On a Friday

My head felt as if it was spinning for much of today, just like in this picture. When I signed up to post every day during National Blogging Posting Month (NabloPoMo), I didn’t realise what a commitment it is. Can it only be Day 16?

I feel as if I’m coming down with a cold so it’s been one of those lazy, do-as-little-as-possible sort of days. Those little Hallowe’en chocolate bars kept me company along with Fritos.

Now I have that heavy bloated sensation. If I can rouse myself enough, I’m going off to bed. Yes, tomorrow will be a better day.

And that’s the end of my whine for the night.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

16 thoughts on “On a Friday

  1. I love the picture! I’m also feeling under the weather. You’re lucky to have chocolate and Fritos. My little ones made off with the last of the Chips Ahoy! cookies this morning. LOL

  2. Kate, talk about a commitment! I have a hard time posting once a week. I’d say you’re doing a great job of it. Oh, your picture reminded me I had a touch of vertigo today, and I felt like that at times!

  3. Hi Kate – oooh – this picture makes me dizzy. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. I did answer your question in my comments and also wanted to say I’m enjoying the stories in your new blog from your whole group! Also, I don’t see why if you join in on one of Hannah and my stories, you couldn’t include your resulting story on your writing blog and kill two birds with one stone if you wanted to. 😉

  4. Hi Kate,When I decided to blog about my garden, my goal was to post every day until I covered every plant in my garden. I’ve kept that commitment for the most part, but boy, is it a chore at times, and I’ve gained weight sitting at the computer instead of moving around. (At least that’s what I blame it on!) Hope you feel better soon. Another 14 days worth of posts will be a breeze for you!Aiyana

  5. I cannot agree more with lost roses there, it certainly is an achievement to post at the frequency you do. I hope fritos and some heavenly halloween chocolates won’t leave any hangover and you will wake up fresh to welcome the weekend.A very happy weekend to you too, dear Kate!

  6. I have been enjoying reading your blog for the past several days. I did notice you were blogging daily and wondered what had you motivated. I figured it was those long dark days. I hope all this work isn’t making you ill. Take care.

  7. Hmmm, I didn’t know it was National Blogging Posting Month. I made myself a commitment to post every day for one year! Believe you me, sometimes it is hard to know what to come up with! The only times I have missed is when we’ve been on the road with no internet connection. I started March 15th so still have a ways to go. So a month … piece of cake!Chocolate and Chips! Tsk, tsk! Hows about some vitamin C laden snacks with a handful of Brazil Nuts thrown in … to ward off any possible bugs!Neat picture and very apropos for your lead in line!Happy Weekend back!

  8. NaBloPoMo can be a bit of a trial, but I found when I did it last year that my writing improved and so did my creative output. I think you’ve been doing an excellent job of it so far.I am also sharing in your cold. Today is a day of Tylenol, blogging, french press coffee.

  9. Hi Kate, I hope you are feeling better. Here started the cold weather, from one day to another. So, you can see the lots of colds that came around.I did not understand very well what is NaBloPoMo. I realised that you must post every days during one month, am I wright? There is a winner in the end? Sorry for so many questions.I’ll go now answer you in my blog.I wish you get better os your cold.KindlyCris

  10. Hi Monica – I’d probably have stamped my feet if I couldn’t find chocolate yesterday! I hope you are feeling better … it’s that time of year when it’s so easy to pick up bugs. Lost Roses – It is a bigger commitment than I realised when I signed on. Part of it too, is having just started writing for the writing blog. It cuts into my blog-reading time too. I hope you aren’t coming down with something!Teeni – Thanks for the idea of posting in both places. That would work! I slept in this morning and napped for a good part of the afternoon today. I’m feeling better!Aiyana – That is an ambitious project. You’ve done a great job of it – it takes more time than we realise sometimes. I used to go to the gym every day and then found myself blog writing or reading instead. I hope I can get the next 14 done! Green Thumb – Luckily the chocolates the fritos didn’t leave a hangover – although I was really sleepy this aft. Thankfully it’s Saturday and I could have a lazy day.Lisa – Some days it is a struggle to write because other things get in the way. I’m glad that I’m only committed to one month. It is good though because I was down to blogging about once each week and I wanted to be blogging more. Cicero Sings – That is pretty ambitious – to blog every day for one year. I know, I know chocolate and fritos aren’t great, but somehow they were the only things that I really wanted to eat. Schmutzie – I was hoping that NaBloPoMo helped improve my writing … I hope it will. Thanks for the support. Here’s hoping we both recover soon!Cris – I guess this is the cold season in the Northern Hemisphere. You are right! NaBloPoMo means that you are supposed to write one post every day for November. I think they award prizes randomly, but so far I haven’t won anything. Marie – Thank you!

  11. Oh no, another cold candidate! Are you getting your vitamin C? Orange halloween candy doesn’t count!

  12. OH my Kate!! Blogging every day!!! I am getting a headache just thinking about the work involved!! Take it easy or….you know what I have!! :(NG …caused by ((((((STRESS)))

  13. Hi Kate! Very cool photo!! I’m sorry about your cold — hope it gets better soon. I didn’t sign up for NabloPoMo because I knew it would be more than I could keep up with. It is a big commitment. But you’re doing an awesome job — and I always love to read what you come up with!!Big hugs to you and Lytton.:)

  14. Oh, natual blogging posting month. I was in awe of your blogging committment especially in light of my ‘lighter’ than usual post load. My excuse: I homeschool two kids and work part time, plus I have other neglected hobbies, that is other than gardening. That’s the excuse. Oh and my hubby hogs the computer, says his the big bread winner or some other boring reason.Okay, I’m done. I’ll have to check your blog more often 😉 to catch up on the daily postings!!

  15. You are brave to commit to that. Kudos to you. Post away, Kate! I’ll try to keep up :o)

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