A snowy night and a new blog

As the snow flies, I’m glad to be bundled up in a cozy down comforter and dreaming of flowers. I have spent the evening working on a story that hopefully I’ll finish in the next day or so for a new writing blog, TheCreatedWor(l)d .

I am excited to be part of this collaborative effort with a group of wonderful blog writers. There is Aria from California, with her always unique take on food at Passionate Nonchalance, and Bindi from Melbourne, Australia, who writes on a variety of interesting subjects in her blog, Epossums. I wish I lived in Australia these days, since it is spring there.

Closer to my home, Diana gives us glimpses of life in northern Alberta in her Granny Fiddler blog. I’m hoping we’ll hear about her new harp soon.

Then there is Ingrid, a screenwriter and movie buff from London, England who entertains us with excellent movie reviews and posts about life in London in her blog, The Girl in the Café.

Kate, who lives relatively close to me, in Minnesota, shares her incredible culinary expertise, along with her extensive knowledge of wine at Kate in the Kitchen.

And finally, Katie, who lives in Virginia, totally inspires me with her garden and her incredible gardening knowledge and photographs at her GottaGarden blog.

I hope you will all come and visit The Created Wor(l)d and read our latest fiction pieces.

Let’s hope that the snow will soon stop falling here!

11 thoughts on “A snowy night and a new blog

  1. Well, that new blog is certainly exciting news. I’ll be sure to visit there! And I’m glad to see something interesting will be keeping you entertained until your garden blooms again. What fun! 🙂

  2. Snow? I’m sure I’m not ready for that yet!The new site sounds like a wonderful place to spend your winter, enjoy. I will probably pass it by for now, I am very involved with my art and the time than I can manage to do it is very precious.

  3. Hi Teeni – I’m looking forward to it … it will definitely help make the winter more entertaining. Plus, I am learning how to use WordPress, which I quite like. Pam – I certainly understand and doing your art is what is important when you are able to do it.

  4. Snow? Oh how I wish for snow! Please, send it my way? I should move north where snow is a way of life, not just a wish in a cloud. ~*~

  5. yay, it looks great! i can’t wait to read your first installation. i just posted chapter1 of my new scifi thriller!! hehe

  6. This sounds very interesting Kate. I wish you luck on your new blog. Maybe it will be helpful to keep you warm by writing about being in the Islands with palm trees swaying in the breeze and Julio rubbing suntan lotion on your back while Carmen makes you a great lunch of mahi mahi with mango salsa. mmmmmmmm

  7. Snow? What’s that? asks Willow who has been wondering if the warm temperatures and breezes this week mean more Santa Ana winds for Southern CA.I shall certainly check in on your new blog. Sounds exciting!

  8. Good for you on your new blog!You just reminded me that I need to post about “The Girl in the Cafe.” I haven’t done that yet! I started to write the post a couple of months ago and somehow got distracted and never got back to it. I’m not sure I can do it justice now, although I really liked the movie a lot.

  9. How cool is that, Kate?! I’m looking forward to some new reading experiences with the new blog. Hugs.

  10. Kate, congratulations for participate in a new writing blog. It’s interesting as it is writed by people from several parts os the world.I’ll visit it, even with my dificulty on english, but is reading and writing that we learn ;)?Cris

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