My first story at The Created Wor(l)d

It is rather late because I was editing my story for the new blog, The Created Wor(l)d, that I mentioned in my post yesterday. I have titled the story, ‘Hummingbirds’, but that will likely change. Most of today, I read about the Kootenay Lake area of British Columbia because that’s where I decided I wanted my character to live.

At first I thought I would write just one story, but as I started writing, more ideas came to me. I have a feeling that I’ll be writing several stories on the same subject.

The picture above, is a canna lily that grew in my front garden. I quite like the colour, especially at this time of year, when browns and greys predominate.

I hope you check out the new writing blog – there are now four stories posted. They are all different, which I love – I’m really pleased about how well the blog is doing.

12 thoughts on “My first story at The Created Wor(l)d

  1. summer…. sigh. we’re locked in winter’s cold heart here. do you start your canna lilies indoors?

  2. The canna makes it look like you live somewhere tropical and I know that’s not the case! Delicious is the only word to describe those flowers.

  3. So many nice pictures since I was here last time!! Love the flowers, and the CAT!!Here is totally whinter now, and I spend most of my time indoors close to the fireplace:)Waiting for next summer, that is when I am going to create my first garden! Can`t wait!!Wish you a nice day,love,chatrine

  4. I looked at the new blog yesterday. It will be interesting reading. I will look forward to your “Hummingbirds” story. With all your ideas it could be a continued story, lots of suspense.

  5. I just went over and read them all! I hope all four of you keep writing. I’m hooked!

  6. Congratulations on your new venture! You must be very excited. I went over there and read your piece and I must say I am looking forward to future chapters.

  7. Hi GrannyFiddler – I hope you didn’t get any freezing rain … we’re into a bad cold patch too. So far I haven’t started the Cannas indoors so they bloom pretty late. Molly – I wish, I wish the Cannas were blooming now – that picture was from several months ago. Chatrine – I am spending most of my time indoors, especially when the winds are blowing hard. It will be such fun creating your first garden. I can’t wait either! I love my cat too … it weathers well through the winter! Lisa – I’m glad you went over and read the new blog. I think it will be great fun – I love writing stories! I hope you keep on reading!Willow – I think we all will keep on writing. It is a great idea …Anna Maria – Thank you! I am really excited – it is a fun and interesting blog. I like the collaboration aspect. I am glad to be among such a lot of talent!

  8. before my pops picked us up and moved us to the Skatch, we used to live in the Creston Valley – in the Kootenay Lake area of Bristish Columbia. It was beautiful.

  9. Your writing project really took off with gusto, Kate! I’ll try to keep up with all these great stories. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Hi Kate! I will go check out your story later today — this is exciting and it sounds like a really beautiful new site. And you canna lily is spectacular — I also love the colors — a bit of summer hanging on!:)

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