Fiddling with wool

On Friday night, I spent a wonderful evening listening to April Verch, one of Canada’s best fiddlers. She was accompanied by two guitarists, who were both incredible as well. It was the opening night of their Strung tour and I’m so glad that I heard them. April Verch is also an exceptional stepdancer and singer, so it was quite the night.

That’s one of the good things about living here … we’re on the route between Winnipeg/Toronto/ Montreal and Calgary/ Vancouver. Sometimes groups stop here instead of passing over us (although that happens more often than not).

On 15 December, Natalie MacMaster, who hails from Cape Breton, will be appearing in the same venue as April Verch. Natalie is another fiddle virtuoso and always puts on a spectacular show.

Since I have been a bit tired, I’ve spent a chunk of time knitting. I was curious to see how the new wool would look in a scarf. This is my progress to date.

I am liking the colours and want to keep on knitting to see when and how the colours repeat.

Happy week everyone!

20 thoughts on “Fiddling with wool

  1. Hi Kate,Ain’t that the life…listening to music you love and knitting??? All you need is a good crackling fire. Your scarf is beautiful…reminds me of ‘Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors’. Have a great week, Chris

  2. Thanks for the link to the Randomizer in your previous post. I’ve always wondered how it was done. I love the colours and textures of your yarns and scarf. Beautiful fibre deserves to be displayed.

  3. Kate,Check your email for a note about blocking.I wish I could have been with you at the concert!Willow

  4. Wow! Kate – what a great art and craft post! The art – the music by April Verch and the craft – your lovely scarf. Keep posting that scarf so we can see how the colors change too! 😉

  5. I love the beautiful colours in the yarn – just right to cheer up the cold winter months!Celia

  6. Knitting with lovely wools and listening to beautiful music…ahh! Scarves are very “in” and with all the incredible wool out there, they are beautiful and fun. I like the colors in yours very much.I have a sister who has taken knitting to a whole new level, for the fun of it you might want to check out her website.

  7. Your new yarn is beautiful. Such lovely colors and texture that makes you want to fling the scarf around your neck so you can pull your head down into it like a turtle.You are lucky to live where you get to hear the music of your choice in concert. This is a rarity here where I live.

  8. oh i just love fiddle music… my grandfather was a preacher of a small church and he had all kinds of gospel singers and musicians come in on sundays…. my favorite fiddler was named Kermitt … like the frog… he was good… that scarf is awsome!

  9. so yum. mouthwatering colors. mohair and silk… sigh. i just came across a couple @ the local farmer’s market selling yarns like that. they’ll be seeing more of me. crank up the music and snuggle in. i like a steaming cup of Celestial Seasonings’ ‘Bengal Spice’ tea as i meander through creative avenues.

  10. I REALLY like that scarf — just love the colors. And it makes me feel warm (we’re getting cold finally here in Chicago). And everytime you take about fiddlers it reminds me that I haven’t been practicing!

  11. What nice rich colors! I’ll bet you wear this one. I am getting into my winter projects, too. Lots of sewing and quilting to keep me busy through the dark months.

  12. Those are perfect colors for the season, Kate. It’s the time of year for knitting! Your scarf looks soft and warm.You are lucky to be able to enjoy a concert of music you love. That’s a rarity, most of the time.Stay cozy!

  13. That scarf is gorgeous, Kate! I love it! And what can I say about Lytton sitting in that sweet comfy pose…what a cutie.

  14. Natalie McMaster is doing a concert in our city in December too. You are the second blogger who has peaked my interest in seeing her live.

  15. Hi Kate, I love your scarf! The colors by themselves will warm up a winter day. You’re making want to get out my collection of yarn, whcih I haven’t touched in two years…. 😦

  16. I had a chance to see Natalie McMaster perform some years ago, and I don’t think there is a performance I enjoyed more than that! Step dancing fiddlers are fabulous fun to watch and listen to ( of course Celtic music isone of my favorites- so that might bias my opinion a bit)The colors in that scarf are superlative.

  17. Good to hear the top musicians don’t always pass you by. Love the colours in the scarf, what fun!

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