My first story at The Created Wor(l)d

It is rather late because I was editing my story for the new blog, The Created Wor(l)d, that I mentioned in my post yesterday. I have titled the story, ‘Hummingbirds’, but that will likely change. Most of today, I read about the Kootenay Lake area of British Columbia because that’s where I decided I wanted my character to live.

At first I thought I would write just one story, but as I started writing, more ideas came to me. I have a feeling that I’ll be writing several stories on the same subject.

The picture above, is a canna lily that grew in my front garden. I quite like the colour, especially at this time of year, when browns and greys predominate.

I hope you check out the new writing blog – there are now four stories posted. They are all different, which I love – I’m really pleased about how well the blog is doing.

12 thoughts on “My first story at The Created Wor(l)d

  1. grannyfiddler says:

    summer…. sigh. we’re locked in winter’s cold heart here. do you start your canna lilies indoors?

  2. Molly says:

    The canna makes it look like you live somewhere tropical and I know that’s not the case! Delicious is the only word to describe those flowers.

  3. chatrine says:

    So many nice pictures since I was here last time!! Love the flowers, and the CAT!!Here is totally whinter now, and I spend most of my time indoors close to the fireplace:)Waiting for next summer, that is when I am going to create my first garden! Can`t wait!!Wish you a nice day,love,chatrine

  4. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I looked at the new blog yesterday. It will be interesting reading. I will look forward to your “Hummingbirds” story. With all your ideas it could be a continued story, lots of suspense.

  5. anna maria says:

    Congratulations on your new venture! You must be very excited. I went over there and read your piece and I must say I am looking forward to future chapters.

  6. kate says:

    Hi GrannyFiddler – I hope you didn’t get any freezing rain … we’re into a bad cold patch too. So far I haven’t started the Cannas indoors so they bloom pretty late. Molly – I wish, I wish the Cannas were blooming now – that picture was from several months ago. Chatrine – I am spending most of my time indoors, especially when the winds are blowing hard. It will be such fun creating your first garden. I can’t wait either! I love my cat too … it weathers well through the winter! Lisa – I’m glad you went over and read the new blog. I think it will be great fun – I love writing stories! I hope you keep on reading!Willow – I think we all will keep on writing. It is a great idea …Anna Maria – Thank you! I am really excited – it is a fun and interesting blog. I like the collaboration aspect. I am glad to be among such a lot of talent!

  7. i am the diva says:

    before my pops picked us up and moved us to the Skatch, we used to live in the Creston Valley – in the Kootenay Lake area of Bristish Columbia. It was beautiful.

  8. Annie in Austin says:

    Your writing project really took off with gusto, Kate! I’ll try to keep up with all these great stories. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Clare says:

    Hi Kate! I will go check out your story later today — this is exciting and it sounds like a really beautiful new site. And you canna lily is spectacular — I also love the colors — a bit of summer hanging on!:)

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