Frost crackling underfoot

Last night brought freezing rain and colder temperatures than we’ve yet experienced this fall. It is a beautiful, foggy morning. The air is crisp, the wind is silent and the frost has made beautiful patterns on windows and on plants.

It’s a good thing that the fish are housed inside since the pond is now frozen over.

The garden looks quite lovely covered with a thin layer of tiny frost pellets. Here’s a picture, at right, of the Mohican Wayfaring Tree (Viburnum lantana ‘Mohican’)
looking frosty this Saturday morning.

Now the question is: will there be more snow for Hallowe’en?

41 thoughts on “Frost crackling underfoot

  1. It’s funny to look at this ice when we are having such a warm Autumn. Let’s hope you have some snow, and we can have some rain!

  2. Brrrr! Another unexpected smattering of rain in our neck of the woods – a welcome surprise after the hot windy days last week. Your photos make me want to sit by the fire and drink hot tea.

  3. Like nikki, we got a little bit of rain, which we need so badly. Will you share some more with us? I am imagining you wrapped up in a red, orange and brown quilt, reading a gardening book.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Kate ! Goodness – here I am complaining about our coolish weather, and I just realised you live in Saskatchewan. LOL !!

  5. Ooooooo that icy picture makes me feel cold. It is cool here but not cool enough for frost. When I look outside tho it is gloomy enough to fool the mind when looking at your ice and frost. You will have to play your fiddle to keep warm. 🙂

  6. Awwww…no-o-o-o-o…to FROST! I.m NOT ready for these posts Kate! I have missed a month in the garden and now that I am zooming around the blog community all I see is fallen leaves and frost! I want to hold onto summer and it’s bright colors..not ready for frost..I feel like sleeping beauty who has woken to a new world!I think I will go to your previous post and look at your that’s comfort!!Hugs Anna

  7. Still no frost to speak of here, Kate, but yours is creating wonderful ice art! The Black and Blue salvia is still flowering like crazy, although tonight’s wind may well rip it to shreds. Isn’t this the weirdest autumn? Perhaps we can blame it on the hot air out of Ottawa?

  8. I hope the winter hasn’t completely arrived yet, as that might be a tad early. But I love the picture of the ice (it’s like the white pedals are stuck in time, frozen in the water) and the thin layer of frost is beautiful too. Keep taking pictures, I enjoy them!

  9. I’m betting on more snow before Halloween for sure! Just north of you here, we have more snow predicted for Tuesday…let’s see…

  10. I can see those snow crystals on the plants. You are in Saskatchewan and I’m in Ontario. They were predicting on Friday’s news that we would have a white Halloween and even though there is a brisk wind and rain here, I don’t think (am hoping) that it won’t snow yet. Goodness, last Thursday it was 26C. A great change in too short of a time.Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed visiting.

  11. Your pictures of ice and frost makes me realise how fleeting the seasons are. Isn’t it amazing how quickly plants grow and flower in the spring and summer – then in a few days the mood changes…What do you do with all the tender plants? Have they been put in a greenhouse or indoors?Celia

  12. I love your photo of the icy wter. It’s a lovely composition with the bits of leaf throughout. And as for the freezes, we’ll be iced over soon, too. But winter is winter. What do we expect?

  13. OH MY GOSH !!! I’m not ready for frost. Today I went for a walk and although it is getting cooler here a sweater was all I needed. I guess the fact that November arrives this week I should expect your weather to arrive here soon.

  14. Hi Kate Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment, your blog is very interesting too, frost in the garden wow, for those of us in Florida is hard to picture.

  15. Oh my, I guess it was bound to happen though we’ve been loving the extended warmth. I love the photo of petals and leaves entrapped in ice. Quite beautiful in an abstract way. Your fish must love you. Ours remain outdoors throughout the winter in a kind of torpor. I just have to remember to keep a hole in the ice to release the toxic gases.

  16. Brrrr, Those photos are enough chill for me. And I’m in Australia.

  17. I’m glad it’s not cold here.I’m still in bed with the flu.Icky.

  18. Great pictures. I can see that winter is at your doorstep. The ice on the pond reminds me to get the kiddy pool ready in the basement for my fish. We’ll be having a freeze here soon too.

  19. A garden covered in frost… ah, yes, it all sounds so very idyllic to me.Here’s hoping you get that Hallowe’en snow.see you, g xo

  20. hi kate, i’m so jealous of your frost, and crisp air. we have wild fires here now and the air is awful!

  21. Wow! I’m glad your fish have an indoor home as well. I know it is time and I shouldn’t be surprised but the frosts always take me by surprise. Your Mohican Wayfaring Tree looks like it was decorated just so with the frost, so at least it is pretty. But it makes me a little chilly to look at. LOL. Oh well, one day closer to Spring, right? 🙂

  22. Ow how pretty the frost on your pond looks kate. I would never have thought to take a photo of that, just lovely.

  23. I really like the top photograph, ice and frost can make almost anything look beautiful. We’ve had a few frosts but none that have been really hard. All the gardens still have flowers romping away – mine being the exception this year as I haven’t spent the time on it that I usually do. Still, there’s always next year when you’re a gardener:)

  24. I already miss the cold weather, here it seems it is spring again. Just a few days ago started a colder nigths, but in the day it’s hot. Cris

  25. Hi Kate!It’s been a while! You are making me shiver. I thought our daytime temp of 55 was too chilly today since last week at had 90!We haven’t had a frost or freeze yet but I fell it’s coming soon. Your icy photos are an awakening after a very long, hot summer…

  26. Seeing the pretty photo of the frost was a bit of a shock – it’s hard to believe that summer is actually over! It’s obvious though that you are one of those people who can find beauty in any kind of weather.

  27. You really did get frosted, didn’t you? Good thing you have no “fish-sicles”! Why is it that Halloween is always cold and sometimes snowy? You can hardly see the costumes for the coats, though it’s not supposed to be too bad here this year for a change. At least no snow!

  28. Hi Kate! Gorgeous photos — I love the frozen pond (glad the fish are inside the house, and I bet they are glad too!). And the frost on the Mohican Wayfaring Tree is really pretty. Does it bother you driving on icy roads? I’d be freaked out about that — but I guess it’s something that people get used to. Moose wonders if Lytton’s paws get really cold too, and if he wears little booties.:)

  29. I stopped by to say hi, thinking I had already commented on your frosty pictures, and realized I’d had a senior moment. I think the early warnings of winter are very pretty, but I’m a long ways from being ready!

  30. There has been frost here in Ontario but today feels like early September. Don’t think there will be any snow yet. btw…I was inspired by your previous post about chocolate and my mention of my hubbies hot pepper obsession. So later this week I’m combining the 2 to make a chocolate chili. I guess it’s also known as Cincinnati Chili. I’ve never made it before, but I think I might up the decadence level and add a cabernet instead of wine vinegar.

  31. I love the photo of your frosted over pond. Our pond doesn’t usually frost over and if it does it isn’t until January. The ice on your pond looks really beautiful.Thanks for stopping by the Rosehaven Cottage blog and for the nice comment. Hope you come back for tomorrow’s installment on the road trip that my mom and I took last week. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  32. We’ve got some frost on the pumpkins this morning here, Kate! Really love that first photo…it’s beautiful. Hope all is well with you and Mr. Lytton! Happy Halloween!

  33. Hi Kate! This URL you sent does work, so now I can repay your visit. We will be “celebrating” Halloween here in Hawaii too, although definitely no snow! Apparently the tourists join in and make up all sorts of crazy outfits from what they can find in their suitcases and around the place. It ought to be fun.In keeping with the theme of your blog: I have fallen in love with red ginger, growing everywhere here. I have the yellow flowered ginger in my Melbourne garden – the perfume is heavenly – but I’m going to see if I can get the red variety AND grow it in a non-tropical climate.

  34. I love your frosty photos – but I’m kind of happy we don’t have any here yet! 🙂

  35. ok, i can take a hint. i’ve dug out the longjohns, woolly sweaters, mitts and touques… and just realized that i think i took my winter coat to the cleaners in spring and it’s been there ever since… at least i hope so, cuz there’s no sign of it at home!

  36. I’ve never heard of that viburnum…does it get berries on it? If it’s hardy for you, maybe I could grow it! That frost is pretty…I just LOVE fall!

  37. God…what nice pictures you have here!!Almost like the winther…wow..Hugs from chatrine

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