A mystery package

This weekend, I had a great time making a tote for the muslin tote swap, through Caterine’s blog. My swap partner, Trish, has a wonderful and fun blog at Sweet Nellie.

Before I did the final packaging of the tote for its journey southward, I took a picture of it because I quite liked the wrapping paper. The tote itself shall remain a mystery until Trish receives it. That should take at least a week to ten days, depending on Canada Post and Customs.

This was an opportunity to pull out the sewing machine and immerse myself in fabric and stitching once again. I think I’m hooked which is a good thing since my stenciled wall is almost finished. Our weather has been so cold that any time I spend now in the garden means I’m bundled up in several layers of clothing.

An early Monkshood (Aconitum napellus) is blooming in that wonderful deep blue, purply colour. Even though these plants are highly poisonous, I love them and cannot imagine my garden without them. They add some height and brilliant colour at this time of year.

Every morning lately, I’ve held my breath hoping against hope that the temperatures did not fall below the freezing mark. Last night they came close but luckily, my morning glories are still looking quite happy and blooming prolifically.

I wrote in an earlier post about lime Nicotiana and I just want to say that they have been spectacular this summer. They definitely outshone the reddish purple ones which, until this year, have been my favourite ones.

The Clematis tangutica is in full bloom right now. I love the shape of the blooms. Every time I step outside, my eye is drawn to them. They bring a big smile to my face.

And surprise of surprises, my son Benoît, actually noticed my swish new haircut. I think that is the first time ever, except for the time I came home with my hair accidentally died fire-engine red.

Before I sign off, I thought I’d share this last photograph from my stenciled wall. These are letters I attached to a section of the wall to remind me of one of the most important things in life.

25 thoughts on “A mystery package

  1. Here’s hoping the freezing temps go away till some other day. Fall is setting in here. With a low this morning of 55F. Love the wall and very true.

  2. Dream. Love that stenciling job, Kate. It’s you…You came home with fire-engine red hair? Show a photo, please ! :o)Right now, still in he high 90’s, I can’t believe you are chilly. I hope your frost holds off for a few more weeks…

  3. My Dad, who lives south of you a few hours (in N.Dak.) has already had frost which nipped his his squash and melon vines. He said it was a bit earlier than usual. Pretty package! I always get an itch to sew when the weather turns cool.

  4. Hey Carm – glad to hear u got out the sewing machine – you’re so talented – I can’t wait to see the swish new haircut – must have been a doozy for Mr. B to notice it – did he notice it with a “wow that looks great?” or was it what I usually get a “oh, you got your hair cut?”!!! Temp is changing here too – tomorrow supposed to rain all day – time to pull out the little lady’s ladybug rubber boots!!! XOXO Pippi

  5. Oh yes, DREAM! Always. I love your reminder, the colors and demention combined with your beautiful wall will take your mind where it needs to go.

  6. Your package for the tote is so lovely – I imagine the contents are spectacular.I always like the feeling of drawing in to indoor pursuits, as the weather turns colder.

  7. Hi Kate, I love to sew too and have a cupboard full of fabric with ideas attached to each piece. Wow, the red hair would have been quite a statement. It certainly makes me wonder about your new look! Sounds like its making you feel good.

  8. it froze hard here last night… haven’t had time to see if my pelargoniums are ok. i usually save a pot or two, to take cuttings from for next year. your clematis tangutica is fab! i had a flock of them @ the former place, all started from seed i found on a vine covering a chain link fence in a park. i’ll have to add seed from that to the list of things to rescue before the new owners take possession.love the pressed flowers on the package. something about the cool weather always makes me want to sew… quilts come to mind.

  9. Curtis – The rest of this week looks pretty cold, but should start improving. Frost is supposed to hit on Friday night. I’m glad that you like my wall … it has been great fun. Mary – I have to remind myself sometimes to dream and not get bogged down in details. The stenciling was good for that. I dreamed the entire time I was working on the wall. The fire-engine red hair was a horror show. I went in for light brown highlights and came out with an entire head . That taught me to pay attention and not read a book the entire time and also make sure I didn’t land up with the trainee. It was fixed the next day … my son took pictures. I should try and unearth one although the brilliance of the colour didn’t show up. Connie – Friday is supposed to be frost day. We’ve been lucky because other places have been hit near to us. I didn’t realise that places in N. Dakota had been hit though. My morning glories will be gone and I’ll be sad because they are looking so good this year.Caro – You must have been surprised to hear I’d unearthed the ancient sewing machine. And it worked, which amazed me. I have a feeling Benoît noticed it because my hair hadn’t been cut for months and months and I’d unfortunately developed a bit of a mushroom. Thankfully that is gone. Pam – Dreams are so important – My wall has been a big reminder of that. I love all the flowers on the wall, especially the Wisteria vines which I dream I’ll be able to grow sometime.Entangled – That is one thing I like about autumn. I feel the need to do indoor things, which is good. That also means I play my fiddle and wonder why I didn’t pick it up often during the summer. Ingrid – You have inspired me with all you are doing … making your dreams come true. Bindi – Sewing is so soothing. I need to have a place where I leave my sewing things out … hauling out the machine usually keeps me from getting much done. I have a lot of fabric that I have plans for too! The red hair was a disaster, but luckily was repaired. I wore a baseball cap!Grannyfiddler – Yes! Do get some Tangutica seeds. I love the way the vine takes over the trellis. It used to bloom earlier than this and for a spell, I worried that We’re probably having the same weather system moving through here. They often come from the north … grrr… I need to get my plants in before Friday so I can cover some things and see if I can keep them alive when we are rumoured to be having good weather next week! I love wrapping presents and have a rather large(!) collection of wrapping paper.

  10. I also have had a great summer with the lime green nicotiana! They are so cooling…like a mojito! Love your wall!

  11. Love the letters D-R-E-A-M!!The clamitis tangutica looks like little caps that the fairies shall put on as Jack frost come by for his annual visit! Cute little caps!!hugs ng

  12. Your garden looks so lovely – mine…ugh, with all the rain we had, being gone 7 days and mosquitos to rival the jungle…well, lets say tonight is got some much needed attention. I even brought in 20 lbs of carrots!!!I am dreaming of more time to be in my garden.ps- love you son’s name.

  13. Hi Kate Love the dream wall… it is important! the package is lovely… looks like a great abstract… love those warm colours together! namaste elis.

  14. Hi Kate, your stenciled wall is lovely. The letters on it is great! As the fall soon turns into winter we just have to enjoy the colors outside. Here with only 4degres celcius and snow already in the mountains I am spending most of the time indoors, with my knittings. I wish you a nice day, and hopefully you can spend time in your garden, without freezig:)Love,Chatrine

  15. Lovely photos as always, Kate. And that package was wrapped so beautifully! A piece of art in itself!Wish I could see your sassy new haircut! xoxo

  16. Your garden continues to look so green and lush. I used to grow a lot of nicotiana (alata was my favourite) and hope to grow them again.

  17. How come you didn’t include a picture of your hair cut? Please show us your beautiful hair.I can’t belive it’s so cold there already. I hope it warms up for you.Your stenciled wall looks great and bears an important message.

  18. The paper on the package is gorgeous and so are the letters on your wall.Thank you for the fiddle music suggestions and thanks also to grannyfiddler – I have written them down and shall look for them while I’m in the US though I’ve already found Natalie McMaster on Amazon UK.

  19. The colors of your flowers are so wonderful – maybe the lovely yellow clematis and deep blue aconitum will make it through a frost, but soon you’ll have to say goodbye to the morning glory, Kate and move back inside where music rules the hours. That’s a pretty good trade, isn’t it? The fence reminder to ‘Dream’ looks perfect. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  20. Hi Kate! The wrapping paper is so stunning — it’s a work of art in itself. Did you add pink petals to it or are those in the paper? It’s nice that you know how to sew — learning to sew has been on my ‘to do before I die someday’ list forever. It’s amazing that you are getting such cold weather already — that seems really surprising. And the DREAM on your stenciled wall is awesome — what a great reminder to see everyday. I love it!! Thank you for sharing the photos.:)

  21. GREAT wrapping paper!!! I love it. My monkshood seem to have all gone away (perhaps with help from the great black dogs?? trampling, not eating – or at least they’re still well, so don’t think they ate any!) – but it is so fun, isn’t it? That clematis is very different – I like it a lot. And the wall – you’re teasing us!! Very cool.

  22. I like the monkshood. I wanted to plant some but the idea of it being poisonous turned me off. I keep thinking I’ll find a dead animal next to it 😉

  23. Kate,Your new ‘do look good. I like the final pic in the post-it is a good message.

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