Rocks and pawprints in snow

Many months ago, I said I would post some pictures of my favourite rocks in the garden. Well, it dawned me this morning that they will be completely covered in snow, probably by tomorrow morning (if the forecast is correct). We had some snow and freezing rain in the early morning, although by mid-morning when I took these pictures, the snow was melting.

When I closed my eyes and raised my face to the sun, for the briefest of moments, I felt as if it was spring.

Okay, I really do have to stop thinking of spring and savour these times when standing outside and taking photographs without mittens is still a possibility.

These are two of my favourite rocks. My dad found the round, brown one (above) at the lake. It has spent this past summer surrounded by Kenilworth Ivy. I am amazed that this ivy can survive several hard frosts and still look good.

This black glittery rock has such a neat line of pink through it that my eye is often drawn to it. I don’t think it wants to be covered by snow either. Perhaps I should bring it in for the winter. I also have a collection of other, smaller rocks that have much the same band of colour running through them.

Sometimes I think it’s surprising that I haven’t walked into objects more often than I do considering how much time I spend gazing at the ground looking at rocks … even pea gravel gets my attention.

Well, I also love looking at animal tracks, particularly in freshly-fallen snow. Lytton, my dog, wasn’t in the mood for photographs today … so I figured I’d take a picture of his pawprints instead. He has huge paws!

13 thoughts on “Rocks and pawprints in snow

  1. Hi Kate – I have a little catching up to do!! Your rocks are cool – I love the black with the stripe. Pretty ivy – does it climb or is it a ground cover? Lytton’s pawprint does look big!I love the colors of your new scarf – perfect for autumn and winter!! The beeswax collages are fun. My son does a lot of picture collages – I’m going to pass this idea on to him. I read The Camel Bookmobile – great book. I’ve read a couple others by her – and if I remember correctly, they were good also.We finally had some morning temps in the 20’s – our first freeze. I’m going to enjoy winter – but I’ll be very ready for spring when it gets here!!

  2. Hi Kate! Your photos are awesome! I love the light in the one with Lytton’s paws. And the rocks are stunning — I really love the black one with the pink line — it’s incredibly beautiful. And the round, brown one looks so friendly and comforting. I’m glad you got to feel the sun on your face this morning! Moose and I send big hugs. Did I tell you Moose is on a diet? The vet said he needs to lose 1 or 2 pounds, and Moose thought that was a horrible idea. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow You’ve got snow already!!I posted a link to the Warholizer (yes still addicted) on my Myspace, to HUGE interest – alot of new Warhols are being created!!Thanks again for showing me the way!

  4. Thanks for sharing your favourite rocks! I too have special rocks around my garden, many with memories attached. Brr all that snow is making me cold! Bet it’s beautiful though :O)

  5. Three of my favorite things in the garden. Rocks, dogs and snow. šŸ™‚

  6. there’s just something irresistable about rocks. they find homes in all the nooks and crannies of our lives… sometimes in places nature never thought of.i used to keep a big shallow bowl for my kids’ rock collections when they were small. it always had a place of honor on a table in the house. in their teens the kids gave me a tabletop fountain, and we picked their very best rocks for the water to trickle down.

  7. Rocks are great fun aren’t they? They each have a story to tell of where and when they were formed.I like your snowprints too, though they made me shiver at the thought of having snow again.I enjoyed scrolling back and reding the last few posts. I love all your artwork with the beeswax.

  8. I like the black one! I recently toured a garden and the lady of the house had a huge driveway and courtyard that were paved with all sizes of heart-shaped rocks that she had collected for over 30 years. It was amazing. There must have been 10 tons of rocks in the two areas.Aiyana

  9. It is a good thing that you tokk those photos before the stones were covered by snow. Beautiful!Have a nice weekend :o)

  10. Kris – Kenilworth ivy is a ground cover, often used in pots because it trails really beautifully. It is an annual here – reseeding everywhere. I love that because it shows up in the most unexpected places. I have two other books by Masha Hamilton on reserve at the library … I am looking forward to reading them. I guess freezes here are inevitable … you are lucky to have gone as long as you did without one!Clare – The light coming through the fence yesterday cast such cool shadows on the snow. The pawprints looked really interesting … and big. I feel for Moose and having to lose some weight. Lytton would not like that one bit. I am going to give him a stern lecture about keeping his weight down. He’ll just ignore me, I imagine. Truefaith – I am glad that you are enjoying the Warholizer. It is great fun!Gina – It’s wonderful having special rocks in the garden with memories attached to them. I like looking at the snow when I’m inside, but I’m not looking forward to big drifts of it everywhere. Lisa – Rocks and dogs are two of my favourite things in the garden – I’m not sure about the snow though!Grannyfiddler – Rocks do manage to find ways into our lives. I am amazed by how I can see a rock and it brings back an instant moment of remembrance – I get as attached to my favourite rocks as I do to my fish! I enjoyed hearing about how you kept a big bowl on the kitchen table for your kid’s rock collections and then using favourite rocks for the tabletop fountain. Good memories there …Wildlife gardener – I’m glad to see you! Rocks can hold a special place in our lives. Beeswax collage is great fun. I could spend hours and hours doing it. Aiyana – I love the thought of all those heart-shaped rocks being carefully collected. That must have been beautiful. Marie – Somehow we managed to avoid more snow and so the rocks are still visible… thankfully, for a few more days, I think!

  11. I love the paw prints in the snow. I wish we had more snow here. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I think the part of it about the encaustics is from a different Laura. :-)Take care! ~*~

  12. Kate, I like snow because it is an event when we get it. I live far enough south that we don’t have snow every year. Most years we get a sprinkling. If we get 4″ or so the school system closes and all is so nice and quiet. I know that people farther north get tired of it. Let it snow…

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