Weathergrams and winter

Tonight I went to my first meeting of the Regina Calligraphy and Paper Group. We spent part of the meeting working on weathergrams. Here is some information on what a weathergram is.

We wrote Haiku poems, or lines of about ten words, and then printed them on brown kraft paper. After we finished writing, we punched holes in the paper and then tied string through them. I am planning to put one in my garden and give the other two away.

This is what I wrote on my three weathergrams:

Fish sluggish with cold
ice forming on the surface
pond closed for season

Elm trees are sleeping
leaves have fallen long ago
fast goes the winter

Squash soup is cooking
gather round the table
bodies are warm now.

13 thoughts on “Weathergrams and winter

  1. I like your weathergrams! You are a talented writer! I also like that I learned something new when visiting you today! 😉

  2. The weathergrams are a lovely idea, I might try one at some stage though I am neither poet nor calligraphist. I always admire people who can do calligraphy, it always looks so elegant and attractive.

  3. I love this idea! You write beautifully, Kate, and I like what you wrote on your weathergrams very much, the feeling of your words.

  4. Kate, Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am so glad I found yours! I love this weathergram…. in fact… I think all 3 together make a WONDERFUL POEM about Autumn! Just Fantastic!

  5. I just learned something new. I love the idea of a weathergram being hung on a tree to be fluttered by the wind, faded by the sun, washed by the rain and decomposing eventually back into the earth.Diane at Sand to Glass

  6. You’ve introduced me to something new, too, Kate. The fish and elm verses sound hopeful -“fast goes the winter”, but the Squash soup verse just makes me want to be at that table! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. What a great idea! I will be on the lookout for weathergrams. I wonder if there are any down here in the States. Are they a Canadian thing?And the pond picture…love it!

  8. Very good, Kate! You write so well and I’m excited to visit your new writing blog.Ahhh, squash soup is cooking…nice. It’s a soup day here :o)Your pond photo reflects Autumn so well.And, you had snow? Lucky.

  9. That class sounds wonderful. I have seen these, but did not know what they were called. I will definitely do this.

  10. These are great, Kate. I think Haiku is one of the most perfect forms of expression out there. Not something I can do well, but I sure admire others talents!

  11. Hi Kate! I totally LOVE these weathergrams and the ones you wrote — how completely beautiful and filled with spirit! I never heard of them before, but now I want to make some. What kind of ink is used? Is it standard calligraphy ink? And I love how they hang out in nature and are seasonal. Thank you so much for sharing this!:)

  12. Has that weathergram in the photo been ‘weathered’ yet? It doesn’t really look like it. It would be fun to see one that is.

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