Misplaced morning glories – GTS

After having seeing gorgeous Morning Glory photographs on Layanee’s blog, I was wishing mine hadn’t all succumbed to frost.

Dreaming about something usually doesn’t make it happen right there and then, but in this case, it did.

If you look at the photograph on right, you’ll notice a dark purple Morning Glory bloom in the Ponytail Cactus which I happened upon while watering my indoor plants. I hadn’t realised that a Morning Seed had taken up residence with the Ponytail Palm. That made my day!

I still have some Passion Fruit ripening, although I suspect they will be like their brethren and contain a few seeds if that. The vines continue to do well, even though they are back inside.

And one of my favourite household each afternoon is the way the sunlight brightens the living room, throwing wonderful shadows everywhere.

That is one of the best things about living on the prairies – the quality of light is incredible.

48 thoughts on “Misplaced morning glories – GTS

  1. Kate, reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous photos is so soothing and calming. I just love it. I even feel calmed just looking at the lovely lavendar background.My garden is a jumble of Echinacea seed heads, and a few perennial tiny chrysanthemums that bloom in the fall. I have a tiny purple flower in full growth right now and don’t remember what it is called. Then there is the errant spiderwort that blooms occasionally now. It will poke tiny purple heads out until the first hard frost. One year I photographed it on Nov. 8th.But alas, now it is raining. I hope to take a final photo or two this week when the sun returns.

  2. I would imagine that if your quality of light is great because of your location, it must be unbelievable in the fall. Fall light is always so golden and lovely.Aiyana

  3. You were very lucky finding a morning glory bloom … mine are all finished and the plants have been pulled.

  4. Passionfruit! That looks fun to grow, Kate. Mine make flowers but I don’t think they’re fertile. I like the sneaky little morning glory, which wants to grow where palms grow. Enjoy the autumn light angling in through the windows!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. I hold the stems that are rooted to the gound. The rain be falling, but at least Mr. Pride planted the seed to mah salvation.

  6. What a nice surprise to find a shy, little morning glory in among your house plants!So what’s your secret with passionfruit? I have a plant, but I keep it indoors. Hmmm. Maybe next year I’ll let it out for a couple of months.

  7. What a lovely surprise morning glory hitch hiker! You are right, that light is definitely glorious.

  8. Your prairie light is lovely. I’d like to climb into that sunny spot and enjoy it for a while – it looks like your plants thrive in it!

  9. It is so much fun when flowers surprise you. That is why we love them so much.The inside of your house looks warm and inviting,especially with all the lovely plants.

  10. That is beautiful light in the last photo, Kate. This time of year too…it’s magic light! I don’t think there is another month quite like October when it comes to stunning skies and sunlight. xoxo

  11. Cheers for your volunteer Morning Glory, what a happy surprise! Let us know how it does in the house.

  12. Kate: Thank you for the link concerning the morning glories! I’m glad you found one still blooming in it’s protected location. I love that blue pot! Also, your strewn path pictures are so lovely. I can smell the autumn smells along the way!

  13. Hooray for the morning glory! I love that blue – hope it likes being in the house!!I love the light in your house – and that window is totally cool.

  14. I love the surprise morning glory! We had a surprise one this summer, too. I only noticed it last week, growing at the foot of the bird feeder. Apparently, the seed was in the bird seed mix! It looks just like yours!You’re so right, about the lighting. We have that here, too. :-)I’ve not forgotten the seeds for you. I just need to list the other ones I can send to you so you can choose! Bad, bad Kylee – procrastinating again…

  15. Surely. One single flower can make a day! :)I admire the few flowers outside here, that still are hanging in there.I have planted some heather etc. now.The ligt and the reflections at this time of year are lovely.Have a nice October! 🙂

  16. Hi KateThis is my first visit to your lovely blog. I love the surprise of a morning glory also. All three of our garden arbours are covered in morning glory & they are heavy with seeds now (with the occassional glory still blooming)and we often find them popping up throughout our garden. Scrolling down through your posts I also noticed your precious brown lab Lytton ~ he is gorgeous!

  17. it`s now time to enjoy the inndoor flowers! Soon winter is here.. I love your Passion fruit tree:) your sunlight is georgeous! Today it is rain and wind here. My dog won`t even go out… I wish you a nice day, and I hope the sun shines at your place today:)Love, Chatrine

  18. The Autumn light must be wonderful where you are. I love it when plants seed themselves in the most surprising and unexpected places. Our neighbour a few doors up has a gorgeous plant in her garden that I kept meaning to ask for a cutting and then last week I found a seedling had taken up residence in our own garden!Kim x

  19. I’m impressed with your tenacious morning glory. And I, too, am taken in by the play of light. That’s why the Impressionists are my favorite artists, they have come as close on canvas to the reality of light as is possible.

  20. The photo of your living room reminds me of you. Bright, greens & blues, very sweet.Great post, Kate :o)

  21. Passion fruit juice is wonderful. Fragrant and tasty though some find it too perfumy. I am amazed you can grow passion fruit that actually ripens. Up where you are the long slanting rays in autumn should make for some wonderful photos. Hope it inspires you to paint more.

  22. It’s wonderful to discover a little plant that we didn’t sown. In my garden now are germinating plants from seeds of anuals. I think it is too soon, but we must let the nature take its course, If the seeds are germinating, what to do?I also have one of these cactus and they are very resistant to cold weather. Cris

  23. Hi Kate! The photo of the Morning Glory peaking out of the Ponytail Cactus totally made my day, too! What a sweet little flower!! And the pretty Passion Fruit reminds me of tropical vacations. Your living room looks wonderfully cozy with the blue pots and baskets and tablecloth — and there is a really gorgeous multi-colored fabric in the upper left corner. I love it! I hope your week is going great. Moose just had his poodle friend, Leo, over for the afternoon.:)

  24. What a lovely surprise that morning glory is for you. So you see Kate, miracles do happen. ;-)How nice to have passion fruits, friends of mine have a passionflower outside that gives lots of fruits every year.

  25. the world would be a sadder place without volunteers… plant and animal. your comment about the quality of light on the prairies…. i once picked a paint color for the walls in my house, baffled at first why i’d picked a yellow… not my favorite color. but when i rolled the first splash of that warm, soft gentle color on over the blue-white of the primer all was revealed. it was the color of sunlight on snow, slanting low, late on a winter’s day, when the shadows are all cobalt blue.

  26. Carm, pip here – forgot to ask – have the fish had to come in yet? any ice in the pond as yet??? We had a ton of hail tonight – looks like snow out on the grass and vehicles!!! LYL – Pip

  27. I imagine the light to be soft – unlike our harsh bleached skies. I love what light does at different times of the day.Mx

  28. This is my first visit to your blog. You have some lovely blooms! I am a zone 4 and often find plants on the gardening blogs that I love but just won’t make it in my garden. I may try the clematis tanguhcia you have, how pretty. A friend had given me bulbs for the Abyssinian Lily but I had no idea what it’s name was until visiting your blog and seeing it. Thank you! I love your garage door also! Incredible!

  29. You wayward morning glory, showing its head when least expected, like the prodigal son, must have really made your day. It definitely made me smile. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pics and thoughts with us. I think you have about the greenest thumb of anyone I’ve ever “met.” 🙂

  30. Kate, that’s awesome. We don’t have frost yet here but I’m wondering about what kinds of things I’ll be bringing indoors when the houseplants come in for the winter.

  31. The morning glory was a pleasant surprise! I wish my ponytail palm looked like yours, my cats eat the leaves, it is one of the few of my houseplants that they bother.Watching the sun and it’s shadows is so interesting, a thing of beauty. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  32. Hey Kate, you’ve got some very pretty house plants on that table. I’ve just in the last couple of years gotten more into house plants. Now that I have more windowsill space, I’m enjoying them. Sounds like you have some wild Morning Glory vines growing by your too. I’ve discovered some growing by my house this year as well. I’ve been yanking it out since it grows and takes over so fast. But since fall has come and my summer blooms have died away, I’m letting the Morning Glory do its thing for awhile..atleast it adds color.

  33. Garden serendipity: isn’t one of the nicest things about gardening the way the garden constantly surprises us?

  34. Kate you’ve changed your look here! I love your painted wall completed!!Hard to believe that you.ve had frost when my morning glorys are still simply glorious!hugs NG

  35. Loving your pics.(Hope you weren’t *too* shocked with the apron post! Lol)Have a great week

  36. Hi Kate, well, a ‘glorious morning’ will make anyone’s day!I love your ‘joie de vivre’, it is so infectious that my mood brightens up on reading your posts.

  37. Thank you, dear Kate, for your very kind words to me about the loss of my wonderful Jaffa-cat.I can relate to your joy in finding such a beautiful surprise of a convolvulus growing indoors beside your plant…and the quality of light in Scotland is amazing too. I rely on it so much for my watercolour paintings.

  38. I have such fond memories of the passion fruits that I used to be able to pick (with permission) from a neighbours back fence when I was little. They would hang down the fence, all ripe and oddly shaped.Wishing you more green days, g xx

  39. Hi Kate. I think finding self-sown seeds is one of the neatest things about gardening. It always seems to me that the fairies have placed them there just for my surprise and enjoyment.

  40. The Morning Glory was a pleasantsurprise and the Passion Fruit is gorgeous.Have a nice week Regina

  41. I love that the morning glory surprised you… it looks right at home highlighting the blue glaze of the ponytail palm pot, too! 🙂

  42. Your photos are always so lovely. Tomorrow I am going to work in the garden. I am ashamed to say the belly is getting cumbersome with the heat we have had and it has been weeks.Can’t wait for a true crisp fall morning. Now, where are my gloves…

  43. oh I’m so glad I could help with ideas on changing your blog… yours is awsome though… and one of the big reasons i like reading your blog is because i have a black thumb… can’t grow a thing… I have some tulip bulbs but I don’t know what to do with them…. aaak!

  44. Hello again Kate.I recieved an Award on my blog.I want to share it with you.You can copy the “Label” to your blog, if you want to. 🙂

  45. I love your photos! You have amazingly beautiful flowers. I’ve awarded you a Halloween treat just because! Come pick it up!

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