. Add butter and vanilla. Blend thoroughly. Spread in a square, ungreased pan. Bake at 375 degrees fahrenheit for eight to ten minutes or until golden brown.

Let stand for five minutes. While still warm, cut in squares with a sharp knife (that is, if you haven’t already eaten a bunch of the mixture as soon as it had cooled a bit!!) . Let cool and then remove from pan.

17 thoughts on “More in the line of comfort food

  1. hi kate! this recipe looks SO EASY AND DELICIOUS that I think I may just try it tonight. i have a feeling this cookbook is right up my alley! please post more recipes like this if you have time!

  2. They sound delicious–but that’s all I need–cookies while blogging. I need to eat less and move more. Typing doesn’t count.Aiyana

  3. I bet those kids do remember their recipes, Kate. My daughter, age 33, still remembers a “recipe” she contributed to a school cookbook in first grade. So funny to read their descriptions of how to make a familiar food they enjoy at home. I’m a sucker for home-made goodies like your recipe!

  4. These are the sort of recipes I like, just simple and using few ingredients, I don’t really want to have to go out and buy half the store just to make something, I like to have the ingredients handy in the cupboard. Your Butterscotch Oat Squares moreorless sound like what we call Flapjacks over here, they are delicous, and they are difficult to resist whilst cooling down! x

  5. Yummmm. This sounds wonderful. I expeced to see butterscotch morsels in this but no.. even easier.

  6. Thank you for sharing this recipe! It seems to be an easy and quick way of getting some sweet cookies. I’m just looking for the ingredients and then I’ll have a go….I like to bake and I do it often! Luckily my family loves cookies too!

  7. Tried and true recipe books are always the best. And who says that a recipe has to be long and involved … the easier the better and probably the better tasting too.

  8. Yum, thanks for the recipe! What a treasure you have in that cookbook too. Those old contest or fundraising cookbooks are some of my absolute favorites.

  9. Sometimes old recipes are the best ones and they can live for generations. Your recipe sounds yammy, yammy!

  10. Mmmm … I make Oat Cakes myself though my recipe is a bit different. They are a favorite in this house. My DH LOVES them … and I’m pretty partial to them myself. I just made them myself, recently, for company … alas, we can’t eat them right now while we are on this cleanse/diet. Sigh. But soon.

  11. Hi Kate! Moose and I want a batch of these cookies right now — Moose’s diet be damned! I’m going to make some. I love the simplicity of the recipe and the pure ingredients. Thanks for sharing this! And I hope you’ve had a nice weekend and are feeling better!:)

  12. Hi Kate, thos so delicious and so easy. I just might have all the ingredients handy, and something sweet is what I’m craving right now.

  13. How cute is that cook book! Thanks for the recipe. I’ll try it here and see if the girls like them too.

  14. Anything with oats makes my mouth water. Thanks for this recipe, Kate! I’m printing it now.

  15. I just made this! They are wonderful and I have eaten a whole row from the pan myself (while still warm…just like you mentioned)!

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