Autumn Leaves and what happens to the fish

Although there are still flowers in the garden, most are playing hide – n’-seek beneath a thick carpet of leaves. I usually let them stay that way because I know it won’t be long before the first snowfall blankets them over.
The pond, too, is covered in leaves, but that doesn’t seem to bother the fish. They are more reluctant to come for their feedings though. Too often lately, they see the dreaded net fishing out the leaves and most likely sense that this soon will be their fate.

In preparation, I have the aquarium cleaned and filled and now I debate when I should bring the fish indoors. As you can tell, the pond plants emerged unscathed from the frosts we have had.

My path is strewn with leaves making a decidedly crunchy sound underfoot. I pay more attention to them these days since I am attending a watercolour workshop, entitled ‘Autumn Leaves’ over Thanksgiving Weekend. (Thanksgiving Day in Canada is on 8 October this year.)

This morning, I sat outside and watched the yellowing leaves drift down from my neighbour’s maples. It put me in mind of the incredibly beautiful rendition of Autumn Leaves sung by Eva Cassidy on her Live from Blues Alley CD. I’ve reproduced the lyrics below:

Autumn Leaves

The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold
I see your lips the summer kisses
The sunburned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

28 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves and what happens to the fish

  1. I looks like fall for sure in your part of the world. Our fall is more like a second spring, and the weather is gorgeous right now after our searing summer.Autumn Leaves (the old standard) was always in a minor key, which added to its meloncholy mood.I always found it depressing. I’ll need to check out the version you mention.Aiyana

  2. It looks the same here as it does in your pictures. Autums is for sure here. I live in between the mountains, and the snow is not far from here now… (half way down the mountains I guess) I must say I like summer the best…Wish you some nice autumn days!Love,Chatrine

  3. Your garden is looking very autumn-y. When are you expecting the first snow? Here we are never sure that winter will bring snow, most of the times we don’t get it at all. Pity that.I’ve discussed with my under-gardener that you have to empty your pond every year in autumn and he greatly admires your dedication because he’s not sure that he would go to such lengths, eventhough he loves ponds.

  4. Timing is everything, isn’t it, Kate! If the fish had brains they’d be jumping in the net to ride to their winter spa. I’ve always loved the song Autumn Leaves [it’s part of my rotating collection of seasonal songs for showering] but down here, the leaves don’t usually fall until the USA Thanksgiving, which falls in late November. Few maple trees survive in Austin, so your crunchy path is an unusual treat. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Beautiful autumn pics Kate! Our autumn has been very nice so far. The temperature has been around +15 and no frost. You had some perennials on your early post which are on my wish list: Mertensia maritima (I love that foliage) and Abyssinian Lily (love the blooming). So next year! I hope you still get some warm and sunny days there!

  6. it’s amazing to me that it’s the end of September, but it looks much more like fall in your garden than here. the trees are just starting to turn colours here in the Valley, but over the next week or so I expect to see a lot more colour (and will post accordingly). don’t know this song–I was thinking more of Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues…an equally melancholy song.

  7. Your photos are beautiful! You’re further into fall than we are here – but we have a few leaves on the ground and more turning color everyday. I think what I notice the most is the air – cooler nights make everything crisper. Your workshop sounds like fun!

  8. Kate, you are much further into fall than we are here. My garden blossoms have faded, but we have not had a heavy frost. The watercolor workshop sounds fun. I am sure we will be seeing some of your artwork soon.

  9. Kate, not too many leaves have fallen yet where I live. Your leaves look lovely though. I also love the crunch beneath my feet when I walk on them.

  10. Beautiful pics, Kate…I love the pond. This new house we’re trying to get has a lovely pond with a waterfall. You would really like it!xo

  11. Hey Carmelita – pip here – beege arrived safely – hope you’re having a good weekend – glad it’s the weekend – we’ll be raking leaves too unless tonight’s snow/rain mix makes them all too icky and wet!!! Need to figure out mr. b’s b-day prezzie – called you tonight for ideas! Please get fish out in time – I know they’d maybe look cool under a thin layer of ice but they’d probably enjoy the indoor environment slightly more!!! Love ya – pippi l.

  12. Kate,”Autumn Leaves” is beautiful. You are very much into the season! I’m waiting… Our nights are cool and the days have been in the 90’s until today. We had a high of 82! It won’t be long.Our leaving are falling from the drought. Whenever I bring the net to the pond, the fish disappear, too :o) But when I call them in a familiar way, they respond and guzzle the food.You really produce some lovely posts.

  13. Hi Kate! The watercolor class sounds really nice — autumn leaves have so many shades and variations of colors. I hope you can post some photos of what you paint! And I love the sound of crunchy fallen leaves — and the smell too. These photos are really cool. Does Lytton like having the fish inside the house — Moose would probably sit and stare at the aquarium all day. We hope you’re having a great weekend!!:)

  14. Beautiful autumn pics Kate!In another post you have beautifulflowers ,my favorite is Abyssimia-Lily in German Sternengladiole andAmaranthus.Regina

  15. how did summer go by so quickly? Before long we’ll be singing christmas carols …

  16. It seems like yesterday that spring came around. Summer passed so fast and now we can anticipate winter to come. But let’s enjoy a beautiful autumn. /Andrea

  17. Hi Kate. Lovely pics. I have just been admiring the new growth on the trees around here. It always amazes me. They look dead and then suddenly little green shoots appear. Its also fun reading about the differences in the hemispheres. When I was posting about Autumn, you were posting about Spring and now its reversed.

  18. What a wonderful post Kate, I can almost smell your Canadian Autumn.

  19. What gorgeous photos…….I don’t like to sweep up leaves, they are far too beautiful.

  20. The leaves haven’t turned yet here. But it won’t be long. Pretty soon it will be time for thee kids to rake a big pile up and jump in them. Wonderful post Kate!

  21. How beautiful your garden is. I am so jealous of your gardening talents and your photography. But I am thankful I have the senses to enjoy them with so that is what counts. Oh, the words to that song just about brought me to tears. Another wonderful post, Kate!

  22. Autumn is much more advanced where you are than either here in UK or in New Hampshire where I’ve just been. There is still a great deal of green in both places and definitely no sign of frost or snow at the moment.

  23. Fall has certainly visited you, Kate! Lovely photos. And the fish problem–I used to take mine out and give them to my neighbor where they wintered over in his horse watering trough. One year I neglected to find one of them, by the time I did he was a fish-sicle. Poor thing!

  24. I’ve just moved house and inherited a fish pond – luckily they should overwinter here in the milder climate but raking leaves out of a pond is a new dimension to my gardening!

  25. Hope you had a fantastic inspiring time painting rich autumnal watercolours – indian yellow, cadmium orange, brown madder, windsor red….I love the names of the pigments as much as the colours.Celia

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