After Andy Warhol

I spent way too much time today fooling around with ‘The Warholizer’. I came upon this amazing photo tool at Seth’s blog, The Altered Page.
Just upload a photograph, and voilà, the Warholizer turns your photographs into cool pieces of art.

As you can see, Lytton was singularly unimpressed with this new toy and spent much of the day sleeping on his favourite chair.

It has been a lazy, meandering sort of day – my watercolour workshop was cancelled this weekend because of a strike at the University of Regina. Instead of painting, I’ve been Warholizing photographs, reading and yes, once again, knitting.

I started knitting a new scarf in colours different from my usual blues and purples. This wool is a mohair, wool and silk blend in orange, rust, brown, turquoise and pale green. This colour combination is quite striking. I figure these are good colours for autumn.

21 thoughts on “After Andy Warhol

  1. Aaaw, Doesn’t he look adorable perched up there. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. Your ‘pop art’ looks good! :O)

  2. Great photo of Lytton:) I’m afraid I’m not a fan of Andy Warhol or any other modern artists, I am one of those whom artistic people loathe – the ‘I know what I like and it’s all very traditional’ school of thinking. To be honest you couldn’t GIVE me a Picasso or a Dali etc, much less get me to part with money for one! Heresy I know, but there we are:)

  3. I intend to be just like Lytton today. Sit in my chair vegetate and think about all the things I could/should be doing.

  4. I feel like Lytton today 🙂 There are chores to do, but I’d rather rest my head on the arm of a chair. Hope you’ll show us your new scarf!

  5. Andy would be proud.Lytton needs a new puppy to play with.I love your scraves. They are quite beautiful.

  6. I’m going to try it. I fool around with Photoshop elements and get some great effects, but this looks easier.Aiyana

  7. That tool looks like fun. Lytton is a great name – what type of dog is he? Is there a story behind the name? I hope issues get resolved and your classes start up again soon! I imagine you miss them.

  8. Thanks for the link to the Warholizer. I’ll have to give that a try.Don’t we all need a lazy afternoon like Lytton!

  9. ooh that new wool sounds like a beautiful combination of colors, i can imagine it. look at sir lytton, that face! geez, what a life, he looks like a sucker for hugs and chilling out, my kinda pal!

  10. Kate, I love modern art, much more than traditional. As a matter of fact we just recently bought an art print of one of Andy Warhol’s picture which will be in our staircase. I will have to give that filter a try with one of my photographs. /Andrea

  11. Your Warhol photos are very cool. I hadn’t seen that before.Lytton looks like he’d rather be going for a walk – lol.Thanks for the idea of painting a practice board with the shed base color – sounds perfect. I imagine I won’t really dig into that until after the holidays – but I’ve been looking thru books for ideas.

  12. uh oh….here I should be catching up on work tonight, and I can see myself instead warholizing photos. You’re a bad influence on me, my friend…:-)

  13. Interesting tool you discovered there … I’ll have to give it a try. Lytton looks so cozy. Now that I’m not gardening I’m doing lots of knitting as well. I’m doing a really simple scarf pattern that you might be interested in. It’s on my craft blog Crafty Gardener: The Crafty Side

  14. Thanks for your kinds words Kate.The Warholizer looks great fun!!Beautiful pic of the dog too!Nice to meet youJustin (truefaith1963)

  15. That warholizer is really cool! I always wanted to play with photos but can never find the time.

  16. Am hooked on the Warholizer – do you know if theres a support group for addicts??

  17. Kate: Great image with The Warholizer. And thanks so much for the link to my blog. It is much appreciated! Seth

  18. Thanks for the link to the Warholizer. A new toy is always welcome. Can’t wait to try it. Lytton looks like a big dog. I’m surprised he finds his hard chin rest to be comfortable but I do noticed that our dog also likes some kind of head elevation, be it a pillow or her own foot tucked under her head.

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