The Insatiable Knitter

Now that the gardening season is virtually over here – and snow flurries predicted in the near future, I’ve hauled out my wool and am knitting up a storm.

I envy other knitters who follow patterns and knit beautiful sweaters, hats, socks and mittens. In the past few years, I’ve stuck to knitting scarves. (pictured above are my latest scarves).

I suppose the main reason I like knitting scarves is that I finish them. This way I avoid the spectre of languishing sweater projects. I have several of those tucked into the back of the closet, where they’ll probably stay for many more years!

I have a clear remembrance of the adorable sweater I started when my son was aged two. That was thirteen years ago. He certainly couldn’t fit into it now, so I guess that is my excuse for why I probably won’t finish it.
I am a wool addict – I freely admit it. Several years ago, a wool store opened a short walk from my house. The selection of wool is quite astounding and I rarely ever walk out without some new wool.

While much of the wool is from local sources, there is also a good variety from most parts of the world (as you can see above, in my wool basket).

Let’s hope that I don’t turn into the woman in this video Granny Fiddler passed on this link.

21 thoughts on “The Insatiable Knitter

  1. Mary says:

    Kate,That video is very scary…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t turn into that poor woman!Enjoy your knitting with the softest wool and watch the length of those scarves, please.LOL!

  2. jodi says:

    Seeing your wonderful projects and that basket of rich colours, I’m tempted to get out my knitting needles and try knitting scarves…if only for the jewellike colours and textures. I knit socks, Kate, using Briggs and Little wool, but I’ve never tried the fancier wools in many years–and there are just so many fun options now, aren’t there?

  3. Cicero Sings says:

    I’m not a knitter though I know how … just never been hit by the bug! My Mom and sister are the knitters. I should say, my Mom was a knitter. She is 93 now and blind from macular degeneration. When she couldn’t see to knit anything else, she knitted scarves and sent them to a homeless shelter in Vancouver. As for my sister, the harder the pattern the better she likes it. She can knit like a machine she goes at it so fast! The video made me laugh. Hopefully you aren’t SO possessed!

  4. Willow says:

    Well, I think that video was made about me! I love to knit. Your scarves are really sweet. All those colors, all those patterns. You’re right about scarves being quick to knit, a guarantee that you’ll finish them. Knit on, Kate!

  5. Rowan says:

    My immediate reaction when I saw this post was ‘oh! what wonderful colours’. I’m a knitter, mostly baby clothes right now but I do a lot of scarves as well. Occasionally I venture into larger projects too but really I prefer simple things that are quickly finished.

  6. teeni says:

    Cute video! I know how that addiction feels although for me it is more crochet than knitting. I am looking forward to seeing your creativity with the yarns! They are beautiful colors.

  7. Nicole says:

    As a lover of textiles, I love the colors and textures in your wool basket-makes me want to get you some silk yarn I saw in the market in Laos!

  8. Ruth Welter says:

    Kate, your scarves are beautiful. I cannot believe it, did you do them all very recently?? You’ve been knitting up a storm then. I also think the yarn balls look so pretty together like that. I would love to know how to knit but I don’t yet. I do have a book but I think it is turning out to be like the sweater you started 13 years ago becuase my book is 2 years old and I haven’t even touched it. I originally bought if for my sister in law because she is a fabulous knitter and I thought she would love the book. The problem was she did love it, so much so that she bought it already for herself. Rather then returning it, I had every intention of learning to knit…argh, I just haven’t done it yet.

  9. Kat says:

    That was hilarious! I’ll bet it was another knitter in the canyon trying to steal her wool ;o)

  10. Ilona says:

    I think your scarves are beautiful, and your choice of wools in the basket are all so lovely – no wonder you couldn’t leave the store without some of those wonderful colors and textures.I envy you your talent of knitting- I never quite picked it up although my mother and grandmother both tried to teach me.

  11. Abby Creek Art says:

    And you knit too?!? That video was a crack-up, Kate! Maybe you should knit Lytton a little scarf to keep him warm this winter. He would look pretty dapper I think.:)

  12. Ruth says:

    I like knitting scarves with big needles and chunky yarn. The only other thing I knit are dishcloths. Both require little concentration on my part. You cannot have too many winter scarves!

  13. Alyssa says:

    Kate the colors of your wool are beautiful. It matches the blue, purples, mauves and lilacs on your blog! My mother-in-law crochets and is also a wool addict. She has containers full of wonderfully colored balls of yarn and can’t visit a yard shop without buying some more. The scarves look chic and cozy.

  14. Entangled says:

    What beautiful yarn and scarves! I tolerate winter much better since I started knitting, but I’m still working on a summer scarf. It’ll be for next summer now.Thanks for sharing that video link – I laughed til I cried.

  15. anne says:

    I love your scarves. Have you ever tried your hand at felting them? I’m thinking of taking that up again this year.

  16. Jardineira aprendiz says:

    I perfectly understand you! I started a sweter more than 20 years ago and never finished it! Now even scarves would be too much for me. Your scarves look beautiful and warm!

  17. Andrea's Garden says:

    I finally have time tonight to look at my favorite blogs. Lately I have just been exhausted. Working fulltime again after having been sick for a number of months is strenuous. I love the color of your wool. Back in the days I used to knit a lot of sweaters. Last winter I started some socks which are tucked away in my basket and are waiting to be finished. 🙂 So – I know how you feel when you say you are sticking to scarves. Maybe I should do that. Take care! Andrea

  18. kris says:

    That video made me laugh! I love your scarves – and the basket of wool – gorgeous colors. Kate, you have all of these talents I wish I had!! The painting, the music, the knitting – I’m totally jealous!!

  19. grannyfiddler says:

    that basket of fabulous balls of yarns is posing for you, kate. it wants you to do a watercolor still life of it. maybe with some knitting needles poked strategically here and there, or in a bunch at one side. and, i notice the basket is knitted too, from yarn that looks the color of willow twigs! i think Lytton may be posing as well…. and you’ve inspired me to put a selection of all my loveliest balls of yarn in my most gorgeous antique ceramic bowl in the centre of my dining table, instead of a bowl of fruit. it’s hard to beat a scarf as a project. easy to finish, and do a decent job on, lots of potential for variation and imagination, but it’s over and done with before you’re tired of it – like a good book. AND it keeps you warm, both while your making it, and while you’re wearing it.

  20. Yolanda Elizabet says:

    How lucky you are to have a wool shop nearby. here I can’t find real wool to knit, only that terrible acryl stuff. I understand why you couldn’t resist buying all that lovely wool, the colours are simply great. Happy knitting Kate!

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