Here’s the new ‘do!

Tonight while I was practicing the violin and moaning about the cold weather, my son took some pictures of me. The light wasn’t great, but I figured I should show off my new hairdo. (Now I realise it looks quite a bit like the picture in my profile. It just seems different to me because I had it so short before.)

When Rox comes to photograph my wall (take note Rox), I’ll get him to take a good shot of my hair. I can’t believe how vain I am about this haircut. Mostly I think I’ve needed a distraction from the drastic change in temperatures – as Annie said in the comments to my last post, it is time to start thinking music and say adieu to my wonderful Heavenly Blue Morning Glories – sob, sob!)

I also wanted Granny Fiddler to check out my violin – it is a violin that my father received when he was 8-years-old. He is now 82 so his $8.00 Eaton’s catalogue present has held up well.

Before I go off and cover some of my plants (it is currently about 2 celsius), I wanted to post a photograph of the fish pond from last week. I was still wearing shorts then. Sigh …

This is one of my only photographs with some of the fish visible. Soon they will be coming indoors, though I can usually leave them till late September/early October.

32 thoughts on “Here’s the new ‘do!

  1. Carmelita – A GLORIOUS NEW DO indeed!!! How kind of Mr. B. to take such a lovely photograph of you – we had seriously freezing weather yesterday but today I spent the entire day outside in shorts (while trying to figure out how my new IPOD works… very frustrating while trying to go for a walk and not being able to figure out how to turn it on!!! But man oh man, once I got it going I tell ya, some of those terrible 80’s songs really got me goin’!!! Poppers started violin again and is already playing Lightly Row (grossly out of tune of course, but completely adorable nonetheless!!!!) Next up – Go Tell Aunt Rhody!!! XO LYL Pippi

  2. Hi Kate. What a lovely picture of you – you look so very young. And a very pretty hair style – it really brings out your eyes.I know many people don’t like the colder weather but I always find it a cozy time. I do more reading, writing and listening to my audio courses. Also, more video gaming. Oh yes, can’t forget playing the piano, listening to my beloved music CDs,trying out new recipes and talking on the phone. Since we can’t do anything about the weather, I guess we just have to make the very best of it. It will be time for me to think about bringing in the fish too. I keep them in a big kiddy pool in the basement with a light and air stone. There’s a hiding place for them too. They do fine down there, but they swim in fast circles when they get outside.Have a good weekend and enjoy!

  3. Hi Kate! Your hair is so pretty — beautiful cut and color too. You look radiant! And I love the violin — how cool to play your dad’s. Was it really 8 dollars — that’s amazing. Really nice shot of the fish — they look nice with the sun and green plants around them. How can it be so cold there when it’s still summer??? I hope it warms up!:)

  4. After seeing the photo, I can assure you that it’s not vanity, you just stated a fact, Kate… I looked up “swish” and read that it means elegant and fashionable.. yes, your new hairdo is swish!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Kate: We should all start the season with a new ‘do’! Yours looks great! Love the violin and the fish pond and now I need to go put on some socks because it is getting cold!

  6. I like the haircut – it looks very nice! I’m always pleased when I get a really great cut too!! How cool to have your father’s violin – and it’s beautiful. You could do a video of your playing sometime…I’m not ready for the cooler temps – I’m okay with cooler – just not ready for COLD! We haven’t had freezing yet, but supposed to get pretty close tonight. Bummer!!

  7. Great hairdo! I had mine all cut off a year ago to donate to Locks of Love, and it has finally gotten to the point where I can braid it and expect it to stay in the braid. I have a secret admiration and jealousy for people have the patience to keep short hair looking nice. My unruly mop does much better when corraled in a braid. You look so right with the violin, too. I play too, but not very often any more.

  8. Hi Kate, great pic. I do think its a bit lighter than the photo in your profile. Very nice.Great to see the pond after all the work you did earlier in the year. It looks like a beautiful environment for the fish. Funny though, I think one of the first posts I read of yours was about your ‘fish releasing ceremony’ at the end of the cold weather! The year is whizzing by!

  9. Hi Kate, Great photo. I am not a fan of cold weather what so ever. But the seasons are meant to change for a reason. So you’ll find me when it gets colder, bundled up and freezing until spring.

  10. Hi Caro – Well, thank you dear sis! I’m glad to hear that L. is fiddling away too. A new IPod – you are lucky. Sounds as if all’s well! Alyssa – Thank you for your lovely comments about my hair. I am looking forward to the day when I can pull it into a ponytail. That will be awhile still. Once I get used to the idea that my gardening time is pretty much over, I’m okay with being indoors. There are lots of things to do – I remember seeing your video game collection in one of your blog posts. There isn’t much we can do about the weather, so it is good to have things to do to pass the winter away. I was going to put my fish in a kid’s pool when I first got them, but at the time, my cat Hazel, would have fished them out in no time. They spend the winter in an aquarium – so far it has worked well, though I’m not all that keen on looking after the aquarium. Clare – I’m glad you like my new ‘do! I was happy to get my hair coloured again since the sun had faded it badly. I hadn’t touched it since June so it was way past due! Yes, my dad’s violin cost $8, which was a goodly sum in those days so he had to practice. He picked up the violin again when he retired and played in a community orchestra. He had to stop that when he started to get too deaf. It was brutally cold last night and the tender annuals are mostly dead, even though I covered them. Today warmed up and the weekend is supposed to be warmer. It is incredible to see how many leaves have fallen off trees. My garden is covered in them now as is the pond. The fish still look happy though. Annie – That is really sweet of you to say! I love the word, swish. It was the first word that came to mind when I walked out of the hair salon. My hair usually bobs around and with any humidity, gets quite frizzy. So there I was with this sleek hair and I thought, yes, swish is how I am feeling. It was a lovely day!!Layanee – I am in perfect agreement with you. Getting a ‘do is a good way to herald in the fall season. I’m glad to hear that we aren’t the only place where we’ve had to get our woolens out. Kris – Thank you – after having had some truly awful haircuts in the past, I’m always relieved and pleased when I get a good one. You can tell right away, too. Sometime I will post a video when I’m playing the violin. My son recorded my on his cellphone and it didn’t sound very good. He assured me afterward that I sounded better in person … thankfully. This cold snap was so sudden that I felt entirely unprepared for it. I was exhausted yesterday after having schlepped all the houseplants back inside. Of course, they’ve all grown over the summer and to make space even tighter, I bought more early in the summer to replace many that I had lost when we had a sudden, killer frost last year. My house now resembles a jungle of colourful pots and plants. I hope you manage to avoid a frost for a long time!Laura – I’m glad you stopped by – I love your profile pic and am still listening to your mixed CD. I’m quite loving Bjork’s music.Rosemarie – I think I asked you a while back about your viola. It is hard to get into the practice groove … I’ve now got my music stand with fiddle & bow holder in the living room. Every time I pass by, I play a few tunes. Healingmagichands – That is a great idea to cut your hair for Locks of Love. I had a friend who did that. It was pretty traumatic for her since she’d had long hair for 20+ years. I find short hair a lot of work and I don’t like it falling into my eyes. That’s why I’m growing my hair out again. I hope you get back into violin playing. I really enjoy it … picking up a new tune makes me feel wonderful. Bindi – My hair is lighter than in the photo … so that the grey blends in better. The summer just sped by – the pond turned into a great success. I didn’t have to add water at all. No leaks!! I remember so well too, when you were planning for your European trip … and now you’ve already been home for a few weeks now. Lucky you – it’s springtime in Australia!!

  11. Hi Curtis – Winter just seems so endless doesn’t it? I need to have a lot of things to do to pass the time when I can’t be out in the garden.

  12. OOh, i like your hair style. Cutie-pie!Your fish pond is great. I love gold fish and koi. Mine can stay in the garden and not come inside. They are getting too big anyway. Becky

  13. hello Kate, nice hairstyle. I completely understand you. My way of feeling better is buying shoes, jackets and getting my haircut. πŸ™‚ Gardening time is not completely done over here in Germany, but I assume the really cold temperatures start earlier in Canada. You fish pond is pretty. One of these days I may think about getting one, too. Right now I worry about who would take care of it when we travel. /Andrea

  14. Hi Kate:Thanks for visiting my blog!Perusing through your blog and saw the nice photo of your blue Morning Glories. I have tried on two different occasions to grow these with little success. I was told once to scuff up the seeds and place in water before planting them. Do you do that? How do you get them to grow so well.P.S. You have a great name – my daughter is Kate too!

  15. It is good to be vain sometimes! And you are right to be proud of your hair cut, it looks beautiful!It is funny for me to imagine almost freezing temperatures in the middle of September! It means cold weather comes about three months in advance for you, comparing to us!

  16. I LOVE the new do! You look so pretty and sweet in that photo, Kate. I can almost hear you playing that violin too! xoxo

  17. Lovely hairdo. I, too, am vain about my hair, but unfortunately (devastatingly is a better word) I had to quit coloring 2 years ago when I became sensite to dye. It was almost like a death in the family. I’m reading a book called “Going Gray” by Anne Kreamer that talks about how hair and vanity. So true.Aiyana

  18. Do you play the violin, too? Sigh…I wish I kept up with my childhood violin lessons…I love the sound of the violin…And it’s 2 degrees celsius in Regina already? Wow! I swear Autumn jumped out from behind the bushes this week, too. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was complaining about the heat and humidity. I gotta say, though, I like cooler weather better than hot weather.And your hair looks great! I totally understand the need to take a good photo after you’ve had a good cut. I’ve done that, too. πŸ™‚

  19. Kate, until reading Annie’s comment and finding out what “Swish” means, I thought you had called it that because it makes a satisfying movement when you walk. To me, that’s the mark of a good chin-length haircut–and it looks like yours is definitely that! It does bring out your pretty eyes.Great work on that pond. Might you be wearing shorts again next week? (It’s supposed to warm up here, but I wasn’t sure what you were expecting.)

  20. I love your lighter hair, Kate, and the cut is great. I’d want to be showing it off too. We don’t want to say goodbye to our heavenly blue morning glories, do we?

  21. Congrats dear Kate, on this ‘swish’ hairdo. You look smart with that violin. Do post some audio of your violin practice, it will make it more beautiful.2 celsius! my god, that would have made national news, had it reached such temperatures here.

  22. Very cute do! My son is just about to start violin lessons at school……I have mixed feelings about this LOL!

  23. Becky – Why thank you – I haven’t been called ‘cutie-pie’ in years! I’d love to leave my fish in the pond, but they’d be frozen solid. There’s no way I could keep the pond open when it reaches -30c or lower in the winter. Andrea – I’m with you on the shoes too! That was my last summer’s extravagance. Today it is going to be hot with the temperature going to 27c. Unfortunately, the frost last week did in many of my tender annuals. Luckily, the flowering perennials have all survived. Beth – I usually soak my morning glory seed overnight and that helps them germinate it seems. The trick with morning glories is to plant them in soil that is not too rich. Otherwise they have lots of leaves but few flowers. They did well on my trellis because the soil was pretty much my former gravel driveway soil (full of gravel and some poor-quality soil. I dug it up because it was rock soild, and added a bit of compost and bonemeal, but that was it. They also like a really sunny spot. Jardineira aprendiz – I figure it’s okay to be vain sometimes, especially as this is the year I turn 50. That’s what I love about blogs – that I csn enjoy gardens for much longer than I used to be able to. I love getting to know other gardens – and at this time of year – especially ones in warmer climates. Thanks Linda – Sometimes when I’m playing the violin, I frown in concentration. My son always asks what’s the matter. He told me to smile, so I did. AIyana – That would be an interesting read. A few years’ ago, I broke my wrist and was having trouble looking after my hair. I felt like a little, old lady, so I got my hair cut really short and let it go gray. Well, that was an interesting (!) experience. About the third time I was asked if I wanted the senior’s discount and after a clerk in the grocery store asked if she could give my grandson a sticker, I decided I’d had enough. It seems as if gray hair = old, and so I had it highlighted and then coloured. I would be devasted too, if I couldn’t colour my hair still. I feel for you!Susanna – I started playing the violin several years ago because I already played the mandolin (the fingering is the same). I didn’t think it would be that hard, but I’ve learned that playing with the bow is a long learning curve. I’m enjoying it and love being able to play Irish jigs, reels etc. I imagine you’d pick it up pretty quickly if you had lessons as a child. Autumn seemed to come quickly this year. We had a long stretch of cold, rainy weather with a hard frost. After that, we’ve had some good weather. Hopefully it will stay that way. Kim – I love the word, ‘swish’. You’re right about that satisfying movement when you walk or turn your head quickly. It swishes back and forth and feels pretty darn elegant (even i I’m dressed in my gardening clothes). Today the fish are near the surface expecting their food, while they weren’t much in evidence when it was so cold. And would you believe that I wore shorts yesterday and will again today because it will be hot again. It is so weird how our temperatures can swing from one extreme to the other within a day or two. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler though… but still far warmer than it was last week.Lost Roses – I am pleased with my hair colour now. When the grey roots start showing, they aren’t all that noticeable so I can leave colouring it for a longer time. I am missing my morning glories. I had them covered with a blanket and they still didn’t survive. Now they look so forlorn – well, dead might be a better description. There are all these translucent buds which have turned a magenta purple hanging from the dead vines. Green Thumb – It went to -7 celsius the other night which did in all the tender things, even though covered. You will likely not ever experience that in India, fortunately! Sometime I will post an audio clip. That would be fun. I am learning some really cool tunes at the moment.Jo – You’ll enjoy hearing your son learn and will be surprised how fast he picks it up. It’s so much easier for kids than it is for adults. I wish that I had played violin instead of a piano when I was growing up.

  24. I love pictures of you and your violin. I’m so glad you posted it. Your hair cut looks great on you.How many fish do you have and what do you keep them in when you take them inside?

  25. Kate, your hair looks great, as does the picture of you with the violin. Where do you keep the fish indoors?

  26. Very nice do. Yes, summer is coming to an end and Fall is rapidly approaching. The garden is looking bare as I’ve cut down lot of plants already. No frost down our way but it is getting very close … 5 celsius overnight for the past couple of nights.

  27. Hi Kate,Gee, I’m so late and behind…Sorry.I love your “do”! We are both blondes and even choose the same make-up shades :o) I should update my profile photo but I have a hard time getting someone to photograph me.Your pond looks so nice…clear and clean. I am wondering how large your aquarium is inside the house? My fish have always withstood the deep freezes in the pond. It’s deep enough for them to be safe. Some of my Koi are about 10 inches long now. There’s no way I could bring them inside.Great post. It is nice to see you!Mary

  28. Good to see you happy and well. The new do looks great. Hey! we have the same bamboo screen in our house.

  29. just dropping in for a Monday morning cuppa. mmmhmmmm, i agree with everyone else – tres swish ‘do’; most becomming. after a lifetime of wearing my hair very long, i now keep it short, and love it that way. i had goldfish who’d spent the summer out of doors hatch out a batch of babies for me once, right after i brought them inside. didn’t know how to take care of those babies though, so, sadly, they all died. playing your dad’s fiddle is a very cool thing. they really do improve with age, unless, of course, they’re neglected. they need to be played. the fiddle i play is, i’ve been told, about 200 years old – very beat up and scarred. was repaired many times before i even got it, but it has a dark, sweet sound that i love.

  30. Hi Chigiy – I have five fish at the moment and they live in an aquarium during the winter. That reminds me that I’d better get the aquarium ready for them. I’m not great at the aquarium stuff. I’d rather be doing the pond outdoors.Robin – So far, I’ve managed to keep the fish alive in the aquarium. They’ve grown a lot this summer, so I hope they won’t be too crowded. We had one fish die early in the spring … so there are just the five now. Crafty Gardener – All of a sudden, fall is upon us. At least you haven’t had any frost yet!Mary – I’ve had good luck keeping the pond clean this summer. That is a first – usually it gets filled with algae. The aquarium is a 20-gallon one, I think. Let’s hope it is big enough for the fish this winter. It is virtually impossible here to keep the fish outdoors unless I wanted to keep a heater going all winter long.Ki – I love those bamboo screens. I have one in the basement where I hide all kinds of things behind it! Granny fiddler – Age and use seem to really help keep a violin sounding good. My teachers have all been amazed at how good my violin sounds. My dad often played it, except for when we were small children. As we began taking piano lessons, he’d pull it out and got back into playing. Your violin must sound incredible.

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